Ben Tate’s ribs making it “hard to breathe and laugh”

Getty Images

Texans running back Arian Foster entered Sunday night’s game with a hamstring injury that made him a game-time decision and he left it with a back injury that knocked him out of the game after making a cameo appearance.

Ben Tate took over the lead role in the backfield, running the ball 22 times for 81 yards despite entering the game with broken ribs that had limited him in practice last week. Tate said Monday that he was feeling the aftereffects of such a workload on an aching body.

Tate said, via the Houston Chronicle, that the injury was making it “hard to breathe and laugh” which is problematic because of the obvious need for human beings to breathe and also because Tate said Monday that he likes to tell jokes.

Tate may have to skip open mic night at the Ha-Ha Hole this week in order to play in Week 10, something he said he plans to do despite the current pain levels. Dennis Johnson, Deji Karim and Ray Graham would be the options at tailback for Houston if both Foster and Tate are unavailable.