Texans coach Gary Kubiak collapses at halftime


A raucous atmosphere in Houston got quiet in a hurry, when Texans head coach Gary Kubiak collapsed as the teams were leaving the field at halftime.

There was no immediate word on his condition, but medical personnel were with him quickly, and the 52-year-old coach appeared to be sitting up and speaking. He was then taken off on a stretcher.

The news comes the day after Broncos coach John Fox was hospitalized during his bye weekend because of a heart condition, adding a layer of worry to a concerning scene.

UPDATE 10:15 p.m. ET: Kubiak has been loaded into an ambulance and taken to a nearby hospital.

Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, who will coach the team in the second half, told NBC’s Michele Tafoya the trip was precautionary.

60 responses to “Texans coach Gary Kubiak collapses at halftime

  1. 100+ hour work weeks cannot be good for your health. I am not trying to be funny, I just think it’s an obvious point.

  2. I just think it was a case of bad fatigue. I’ve had it happen before, you don’t get sleep you lose your balance. I don’t think its heart related. Prayers for Kubiak.

  3. Who said Football was all about fun was wrong. This is so stressful for fans, cant imagine how it is for people whose livelihood depends on it/

  4. For his sake, I hope it wasn’t a Temporal Lobe Seizure from stress. They said he couldn’t open his eyes but could speak, which is a good indicator it may have been.

  5. To those classless losers giving thumbs down… I hope karma finds you and hits you hard. I’m sure that will give someone who knows you personally great pleasure because I doubt you have any friends

  6. I find it interesting they were talking about how he stayed on site during the bye week. The NFL is looking at player safety now; how about coaching safety?

  7. Good Luck Gary. Your team is taking it to the hapless colts. I told all the colts fans that without RWknee the Colts would stumble for the rest of the season. Well this is the first stumble. Luck just isn’t all he is cracked up to be without all-pro receivers.


  8. Let’s be honest here. Kubrick and Fox yesterday are why American needs ObamaCare. Let’s stop the politics, and stand behind Obama’s desire to make sure every has access to free health care.

  9. He was in considerable pain when he went down; sounds like blocked arteries, but not necessarily a heart attack. Happened to me. Rest of heart was 100%, got a stent in one artery & everything’s OK 2 + years on.
    Hurt like hell and will scare you to death.
    I hope he’s OK.

  10. Prayers go to coach “Kubes” from a Giant fan!

    I just thought the face on Al Michaels when he was talking about how the game has a certain dynamic and CC just came in and said “it doesn’t matter, no one cares about that right now” was priceless. I don’t know if any of you caught that.

  11. Thumbs down for a well meaning prayer?? Youve got to be kidding me. Have a rough childhood? Im sorry for you people that Mommy didnt love you and Daddy abandoned you. Seriously?? I sure hope its one of those web bots and not an actually person. How could a person have such a cold heart and wish someone they dont even know to have ill health? I dont get it. God bless Kubiak and Fox

    -Raiders Fan

  12. I hope Kubiak is okay and I hope Fox pulls through but it’s just a crazy concidence that the two coaches coach the last two teams that the Colts played. Colts play the Broncos, Fox has a problem; bye week; play Texans, Kubiak has a problem. Can they please play the Jets next week?

  13. Please ignore the haters. It just makes them have power over you if you respond. Of course, I’m responding here. But this is just a reminder. I’m praying for Fox and Kubiak and I’m an atheist.

  14. Seriously? What kind of a dick would bring up poorbamacare at a time like this? Leave that crap out of this, LOSER!
    Prayers go out to Coach.
    -SF 49ers fan

  15. Houston has world class hospitals very near the stadium. Probably good for him he wasn’t travelling this week. They’ll get him fixed up no thanks to Obama.

  16. Prayers going out for both Fox and Kubiak. Player safety is a priority maybe the league should look into coach health a little bit. It doesn’t seem to take long for the job to deteriorate their health.

  17. My non medical profession observation is that it looks like the classic signs of vertigo. Hope he’s gets better.

  18. In all seriousness, I hope Kubiak is OK.

    Having said that, you people do understand why people thumbs down well-wishing comments, right? Because they’re TROLLING. I’m pretty sure nobody would actually want an innocent coach to have to go to the hospital.

  19. Crazy stuff. Hope he’s all right.
    Bizzare situation, hope we’ll hear what exactly happened, they say “hes been stressed” but if he was in that much pain like can’t even open his eyes, it must’ve been something heart related, even if it wasn’t a heart attack.
    Young guy and seemed in good shape, unlike some coaches, so just weird.

    Best wishes

  20. natelan69 says:
    Nov 4, 2013 2:17 AM
    People need to grow up and evolve beyond the archaic construct of religion.

    Wishing him well, since prayers are hollow.
    This type of patronizing comment is why some people hate us atheists. Who does it harm for people to believe in a higher power? No one. If it gives people strength to help them through tough times and harms no one, why is it anyone’s business? I sure hope you don’t teach your kids to believe in the bogeyman or the tooth fairy etc to help them behave the way you want them to.

    I had heard that Kubiak is actually one of those coaches who stays in good shape with excercise and does not demand crazy hours from his staff so this is a mystery. I sure hope he recovers ASAP and there’s nothing wrong with him long term. I can’t help but think about what his family thought watching him collapse. Scary stuff.

  21. usdcoyotesfan says:
    Nov 3, 2013 11:58 PM
    In all seriousness, I hope Kubiak is OK.

    Having said that, you people do understand why people thumbs down well-wishing comments, right? Because they’re TROLLING. I’m pretty sure nobody would actually want an innocent coach to have to go to the hospital.


    Try again, genius. People are thumbing down prayers, because a few of us have brains.

    We all wish the coach well, but some people don’t want to hear about your religion on a football forum. I’m happily thumbing up every well wisher who doesn’t mention religion in their post.

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