Steelers’ old lions lead charge as Pittsburgh cuts deficit


On a day where the Steelers have looked overmatched at times, they got a couple of big plays from two of their stalwarts to draw within 24-17 in the third quarter at New England.

First, safety Steelers Troy Polamalu stripped Patriots running back Stevan Ridley of the ball on a short catch, with Steelers outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley recovering at the New England 36.

Then, five plays later, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger lofted a 20-yard TD pass to Jerricho Cotchery on 3rd-and-11, bringing Pittsburgh to within seven.

In all, it was a good start to the second half for the Steelers, who were humbled in the first two quarters by a New England offense that looks to be shaking off some of the rust.

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  1. steelersaregodsteam says:
    Nov 3, 2013 6:41 PM
    Where are the haters now? That’s what we thought!

    Uh, Steelers down by 10

  2. Look out NFL ….don’t sleep on the Pats about to be 7-2 with a struggling offense that’s getting better and better a defense that’s improved over years past ……#haterskeeponhating

  3. How many teams in the NFL give Gronkowski a free release off the line of scrimage besides Pittsburgh?

  4. OMG…..we are BAD! Every aspect of our game (Defense and offense) is terrible. Time to clean house. Most ever points allowed in team history.

  5. Steelers played better than I thought they would.

    Hey steelersaregodsteam, what were you saying about only needing 4 Olinemen against the NE defense the other day ? 5 sacks so far. Multiple interceptions both due to heavy pressure in Bens face.

  6. Oh yeah, and that was 5 sacks with Ninkovich knocked out in the 1st quarter. If he’d stayed in I bet that would have been good for 1 or 2 more.

  7. This has to be the worst game I’ve ever seen the defense play. Absolutely no heart whatsoever. They played well in the 3rd quarter and that’s it!

    For all the Roethlisberger haters out there, this guy has taken more hits from a line that is incredibly non existent. He’s had receivers drop key passes, run wrong routes and not be able to get open. The first quarter fumble was on him, but the first quarter INT and the INT in the 4th quarter were absolutely not his fault. When Phil Simms come out and says there’s a lot of problems in Pittsburgh, but Roethlisberger isn’t one of them, that says something because he absolutely is not a fan. His ability to get out of the grasp when the defense is bearing down on him is amazing. And today he threw it away instead of taking the loss.

  8. Tomlin isn’t going anywhere, unfortunately for the steelers. They love that continuity. Cowher( one of the worst big game coaches in history,IMO)missed the playoffs 3 yrs in a row and they gave him an extension.

  9. Big Bum strikes again.

    Big Bum gets beat by the likes of Locker and Cassel and Pryor (and of course Tebow in a playoff game) but when he goes against a good quarterback it is a guaranteed 20 point blowout.

    Question: Will Big Bum EVER win another game when the Steeler defense gives up over 17 points? It’s two years and counting now.

  10. Harrisonhits, the second int is on the receivers, they obviously ran the wrong route(at least one if them). Also, judging by the wording if the comments, godsteam is actually a steeler troll. Unless he is a total idiot, no true steeler fan will ever say this current set of lineman can block any team with just 4. They need 6 or 7 to do so and be allowed to have that lineman be in addition to the 11 men already on the field.

    Ben did a nice job before garbage time but that defense was horrible. Running game was better then most weeks but that’s not saying much. 5 wins are not out of the question but I think 3-4 will be more likely. Top 10 pick is in the future, maybe a top 6.

  11. Better put away the Big Bum jerseys and dust off those Sidney Crosby sweaters.

    The football season in Pittsburgh is over already, even though they’ve only played 1/2 the games…

  12. Congratulations to the Patriots on a well-earned win. That 81-yard TD play with about five minutes left was classic.

    It was so nice to see our old lions step up for a while. Just too much time to go in the game and not enough gas in the tank. But I’m thankful to discover we haven’t lost Jerricho Cotchery in some obscure tunnel at Heinz Field. Hope we’ll see more of him in the coming weeks.

  13. Citizenstrange, this loss is straight up on the defense, Ben put up 31 and should’ve been more. The defense gave up 610 yards and 55 points. Missed the fumble, but hears its straight on him, first int looked like a good throw better defense, and the second INT is on the receivers for the wrong route. This is a week you can’t blame Ben.

  14. Amendola: 4 rec 122 yrds 1TD
    Welker: 0 rec 0 yrds 0 TDs

    I know, I know, just had to do it. You know who you are.

    Gronk and Amendola, made of glass. On to the next thing, eh boys? Back under the rock, I guess.

  15. Steelers will go through 20+ years of being terrible.

    There’s a reason your baseball team sucked until this year.

    Your city is second rate.

    Take away the HGH and roids and your team is exposed.

  16. Steelers will go through 20+ years of being terrible.

    Probably more like 2, which is why it’s important to kick them when they’re down.

    Things change fast in this league.

  17. jmblosser82. How many more turnovers did Ben have this week? Don’t try to absolve Ben of not being a part of this loss. He was directly responsible for two INTs and a fumble (which was quickly turned into 7 points). Seems to be a recurring problem with #7 holding onto the ball week in and week out.

  18. realitycheckbaby. 20 years of Pittsburgh Steeler jealousy? Get it out of your system this year buddy.

  19. Ben may get little respect but the guy hangs in there and makes the plays. His line is awful and his receivers can’t get open but he still has thrown three td’s running for his life. @03 TD’s and still not ranked with QB”s that throw every other play. The Steelers stink , luky they have a QB.

  20. Pens5829, fumble all him, missed the first int(cooking dinner), second int in the receiver(s) running the wrong route. Take away those points the steelers still lost by 3. Name quarterbacks that can play behind this horrible line with no running game. The only one I could think that could do a better job is Rodgers, he has had experience playing behind horrible lines. So again, how is this loss on Ben when the defense gave up 610 yards and 55 Points?

  21. TheWizard says:

    Steelers will go through 20+ years of being terrible.

    Probably more like 2, which is why it’s important to kick them when they’re down.

    Things change fast in this league.
    Thanks for actually making me laugh about all this.

    Hope you’re right that it’s only two instead of five or six. That will depend on how well Art II responds to challenges.

  22. pens5829 says: Nov 3, 2013 9:07 PM

    realitycheckbaby. 20 years of Pittsburgh Steeler jealousy? Get it out of your system this year buddy.

    Another Steelers first down!!!!!!!!

    ha ha ha ha ha ha


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