Seahawks climbing back into game, within a TD

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While no one expected the Buccaneers to roar out to a 21-0 lead at Seattle, no one expected the Seahawks to go away either.

Despite the fact they lack much in the way of pass targets, the Seahawks have gotten back to within a score, down 24-17 early in the fourth quarter.

Russell Wilson continued to show poise while trailing, throwing well on the move to get his team into position, and then running for a 10-yard touchdown in the third quarter.

A Seahawks defense and a crowd that was quiet for much of the day has come to life, and they’re expecting Wilson to complete this unlikely comeback.

10 responses to “Seahawks climbing back into game, within a TD

  1. Idk how unlikely it is. Tampa is possibly the worst organization in the league when you factor in all the staph infections and Freeman debacle. Let’s not give Seattle credit for coming back against a team they had no business losing to in the first place.

  2. Oh my… You guys just pulled a total Rams Clemons move. Run the darned football. It looks like Wilson was trying to show Glennon up… Hey I can do a pop-a-sot pass too… Maybe not so much.

  3. The question is how did Seattle get down so much to begin with? But, kudos to them for not giving up. I love Russell Wilson’s composure and ability not take “the big hit.”

  4. Doesn’t matter now – even if Seattle wins they didn’t blow out the Bucs which means we’re stuck with Schiano for at least another week. Thanks a lot you jerks.

  5. Looks like Tampa Bay is doing its best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Keeping up with the Vikings, so to speak.

  6. Been watching the entire game:

    — Onside kick by Tampa.

    — Fumble on a return by Kearse, set up a TD.

    — Tebow play by Mike James for a TD.

    — Seattle is getting gashed on the weak side of their defense on the ground for the second straight game.

    — Seattle cut out the big games on the gimmick plays and have shut the Bucs down in the 2nd half and now into OT.

  7. I was at this game. The fans were not quiet at any point. Towards the end of the first half some wind was out of the sails but it was still pretty loud.

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