Bills announce E.J. Manuel has been cleared to return

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Maybe now Doug Marrone’s dog can come out from under the bed.

The Bills announced that rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel has been cleared to return from a knee injury. The Bills play the Steelers this week.

That’s welcome news for a team that’s been spinning the revolving door at quarterback all season, and endured the Jeff Tuel era after getting some surprisingly effective work from Thad Lewis.

Manuel suffered a knee injury Oct. 3 against the Browns, and has missed the last four games (the Bills were 1-3 during that span).

How effective he’ll be early on remains to be seen, but he was showing positive signs at the time of his injury.

14 responses to “Bills announce E.J. Manuel has been cleared to return

  1. Too little too late.

    Not enough can be said about Thad and Turk though. Mistakes were made but those two showed more promise than any QB the bills have had since Flutie or Kelly.

    We might have a better guage for Manuel. Is he the QB we have been missing or is it just a good system?


    In all honesty, Thad Lewis was one of the more consistent backups Ive seen in a while. And while Jeff Teul threw some REALLY bad passes, he also had more yards on his own than the entire KC Chiefs offense and scored an offensive TD against a top 5 defense in his first NFL start. So I wouldnt call manuels replacements bad, im just happy the franchise guy can keep doing what he was doing before the Browns game

  3. logicalvoicesays says:
    Nov 4, 2013 10:25 AM

    I guess you can say RGknee is a Randall Cunningham Wannabe!

  4. Finally. How many under throws did Tuel have yesterday? At least 5. EJ at worst will overthrow receivers but at least they won’t turn Into picks or jump balls. Welcome back EJ.

  5. As a Bills’ season ticket holder, all I can say is “Thank God”.

    EJ hasn’t been a world-beater, but he’s been competent while showing flashes of having franchise potential.

    This couldn’t come soon enough.

  6. Hopefully good news for the Bills, but hopefully they didnt rush him back. Hopefully he really is fully healthy. Wouldnt make any sense for them to rush him in. At 3-6 the playoffs are a long shot, so theyd be better off making sure he’s totally good to go. Time will tell. I hope for EJ’s sake he is ready, seems like he has a good head on his shoulders with a lot of promise.

  7. Great news for Buffalo. Had you had him yesterday I believe you would have not only beat KC but put a pretty good whooping on them. Imagine if you don’t turn it over at the one and score. That would have put you up 17-3 on KC, forcing them to start passing more and you guys were already getting good pressure.

  8. “and endured the Jeff Tuel era after getting some surprisingly effective work from Thad Lewis”

    What was surprising about Lewis’s play? He’s played decent in every chance he’s received, preseason and regular season, for every team he’s been on.

    It was unfortunate he was injured this past week, otherwise I think Bills fans would be celebrating their win over KC, rather than lamenting another loss.

    Good to see Manuel back. He should give the Bills a chance going forward.

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