Andy Reid: Chiefs have a lot of things we can improve

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The Chiefs are 9-0, but they’re far from perfect.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid admitted after Sunday’s win over the Bills that the team made plenty of mistakes. The Bills, with undrafted rookie quarterback Jeff Tuel making his first start, out-gained the Chiefs 470 yards to 210, and Reid knows that’s a problem.

“Listen, there are a lot of things we can improve on; we were out-yardaged by a ton,” Reid said.

Still, just because the Chiefs had to come from behind to beat a team with a losing record that was down to its third-string quarterback, Reid thinks his team can celebrate the victory.

“Listen, all in all, every win you get in the National Football League is a good win,” Reid said. “We rallied in that fourth quarter and did some things better than what we had done early.”

The Chiefs are on their bye this week, and next week they’re at Denver. If they play against the Broncos like they did against the Bills, the Chiefs aren’t going to make it to 10-0.

54 responses to “Andy Reid: Chiefs have a lot of things we can improve

  1. Another division title and early playoff exit on tap for Reid. KC can count on about 5 of those before Reid’s terrible drafting and FA signings catch up with them, relegating them to bottom dweller status. I have seen this movie 14 times already.

  2. I don’t think anyone thought there weren’t mistakes that were made, not even the die hard Chief fans. Fact is, we’re 9-0 and have an extra week to prepare for Denver. I’d put money on our offense looking better in two weeks.

    Now continue your hatred.

  3. Grandpoo Chiefs have a GM John Dorsey he will be doing the drafting. Andy isn’t doing everything like he did in Philly. The scary thing is this team can improve greatly.

  4. Philly new coach had an impressive win yesterday at Oakland. If you would have done that about 6 more times (including to the Chiefs) you might actually be in the playoffs

  5. Pay no attention to poopah. Only the patriots and the packers drafted more all pros than the Eagles from 2002-2011. So if Reid can’t draft well, neither can 29 other teams.

    And only a fool would bet against Andy after a bye week.

    Love these philly haters though. Y’all wanted Reid fired 7 years ago and wanted to see McNabb with a different coach. How’d 5 do with Shananhan? How about Frazier? Riiiiight…

  6. If the Bills had a viable NFL qb yesterday, they win..
    of course, if that were the case, we would be 6-3…
    We are improving and to be honest, the Chiefs were not all that impressive BUT, they made the plays when they had to and good teams do that.

    One day, that will be us….

    I hope

  7. Hey Andy how do you like your treasured Alex Smith? As long as that Defense doesnt collapse, Chiefs will be in every game. Give it a few years, Andy sure knows how to ruin the defense through draft picks.

  8. The typical heavy set Chiefs fan can enjoy their illusion for another week.

    Thanks to the bye week.

  9. Chiefs opponents are awful right? Well they were 5-2 yesterday, should’ve been 6-1, and 2 didn’t play. 1 lost to Indy, and the other, Oakland, got trounced by Philly.

    “It’s so easy to win in the NFL”; Said no one with a basic knowledge of football.

  10. Chiefs opponent’s collective record as of yesterday: 27-48.
    Number of teams the Chiefs have played with winning records: 1-Dallas; who are the model of mediocrity in this league.
    These are just facts.

  11. enough with the discrediting of their wins because they played backup QBs. both case keenum and jason campbell have outplayed the guys they replaced by a country mile. you are basically saying it would have been more impressive for the chiefs to beat matt schaub and brandon weeden, and everyone knows that isn’t true.

  12. dirkanger23 says: Chiefs opponent’s collective record as of yesterday: 27-48….These are just facts.

    The only fact that matters is the Chiefs are 9-0. Deal with it.

  13. also, who has denver beat? the saints and indy have lost twice, and the seahawks needed a historic comeback and overtime to beat the miserable bucs.

  14. Some of you philly fans dont get it and I am one as well–Reid is not “exec vp of personnel” with the Chiefs like he was in Philly–John Dorsey does the drafting, Reid just does the coaching, If it had been that way in Philly the last few years Reid may still be in Philly. Chief fans take heart–the Eagles were 13-1 after their bye week under Reid; which included his rookie season when they were 5-11; in 2005 when they were 6-10 and 2011 when theybwere 8-8.

  15. I have this to say. The Chiefs have plenty to improve upon, no doubt about it. As I look at EVERY other NFL team, there isn’t one that does not have room for improvement. However, the team was 2-14 last season. While they may have alot of room for improvement, they have already improved almost beyond every expectation. The history of the NFL says so. Remember NFL fans, pointing the finger at someone also means that there are three fingers pointing right back at you. The Chiefs do not owe anyone any apologies. Now y’all go root for your flawless teams.

  16. I love listening to the bitter as always Eagles fans, I bet u would take the chiefs record over urs this season? The coach wasn’t the problem in Philly, there’s no defense, an average TE and small wr’s. It worked yesterday against Oakland, that’s all

  17. Andy gets a bad wrap because of the clock management issues and the brutal press conferences but there just aren’t many coaches that would have done a better job in Philly. I also think a change was the best thing for the Andy and for the Eagles.

    Now, he has talent on both sides of the ball, a legitimate Defensive Coordinator, and a coachable competent QB. I think Andy is going to win a bunch of games in the next few years. It would not surprise me at all to see the Chiefs meet or exceed the Eagles run. It will be interesting to see the Chiefs drafts over time now that Pioli is gone.

  18. It’s great being undefeated, but we still need a QB desperately.

    I could find 20-25 QB’s in the league that can do what Alex Smith does.

    In the end, QB play will be our downfall. 30 years and counting…

  19. there’s no denying alex smith could be better, but if not for two critical drops he could have had a solid state line against a pretty stout defense. ultimately, he’s doing what he is being asked to do and using good decision-making and a ball control offense to keep his own defense rested, and he’s yet to cost the chiefs a single game with a mistake. probably why he has the highest winning percentage of any QB in the league.

    if you think the chiefs would be 9-0 with 20-25 other QBs in the league, you don’t know much about football.

  20. and slick50ks, that “30 years and counting” line sounds pretty stupid when you look at how this year’s rookie QBs are doing. geno smith is the best among them, and he has 13 interceptions and 6 fumbles. i’m sure you’d be elated that we finally drafted a QB, even though we’d be at least a couple of games behind denver already.

  21. Nothing but respect for Andy Reid and the Chiefs. I, for one, saw this success coming. All I wanted when he was with the eagles was a consistent QB
    and a really good defense. Mcnabb was consistent until his last 2 or 3 seasons. Our defense was good but not great. Chiefs have a consistent QB that definitely won’t throw picks and a top tier defense.

  22. Happy for Big Red and wish he was still with the Eagles.
    Not all Eagles fans are classless losers. Just the loudest ones…

  23. Can Alex Smith be the next Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson, thats the question. The D is clearly winning games for them as the Ravens and Bucs D for the other 2.

  24. Last time I checked, a 10 point road win in the NFL is pretty impressive, no matter what. When your defense outscores your opponent’s offense, it’s pretty impressive, no matter what. 9-0 is pretty impressive, no matter what.

  25. “Chiefs have a lot of things we can improve” No kidding.
    Let’s start withe offense scoring some touchdowns. That would be an improvement.

    Hey Trollonto, 49-20 in your house. I guess that 4th & 48 was no fluke. Shouldn’t you be worrying about Rob Ford instead of AMERICAN Football?

  26. Bills would have won if Manuel was healthy. Chiefs are the most over rated team in the league. I’m not saying they aren’t good. They are very good. Just not as good as their record. They have benefited greatly from an easy schedule to start the season. Let’s see what they do once it gets colder but I’d be a little worried KC. You were a yard away from an ass whooping.

  27. “If the Bills had a viable NFL qb yesterday, they win..”

    if the chiefs had a viable NFL qb, they would be one of the best teams in nfl history

  28. Some Chiefs fans are really thin-skinned- it’s a fact that their defense has excelled against bottom tier offenses, that they are beating teams with a combined 27-48 record, and that their QB isn’t very good. Most people aren’t saying they suck, just that their 9-0 record is deceiving. Now it could be that their defense is that good, and they just play to the level of their competition; same with the offense. But nobody really knows how legit they are until they play some winning teams. Even if the Broncos blow them out, it doesn’t mean that they suddenly suck, or that their defense is suddenly horrible.

  29. @cunninghampeetemcnabbvick

    and you were a yard away from not having your ass whooped. better luck next time.

    the chiefs’ strengths are the defense and run game, and they are built for the cold weather, just in time for the first cold weather superbowl ever. thanks for the warning, though.

  30. the chiefs are 9-0 with alex smith under center, a year after going 2-14 with most of the same starting lineup, and you don’t even consider him a viable NFL QB? i don’t think you know what the word viable means.

  31. shayeezy says:
    Nov 4, 2013 9:49 AM
    the cowboys have a winning record, and that’s the only such team denver has beat, too.


    So Laughable that you want to even compare the 2 teams. Denver has score more points in 8 games than anyone in the history of the National Football League. Completing 19 passes for 124 yards is just about the worst yrds per completion stat ive ever seen. Getting outgained 470 -210 does not ever happen in Denver, and that crap WILL come back to haunt you. If you think you are going to hold Denvers offense to less than 20 points then you have been freebasing too much crack. You watch the point spread when Nov 17 comes around. It’s going to be 7 and a half points. Your reality check is coming to you KC fan

  32. When it gets colder? Holly dumb guy! I think all you need when it gets colder is a RB and a defense, only the 2 best things the Chiefs have.

  33. Do you haters even watch NFL games?
    Are the Chiefs the best 9-0 team ever? Of course not. But if you are 9-0 in this league, you are a very good team. Winning NFL games is very difficult every single week.
    The Bucs practically beat the Seahawks yesterday in Seattle. The Jets beat the Saints.

  34. you cant blame Alex Smith for dropped passes over and over again this week !
    mccluster’s wide open ‘ on the money ‘ pass was dropped and a sure 70-80 yrd touchdown was missed [ no one was near hime ] and Bowe dropped at least 3 ….

  35. @shogunassasin30

    the chiefs already held denver to less than 20 points last year at arrowhead. only time all year they scored less than 20. yes, the denver offense is even better this year – but so is the chiefs’ defense.

  36. So Laughable that you want to even compare the 2 teams. Denver has score more points in 8 games than anyone in the history of the National Football League. Completing 19 passes for 124 yards is just about the worst yrds per completion stat ive ever seen. Getting outgained 470 -210 does not ever happen in Denver, and that crap WILL come back to haunt you. If you think you are going to hold Denvers offense to less than 20 points then you have been freebasing too much crack. You watch the point spread when Nov 17 comes around. It’s going to be 7 and a half points. Your reality check is coming to you KC fan

    Those are impressive offensive numbers, and your defense has equally unimpressive numbers. There’s more than one way to win in this league…

  37. If the Broncos can’t score more than 17 points against the Chiefs defense (which is giving up an average of 12.6 ppg, and has allowed 17 or less in 9 straight games), the Chiefs will have no problem winning against a weak Denver defense. To call the Chiefs defense anything but legitimate is ridiculous. You can call them “lucky” all you want, but allowing 13 ppg on average is great, no matter how you look at it.

  38. I know that you Denver fans, bless your hearts, (sorry that’s something that my grandma would say about the special kid down the road growing up) are really big fans of facts.

    So here is one, 78 and 85. This is the total point difference against the same teams that they have shared turns beating up on (NYG, DAL, PHI, JAC, OAK). The Chiefs outscored those opponents by 78 points and Denver outscored their opponents by 85 points.

    So let us divide the points by the number of opponent: Chief’s 78/5=15.6 and lets do Denver’s numbers 85/5=17.

    So the difference of those 2 averages is 1.4 points per game… Wait!!! Are you telling me that 1.4 points per game separate self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Team” Denver from the Chiefs,NFL’s anointed “Most Overrated team”???? Say it isn’t so. Face the facts Donkey Nation Chiefs win with their D like you win with your O.

    Some more fun numbers, 26.2 and 9.6. This is the average number of points scored against the Broncos and the Chiefs defense’s by the same 5 Teams… I will let you guess who has the higher number…

  39. The Chiefs are definitely impressive at 9-0, but that’s mainly been because of their defense and running game. If Alex Smith can’t start making big time throws, they’ll have trouble beating the AFC’s better teams.

  40. For all the Alex Smith haters out there. Do you realize that as of 2010 to present day,Alex Smith has the best record of wins v losses of all current quarterbacks?

    That’s right… ALL OF THEM!!!!

    And by the way, nobody is saying the Chiefs are perfect…

    Just that so far their won/loss record IS.

    Will they eventually lose a game? Of course they will. All teams do.

    The Chiefs have been able to bend without breaking. Overcoming mistakes, to ultimately win each and every game.

    Never allowing an opponent to score more than 17 points.

    Have they been lucky? Sometimes yes. An old man told me one time “It’s better to be lucky, than good”. I truly believe that.

    God knows luck has certainly NOT gone our way for many years. So if we get a few breaks once in awhile. So what? We are due for some good luck to come our way.

    I am thankful that Andy Reid was available to come to KC. It almost seems like it was meant to happen this way.

    If nothing else, this run the Chiefs are having. Gives us hope. Hope for the future of our franchise.

    Something we did NOT have a year ago. Our team is young and hungry. And obviously still has something to prove to those disbelievers out there.

    Will we make the playoffs? I hope so.

    Will we win in the playoffs? I hope for that as well.

    Right now it is one game at a time.

    One day at a time.

    One play at a time.

  41. Smith was 3-7 in 2010. He was 13-3 in 2011, riding on the coattails of good defense and a good run game; the passing game was near the bottom of the league. Same thing in 2012, except that the passing game was a little better, but the team had little confidence in him getting them through the rest of the year and the playoffs, so he was benched. The good thing is that he doesn’t turn the ball over, because he doesn’t throw all that much.

  42. Johnnie, that’s ludicrous there is no way the Chiefs are beating Denver by 20! 10 maybe but not 20.

  43. LOL @ Bills’ fans hating on KC. Hey Bills’ fans, last season, 1 year ago is all, the Chiefs got blown out by BUF 35-17. In one off-season, with a new GM, HC and QB we were able to turn it around to a 23-13 WIN.

    How did your team do in the off-season? By the looks of things, NOT MUCH.

  44. It’s a crying shame that grown men, act like small children as with these comments the only thing the Chiefs were good for last year was a laugh.
    Now as both the team and the season change you give no love at all. As Americans we tend to pull for the underdog, it just our way.
    The team had a player kill himself in front of the then head coach and general manager last year plus the way the whole season turned out can any club in the history of the NFL say it when through that and the fact that our head coach lost his own flesh and blood also, but come back the very next year to this point after all that adversity come back and win 11 games in a row counting preseason with what had happened fresh on their minds and put it out of their minds at the very least the back. Now all I have heard was it was luck and how the broncos are going to run all over this team from KC but even living in this city you have to let water run off your back and. The 72 fins were called no name and ended up with a perfect record even if they fall short we in the City of fountains movement and also remember this for the naysayers this is only the first year under Big red with a team full of young talent for all of you who hate others because your teams lose and here we have not for all you trolls…

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