Amukamara doesn’t think his situation was like Martin’s


Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara said he knew reporters would be looking for him today given the recent reports out of Miami regarding Jonathan Martin, but he didn’t feel like he was ever a victim of bullying.

Amukamara was filmed being thrown into a tub of ice water by Jason Pierre-Paul during training camp last year, an incident many thought to be a textbook example of hazing gone too far.

But Amukamara said he didn’t think the two incidents were the same.

“Yeah, I definitely put myself in Jonathan’s shoes to see if it was identical to my situation and just see his comments,” Amukamara said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. “The players here, we all have a great relationship. If I would have complained or told coach or brought it out, if I would have made a public outcry about it or something like that, I think it would be saying that it was bullying and people would have a problem with it.

“But after I was thrown in the tub everything was great with the players, so it definitely wasn’t bullying.”

He said without knowing all the details he wasn’t comfortable going into too much depth, but thought there was a fine line young players had to walk.

“They still give me crap but the only thing is now I give it back, and because of that, I know it’s not one-sided,” Amukamara said. “I know it’s not bullying, I can just walk away, I can just not care. And that probably gets them more mad.

“But I definitely do feel safe in my work place. I think if I didn’t feel safe in my work place, I wouldn’t have said I was being bullied, but I probably would say something to the players or to the coaches like ‘Okay, you guys need to chill out,’ and if they would have kept doing it I definitely would have fought or something.”

Amukamara was apparently joking during the last part of that remark, and hasn’t indicated any problems since.

That kind of atmosphere was not, apparently, evident in Miami for Martin.

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  1. Anyone who’s been part of a sports team or an organization that has “illegal..but legal (don’t get caugt)” hazing has run into “Takes it too seriously and too far” guy (think “O’Bannon” in “Dazed and Confused”).

    Most normal people know where the line between “all in good fun” and “maybe this is a felony” but those goons ruin it for everyone.

    If you find yourself saying “Martin is a wimp” or “Marting couldn’t take it”, then you were probably that guy and everyone hated you (And probably still does).

  2. You think dumping someone in a cold tub is bullying? Please . It’s just a harmless locker room prank. You should’ve seen what my high school football teammates did to Freshmen.

  3. As a cross-town fan, I can say THIS is not the same thing. Not at all. It’s one thing to tie him up to a post and dump him in ice. I mean, look, it’s tough. This is frat house nonsense. Is it borderline abusive? Maybe. Maybe. I don’t know. But it’s FAR AWAY from text messages, voicemails, and probably in-person threats to you and your family and employing racially-charged epithets in the most demeaning fashion.

    This is a job, not high school. Listen, these guys aren’t working in an office marketing teddy bears and flowers. It’s football. No different than working in other jobs with mostly or all men or macho-type work (think firefighters, construction). You’re gonna bust each other’s balls. That’s just the way it is. But the keywords are EACH OTHER.

    Is Martin soft? I don’t know. Probably the only people, other than Martin and his family and friends, who know that are on that team. We don’t know. But clearly there is no place in any workplace for this type of behavior and harassment.

  4. If he really wanted to take care of this he should have called the cops and reported it legally.

    This is turning into a circus because he was afraid to stand up to someone who is a cheap-shot artist and one of the true idiots in the NFL (Incognito).

    Doesn’t say much for either guy in my opinion. If a person has a true problem with the way they are being treated in a professional atmosphere they should report it to leadership/administration.

    Incognito should be out of the league for his dirty play alone, hopefully this will finally be the last straw.

  5. Amukamara got thrown in cold water in an attempt to punk him and make him stand tall. Martin had his life and family threatened. Nothing similar about the two.

  6. Still waiting for what Incognito did to Martin “Recently”. Still when looking at the situation with logic and rationale… you can conclude that Martin got annoyed over all the media pressure of o-line woes and then snapped because of a typical lunch room prank (one that he participated in toward Nate Garner just a week ago) He then left the team and is now looking for a scapegoat. So he breaks out this Audio recording from APRIL. If he was that threatened and upset he would have done something then, not wait for this week.

  7. Biff Tannen was a bully.

    Calling someone a name isn’t being a bully.

    Hazing a rookie isn’t being a bully if it ends there.

    When I was a kid, mind you this was prior to Glee, we had a saying. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

    What a nation of wimps.

  8. Reports from the media about this situation are using terms of bullying and hazing which does and has occurred in sports for a long time. It sounds like in this case it was extortion and down right theft. This locker room was using tactics that organized criminal gangs use. Where the heck was the front office? Do historically successful teams allow this practice? Most likely not.

  9. If the Dolphin’s thought bulling was going on, they should have reported it. If Martin thought bulling was going on, he should have reported it. What the coach saw was nothing more than what he saw in Green Bay.
    I think Incognito may have taken it a step to far but you have to realize the NFL is a PRO at covering it’s ass. I want to hear both sides, right now all parties are in the cover up mode.

  10. It sounds more like he looks forward to being the bully to younger players in the future and doesn’t want to rock the boat and miss his chance. I’d be surprised if he could even give a definition of bullying that made sense to anyone.

  11. Martin is a man that is not well. I understand he tried killing himself 3 different times while at Stanford. He is on meds and may have mood swings that convert to this type of action. He needs to be cut and get proper medical help for his own safety . We should point out that his actions are a direct reaction from his medical condition and medications.

    I would reinstate Incognito and allow Martin to get the help he deserves.


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