Dolphins move swiftly, decisively against Incognito


So much for Jonathan Martin being concerned about retribution.

On Sunday, the representatives of the Dolphins tackle provided evidence to the team supporting Martin’s contention that he was harassed, specifically by guard Richie Incognito and more generally by the culture of the team’s locker room.

The decision to promptly suspend Incognito for conduct detrimental to the team necessarily means that the evidence tendered by Martin’s camp was strong, and that it was clear.  The evidence is believed to include text messages from Incognito to Martin and at least one voice message.

The plain terms of the team’s statement indicate that Incognito wasn’t merely suspended pending further investigation.  The Dolphins already have determined that Incognito engaged in conduct detrimental to the team.  Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, a team may suspend a player up to four weeks without pay for detrimental conduct.  The NFL also may impose discipline for violations of the personal conduct policy and/or other league rules and policies.

The NFL will review the situation, which means the NFL will investigate.  Incognito has rights under the CBA, and he will be entitled to oppose the team-imposed suspension.

While the full story has not yet been told, it’s obvious that the Dolphins have seen and heard enough to believe that Incognito did something wrong, despite his recent rant on Twitter in which he demanded that his name be cleared.

For now, his name has been cleared — indefinitely from the team’s roster.

104 responses to “Dolphins move swiftly, decisively against Incognito

  1. I would imagine this whole situation further alienates Martin from his teammates. Not like he can go back there and be one of the guys again, I wouldn’t think.

  2. I remember seeing this guy on last years Hard Knocks and kept wondering why would anyone want that punk on their team?

  3. Remember in the beginning of the season, when ran an article about how Richie Incognito wasn’t as bad as everybody made him out to be? What a joke.

  4. Please Dolphins, keep the tattletale snitch who ran away crying and fire the pro bowler. My team could use another O lineman.

  5. Fins o-line is (was?) a disaster and now they’re down TWO starting OL for ….bullying…. We just can’t catch a break. At the end of the day, Ryan Tannehill will be the one getting bullied… by opposing D-Lines

  6. Within a minute of first hearing about the initial story of Martin feeling bullied, I fingered Incognito as that bully. He’s been an ass forever – – hope he gets a nice comeuppance.

  7. We need more facts. Though we do know lines can be crossed at some point. 100’s of people are killed everyday in this country by way of “retaliation”

    We just need to know if Incognito really crossed serious lines.

  8. kudos. if all is true incognito will need to go incognito to resume playing football for miami or any other team. punishment should be permanently banned from all of football, forever! let him go work in the field he earned his degree in while in college.

  9. Can we please not act as though Miami is the only team that ever had something like this happen — as we know that many in the press will surely try to imply. “____ team would never , ever do that , the coaching staff should have known about and stopped it earlier . . .” , etc.
    So Philbin and the rest of the coaches should monitor their players 24 hours a day ? Get real. This kind of stuff has been going on around the NFL for years , particularly prior to 2011 , when the new rookie wage scale went into effect. Don’t act like it was just the Dolphins.

  10. Why is this guy even still in the league? He’s widely considered the dirtiest player in the game on the field. Off the field, getting kicked out of Nebraska, knocking out bouncers, and bullying teammates into quitting. What a winner. I’m sure his parents are proud.

  11. If the O-line can’t stand each other in the locker room, how do they expect positive results on the field. No wonder Tannehill has been sacked so many times. Incognito has always been a turd, he’s the TO of O-linemen #cancerinthelockerroom

  12. Really I am surprised that the NFL has not moved on this issue of hazing years ago.

    These guys are employees and there should be conduct guidelines that include locker-room antics.

    Change the culture, change childish mentality and also set an example that this is not college, this is a professional environment.

    At the very least you would have expected Team Owners and GMs to realize that their highly valued draft assets were being run through the locker-room minefield.

    I for one would not want anyone other than my coaching staff putting undue pressure and causing psychological damage to my draft assets.

    I draft someone, I want to mold them, I don’t want a childish O-Lineman thinking he has the run on these young guys.

    To think I wonder how Ryan Leaf career would have ended up, if he had not gotten off on the wrong foot with his teammates when he rebuked their attempts at hazing and basically lost the locker-room from day 1.

  13. All joking aside, if Incognito used the threat of violence to get Martin to give up some $$, that’s a criminal act and has no place in any workplace. Just because these men are playing a game for a living doesn’t mean all of the sudden it’s the law of the jungle.

  14. So he is a bully?? Maybe he should be picking on the D-lines that keep stomping my Fins Qbs into the ground instead of other O-lineman….what a d-bag.

  15. im almost embarrassed to be a football fan an ex player. from the crazy calls an lack of a hitting zone. now a grown man was ran out of practice because he got bullied. I guess football is no longer the macho sport it use to be. id imagine that the coaching greats suck as woody an Bo,Vince an Landry are all rolling over in their graves. This is not only FOOTBALL. this is pro FOOTBALL. where the mentally weak have never made it. guess the game done change 4ever

  16. The fact that Incognito is a dirtbag is not news to anyone who’s followed the NFL for any length if time. What i find unacceptable is the tolerance the fins have had for this conduct for a year & a half. Coaches know what goes on in their own locker rooms. Every locker room has a mole or two. The Dolphins ownership & management should be humiliated by this whole incident & their response will be very telling of what kind of organization they want to run. Anything short of releasing (firing) Incognito & Philbin will send a strong message. The whole country is watching.

    Challenge extended.

  17. If he did what was alleged then he needs to be cut from the Dolphins. Hopefully his NFL days are done. Too bad he lasted 9 seasons and made big bucks while being a total jerk.

  18. look at the culture in the locker room.

    Anyone that watched Hard Knocks saw Mike Shermen absolutely embarrass and intimidate players. And then the players start pushing around and intimidating rookies. Probably not a coincidence.

    Everyone needs to be fired. From the GM who signed and drafted these guys to the coach that enabled them.

    This is just as bad as 1-15. At least that didn’t make the top of CNN

  19. I’m very curious to see how this all plays out for Martin. If/When Martin plays football again (might never be for the Dolphins again) wouldn’t he have such a hard time adapting to his teammates again? Will other teammates even accept him, it might take a while for that. Almost all current and former players says that hazing or “rookie treatment” is common but when a player makes it THIS know to the public I feel he might have a much harder time fitting in any locker room. He’s probably gonna be shunned. I feel bad for Martin, there must have been others way to find a solution without it becoming public to this extent. All he tried to do was express how he felt after being bullied by Incognito, i’m sure in hindsight he wishes he could have done things differently. Hope everything falls in place for the right people in this situation, Best of luck Martin. As for Incognito- there’s no need to bully as TEAMmate. Bringing such bad publicity to your own organization, teammates and locker room, its just a shame.

  20. Martin has an inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness without having his dignity ravaged by someone who is older, meaner, smarter and bigger.

    Is it too much to ask to be able to go to work everyday without having to be harassed and shaken down?

    Some people on these boards think that Incognito has the right to say and do whatever he wants to whoever he wants. He doesn’t.

  21. Unbelievable, some Dolphins offensive linemen apparently get off on harassing and intimidating their teammates in the locker room yet allow themselves to be harassed and intimidated by opposing defenses on the field…a MAJOR contributor to four losses and an astronomical number of sacks given up.

  22. You cannot hide Richie Incognito.
    You are now the most visible face of bullying in the NFL.

  23. i kinda see bryant mckinnie involved in this also.mad at martin cuz he wants too study his playbook instead of helping him organize another one of his love boat stripper cruises.

  24. Does it bother any other Dolphin fans that these kind of pranks and bullying were still going on mid-season? Especially when the Dolphins were (at the time Jonathan had finally had enough) on a 4 game losing streak and barely hanging onto hopes of earning a wildcard before the season ends? I can understand some pranks going on during training camp or mini camps, as long as they don’t go too far. But as a fan this really disappoints me. This offensive line, at this point of the season, should have been supporting each other and working on ways to get better as a unit. They should be bonding and watching film and trying to find ways to improve as a unit. Not demoralizing a teammate. Good grief. 🙁 I’ve been a Dolphin fan since the early 70’s, and I can’t imagine Don Shula tolerating this kind of stupidity if his Dolphins were struggling.

    I’m glad they suspended Incognito. He was supposed to be a leader on that team…not a bully and a jerk to his teammate.

    We’ll develop better team chemistry without him, I think.


  25. I’m glad antonio smith didn’t connect with richies own helmet to his head because he would’ve been gone for the year. In all honestly though, I wouldn’t have mind seeing this dudes head get bashed in. He clearly think hes on top of the world. I hope he gets whats coming to him.

  26. The headline “swiftly, decisively” is untrue considering incidents against Martin have been going on for awhile now & has already gone AWOL. The Dolphins are just caving to media scrutiny trying to save face. Lack of strong management up top.

  27. I knew there was much more to this watching ESPN this morning. Former player and commentator said that he had info that the public wasn’t privy to and that he first thought that Martin was being too sensitive until he heard specifics and was angry that the coaches hadn’t shut it down earlier. He also said that Martin was actually scared of his teammates. Then Chris Carter said he’d heard the specifics of what Incognito had done and found it outrageous, ‘criminal’ is the word he used, that management not know about it and stop it earlier.

    For two ex players to speak so angrily about Incognito’s behavior, it’s clear that whatever he did was really awful.

  28. This is one of the things wrong with the NFL.

    The NFL is too timid when it comes to banning people. Next time Suh does what he does, and guys like Andre Gurode stomping a guy’s head, and now Incognito should be kicked out of the league for good.

    The policy should be to let them keep their money, have the league write them a lump sum check for it, kick them out, and give the team a salary cap exception to remove it from the cap.

    Start kicking guys out if the league if the league really wants to control it’s image.

    Funny how they’re all about this stupid play60 thing or whatever it is, saying they care about kids and all to get kids moving instead of rotting in front of video games. They say they’re all about kids with the whole thing of certifying little league coaches to coach the game safely.

    So how about kicking people out of the league. How about not letting guys like Vick back in the league and kicking out guys like Incognito.

    That would make the league a better and more real life role model than than the piddly garbage they actually do.

  29. jagged, why are you thinking it’s “we” that “need” to know the details? I’m not punishing Incognito, and I’ll be just fine if whatever evidence the Dolphins have remains out of the public eye…

  30. This guy sounds like a cancer in the locker room — but where was the coaching staff to set and enforce team rules!?

    Joe Philbin sure did not learn to run his team that way in Green Bay.

  31. text and voice messages? I didn’t put up with hazing in high school, these are grown men getting paid a lot of money for what is a very lucrative business.

    grow up. I am good with training camp minor stuff, but you are this many games into a season, and spending your time hazing your own OL teammate? why? what purpose does this serve?

  32. I was a big fan of Incognito despite his mouthing off on hard knocks which i thought was funny. But i was duped the guy is one of these people that does not know when to give up. Surprised nobody in the locker room said Ritchie enough is enough a long while ago or maybe they did and he didnt have the intelligence to figure it out.

  33. I’ve never like Incognito, but “bullying” in the NFL, really?

    We just keep getting softer and softer, SMH.

  34. I have been vocal about him being him wuss for crying being bullied as a grown man, but i read a lot more about the situation, and see it differently now. I do not think bullying is quite the word, if what i read was true, almost extortion and harrasement (I guess could be considered bullying, but i see that as a term applied to kids). Sounds like it’s all to do with money , and the forceful demanding way he went about trying to collect. This seemt go beyond what is accepted pranks on younger players. Most know when to draw the line. The ones who don’t, don’t belong.

  35. “we just cant catch a break”


    Andy Reid was handing Brandon Albert(a pro Bowl caliber LT) to your team on a silver platter for a 2nd round pick.
    However, your genius GM tried to get cute and lowball until KC finally told Ireland to go do something to himself. Then your brilliant GM tried to convince the world that he already had a talented LT on the roster.(LMAO)
    Then the above genius overreached for a overrated, part time/special teams player with your top pick.

    dont say that you “cat catch a break”.
    Your GM is a clown that screws everything up.

    KC 9-0 and rolling towards the Super Bowl
    Fins still mediocre and going nowhere

  36. The funny thing is that everyone on this board seems to think that he/she knows what they’re actually talking about. Yeah, this guy may be a total clown….but maybe the guy making the accusations is a total crybaby too. You sheeple are too stupid to see the nonsense that this government is shoving down your throat…and why they are doing it. You think football players in the 40’s and 50’s were getting “bullied”? Yeah, me neither.

  37. Look at your own workplace these days. If you say or do the slightest thing, you can end up in HR getting “the lecture”.

    Granted, the NFL is a male dominated workplace, likely well behind the times in the harassment (be it verbal, physical, sexual or otherwise) arena. You can surmise that what RI did really crossed the line and, apparently, there is enough evidence to support Martin’s claim and to warrant the suspension and NFL investigation.

    RI is done, if guilty. He will become the poster boy for this offense for the NFL.

  38. Miami Dolphins 2014 draft board:
    1. Left Tackle
    2. Right Tackle
    3:. Left Guard
    4. Center
    5. Right Guard
    6. Another mediocre RB
    7. Another mediocre CB

  39. Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? These guys are GROWN MEN! Why is this being handled like they are in gradeschool? Sounds like Martin needs to step and stand up for himself…..hes is a 300+lb behemoth of a man and he is sad from being bullied at his Millionaire job? Slug him in the chops Martin…..geesh!

  40. It’s one thing to crack on a guy in the locker room or the practice field, I get that. But when you are going to the trouble of texting and calling someone to talk smack to them you have crossed the line. This is the sort of thing 13 year old girls do. Did he start a Facebook page about him to?

  41. This one is on Dolphins management. Incognito has a history of being a douche and the Dolphins named him to be a team leader. It’s as if they’re clueless.

  42. I am wondering what exactly Incognito did to make Martin act like he’s in 8th grade & run to the principal’s office?

  43. No wonder they can’t concentrate on their assignments, worrying about how Fat-Ass is going to react.

    The O-Line, and the team can play a lot better without this miserable loser POS looking for ways to punk his own teammates.

  44. So what happens after 4 weeks? How do these two work together?

    This could have been resolved if Martin went to the management to begin with, not just walk out. Or seek advice of vets on the team.

    When the media is used as a weapon, as it has been now, by Martin, and when the team is forced to suspend a player because his parents are lawyers, it creates a massive mountain of a problem where there was a smaller one, before.

  45. No matter what happens, incognito is not good enough that he will ever get another job after the dolphins release him, which seems like a foregone conclusion at this point, unless he has an uncuttable contract.

  46. Seems obvious to me the issue is Martin being gay (my guess) and The unwillingness of some to accept it. Everyone is tip toeing around this incident, but what else could it be?

  47. Maybe Incognito was a little out of line but I hope flubbering Martin never blocks another down for us. This could have been handled in a much better way. Keep incognito, besides him Pouncey is the only other quality lineman we have. Martin was a joke at tackle anyway.

  48. On one hand I wish Martin would just beat the crap out of this guy stand up to him. On the other hand, you respect him being level headed enough to walk away from the situatin before it gets any worse.

  49. The Dolphins have used me as their personal ATM for 40 years, and that’ve caused me more emotional/mental damage than any one man should be forced to endure.

  50. Hazing this deep into a second year, while your OL is the worst in the NFL ,shows a total lack of focus on what is right and what is obsolete. The Coaching staff deserves blame too, for not sensing their players dysfunctional behavior. I am a disappointed Dolphins fan.

  51. Good for the Dolphins to act. Bad for the Dolphins for not knowing enough about what is going on in their locker-room to see this happening and stopping it in the first place. Bullying is not harmless behavior and it’s not a matter of ‘manning up’ when intimidation and harassment become criminal behavior.

  52. This is a grown mans’ game, if you can’t handle it get out and do something else. No one on here has a clue what happened yet, so I don’t understand how anyone can comment. How many know Incognito??
    How many know Jonathon Martin, probably none.

  53. This guy was bad news at Nebraska and probably before that.

    He’s lucky to be doing this now—a hundred years ago he might have been lobotomized.

  54. coltzfann if you were a Dolphin fan you would release Martin not Incognito, if you are talking about playing ability.

  55. Dolphins fan of 25 years here…

    I also want to know what in the world “Cog” could have done to cause Martin to react this way. This is the stuff of middle school.

    Either the team now knows of what Cog has done, or they’re suspending him to satisfy public outcry for action.

    Incognito believe it or not is very well respected within the Dolphins organization, and the players thought enough of him to vote him into the team Leadership Council. I thought it was going to be hard for Martin to come back in general, and now with this suspension of Cog, the rest of the team may develop more dislike and distrust of Martin.

    What a ridiculous mess this is, especially during a potential wild card run.

  56. Nice to see justice or karma or whatever you want to call it. Too often jerks get a free pass simply because of their audacity and the good guys unwillingness to go to battle. Martin perhaps could have handled this differently, but nevertheless, he’s the good guy in this situation.

  57. Martin thinks he’s bullied wait til he goes against trash talking defensive players lined up across him.

  58. Work place harassment can be tough on someone. I’ve seen it. Guys think they’re just “busting someone’s balls” but when it happens every single day it can really wear a person down until they “snap”. Sure some of us have thicker skin and can take the jokes, but some can’t.

    Every time I’ve ever witnessed workplace harassment though management has known, and let it go on, only stopping it when it became a problem. My guess is the Dolphins coaches are nearly as culpable as Incognito.

  59. Wow, just wow. This is getting serious. I thought it was a joke or prank. Richie gots a problem. When you leave text msg, voice mails, and still consider it a joke, you should be suspended for life.

  60. How embarrassing it must be for Iggy to be the only douche in the history of the NFL to be suspended for bullying another teammate.

    He loses money, credibility, most likely will never play again and hopefully ends up a punchline.

    Good job Miami…..

  61. Reports down here in Miami say that Incognito was bullying Martin because he was gay… That’s what Martin meant when he didn’t blame Incognito but he instead blamed the “culture of the NFL locker room”

  62. Jonathan your over 300 pounds. Should have just knocked the crap out of him. I’d rather get my butt whipped than give up anything. It’s gonna be hard to look at yourself in the mirror.

  63. It’s funny because Martin is a bust anyways, may as well move on without either of them. Poor Tannehill.

  64. orakpocalypse says: Nov 4, 2013 12:43 AM

    ‘Please Dolphins, keep the tattletale snitch who ran away crying and fire the pro bowler. My team could use another O lineman’
    Nobody deserves to be bullied anywhere or anytime.without tattletail snitches around to right injustice criminals and bullys would run free to terrorize whomever and whenever they chose without penalty,just like you probably do orak. sticking up for the bullies of the world,that says alot about you.

  65. So your telling me the Dolphins have the worst O-line in the league and now they lost two starters on that same already abysmal O-line becuase one’s a jerk and the other is spineless?!?
    Is it safe to say that Ryan Tannehill is now a lock to break David Carr’s most sacked in a season record?!?

  66. I would strongly recommend that Martin get a protection order against Incognito, and, if he can still afford it, a security detail.

    If, as claimed, Martin informed the Dolphins about this during preseason, and they did nothing, they might mitigate the damage of a suit by paying for said security detail.

  67. Incognito is a d-bag coward. The same as every other bully, the same as every person that thinks we should just “put up” or “man up” in dealing with bullies.

    When there is behavior that needs to be changed, WE WORK TO CHANGE IT. It’s called progression. People that want to sit back and allow any horrible behavior to continue are just as bad as those behaving that way.

  68. My first memory of Incognito was in an Alamo bowl against Michigan State–a game in which he took a massive cheap shot against MSU’s PUNTER on a short return.

    Shocking to read that this dude was supposed to be one of their leaders. Apparently takes pride in how big of a douche he is.

  69. Seems like I’m on the wrong side of this, but I believe a stout punch in the snout by Martin would have solved this a long time ago. Bullying by children to children is one thing, on the other hand, a full grown man should stand up to it. Incognito is definitely wrong, but Martin should not have ran away from it.

  70. I’m also curious about the other players. Did they know about it and just ignored it? Or did other players also participate? I’m guessing the latter.

  71. There’s a reason Incognito didn’t last in St. Louis or in Buffalo. He is a Pro Bowl talent but a locker room cancer. I’m sure everyone sees this at this point …

  72. Good for Martin! In most toxic workplaces, it’s a small minority of jerks who create the hostile environment, and the majority just go along to avoid making waves or being isolated. My guess is that there will be a lot of guys in the Dolphins locker room that will line up behind Martin and be happy, albeit silently, that this came to a head.

  73. As a Dolphins fan, this is not good anyway you look at losing 2 starting O-linemen, however Icognito is a cancer everywhere he goes and Martin should have spoken up long before his meltdown that now hurts the team. I just hope Draft Pick Dallas Thomas is ready to play soon.
    Personally, Incognito should be cut. He was not going to be resigned anyway and Martin gets Traded away for the better of both parties. We had our best game on the ground without either guy. At the end of the season only Pouncey will be here and thats if he isnt involved in the Hernandez nonsense. What a mess!

  74. Incognio is a pitbul but when this thing came out I was thinking it would deteriorate into something racial in 3..2..1 and it did. I don’t think it was racial but that component certainly crept in from one player who picked on another for whatever reason.

    And it’s too bad because Richie seemed to be on his best behavior knowing the Dolphins were probably his last pit stop and this is no way to end a career.

    Richie playing next to Martin was the best evaluator of his play and knowing how bad he was doing, decided to dispatch his own form of punishment. Martin is not coming back and neither is Richie.

  75. finsupbtchs says: Nov 4, 2013 6:40 AM

    Maybe Incognito was a little out of line but I hope flubbering Martin never blocks another down for us. This could have been handled in a much better way. Keep incognito, besides him Pouncey is the only other quality lineman we have. Martin was a joke at tackle anyway.


    Maybe after Hernandez serves his sentence, you can pick him up.

  76. Maybe it’s not about a strong case, but about Miami wanting nothing to do with a bunch of gays picketing out in the parking lot, you think?

  77. Look at Incognito’s past. I think he was kicked off Nebraska team for starting fights and incidents with teammates; continual problems with NFL teams with stupid fighting, unsportsmanlike conduct, unnecessary roughness penalties. No sympathy for Dolphins for whatever hostile workplace issues this causes them! These teams need to learn that these hoodlum types don’t change! Why did they sign him knowing his history??

    Ridiculous if NFLPA supports Incognito but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

  78. It’s very obvious that Incognito is a horrible human being based on his past track record up to this latest incident.

    He needs to released and banned from the league. There’s no room for people like this in the NFL. Or in the world quite frankly.

  79. Thank goodness for the NFL: if it didn’t exist, overmuscled adolescents like Ritchie would be at YOUR workplace scaring the crap out of you and ruining your life.

    Rookie hazing is one thing…it came about because the rookies were coming into camp, often making more than established veterans. Harassment and intimidation are entirely different, and nobody, even 300-lb. men, should be expected to have to tolerate it.

  80. How does a mid-level offensive lineman like Incognito have this much influence on the Dolphins’ locker room? It speaks volumes about the team’s lack of leadership. Apparently nobody could keep Incognito in check.

  81. I sw on Deadspin, where they think his (Richie) dad, has been posting idiots things on Dolphins message boards….

    interesting…or not really at all

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