Doug Marrone not looking for silver linings in tough loss


The Bills defense held the Chiefs without a touchdown and their offense outgained the Chiefs despite playing with undrafted rookie free agent Jeff Tuel, who is, at best, their fourth choice for the quarterback job this season.

A couple of turnovers were converted into touchdowns by the Kansas City defense, however, and the Chiefs were able to advance to 9-0 in a 23-13 win that saw the Bills provide the bulk of the good play. Coach Doug Marrone is taking no special solace in that fact, though.

Marrone said after the game that it hurts to lose that way and that “when it’s time to make the plays, you have to make the plays.” The fact that the Bills couldn’t left their coach in a foul mood.

“I’m pissed,” Marrone said, via the Buffalo News. “I’m going to use that type of energy. I’m going to go home, not talk to anybody, just shut it down. I’m going to be by myself. I’m not going to pet my dog. I’m going to get fired up. I’m going to come to work tomorrow, watch this film, and I’m going to be a pro. I’m going to be a man.”

The Bills may have put a bit too much on Tuel’s plate on Sunday, especially with C.J. Spiller flashing some of the skills that have been missing while he’s been recovering from an ankle injury, but they were winning at the half and there were plenty of chances for players to make plays that would have kept them in front. Focusing on that seems likelier to lead to improvement than trying to find some way to turn the loss into a moral victory.

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  1. I’m stumped about the passing play that turned into an interception from the 1 or 2 – it seemed to turn the momentum permanently to the Chiefs.

    Tuel was playing way above his pay grade, but why in the world call a pass there when you have Spiller and Jackson doing whatever they want in the running game?

    I get that there’s a reason I’m no NFL coach, but man, that call has me totally baffled.

  2. This season of should a would a could a is exactly the recipe to burn out a team for next year and their fans this year.

  3. This kind of fire and passion is what’s been missing in that franchise for years. Gailey, Jauron, Mularkey- all would have gone the moral victory, were almost there and well just keep at it route. Marrone wants to win and win now. Since he’s been coach there hasn’t been 1 game where they weren’t mising multiple starters. This team is young, talented, athletic, hungry and tough. When they get all of their pieces together they are going to make some noise.

    Signed, a Cowboys fan who’s been very impressed with what he’s seen in the 4 Buffalo games he’s watched this year.

  4. they ran twice and got no gain at the KC 1 right before that interception. they did try running in the redzone.

  5. Terrible call on the goal line expecting an undrafted FA rookie QB looking at an all-out blitz to read the coverage and pull the trigger. 14 point swing was devastating even though Bills tied game going into the 4th qtr. Hackett’s a great OC running the offense between the goal lines like he’s playing Madden 2013 but doesn’t realize who is under center in real life with points and potentially the game on the line at the 1 yard line. You TAKE the 3 points there to go up 10 at home against an undefeated team at home with the crowd and your defense behind you coach! That’s how you “get over the hump” and start winning.

  6. At first I was calling for Hacketts head after that pick six, but watch the tape. Hacketts play had WR Stevie Johnson alone, in the middle of the field, with no defender within 7 yards of him, DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE QB. The play call worked flawlessly. The problem is that an inexperienced QB locked into a half tackled, double covered TE instead. The playcall was good. The PLAYER was not.

    Also said, Marrone DOESNT CALL THE PLAYS! Blame Nate Hackett, not Marrone if you are looking for a coach to skewer.

  7. The score of this game totally misleads you as to what happened in the game. The Chiefs will eventually face a team with a winning record, and then let’s see how well they hold up.

  8. Yeah, yeah, yeah “when the chiefs face a winning record, bla bla bla”. Hey lets take a good look at the loosing records. Take away lets say the jags and the giants cause i think there are NCAA teams that could take it to them. Those are gimmies. But the other seven teams have a combined 35 loses. Of those 16 are to division leaders, 5 more are to San Fran. And Denver who have better records than half or more of said division leaders, and another 6 come from teams with .500 or better. Leaving only 8 losses combined to poor teams some of which are eachother.
    So maybe these teams are not all as bad as made out to be by “record” they have all just been taken advantage of by the NFL elite and KC alike.
    Dallas ( who has a winning record and currently leads that division, btw) , Cleavland, Buffalo, Philly, Tenn. These are competative teams some of which still have a legit shot at the playoffs. So KC has earned that record. Is that offense dismal, yeah. Is that defence for real, HELL YES. Pleanty of teams in the past have proven that a great D, and an offense that doesnt “loose” the game for you has what it takes to go deep into the post season.
    Will they loose some? Most likely (probably to Denver) does that mean this team is a fluke? NO, cause halfway through they are just about a lock for the playoffs already.

  9. Defenders of the pick-6 call love to point out that Stevie Johnson broke free in the endzone. But those of us, including me, that have an issue with the play call feel that it was too much on the UDFA QB Tuel to handle. (Blah, blah he’s NFL QB, man-up blah, blah) There is a time for aggressive play-calling and a time for conservative. The score was Bills 10-3 & a TD or FG would have made it 17-3 or 13-3. KC is not known for making comebacks. A 2 score lead would have placed the Bills firmly in the driver’s seat. Go Big-Jumbo & use a FB there. Either you score or kick the FG. Safer, more conservative play.

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