Dungy says Colts had red flag on Incognito

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Plenty of casual football fans are now hearing the name “Richie Incognito” for reasons unrelated to football.  Plenty of football people had known the name for years, regarding him as radioactive for reasons unrelated to football.

During last night’s edition of Football Night in America on NBC, former Patriots V.P. of player personnel and Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli (who should be getting some credit for the talent he left for the new 9-0 regime in Kansas City) told Dan Patrick, “I didn’t want [Incognito] coming out [of college], and I don’t want him now.”

Former Bucs and Colts coach Tony Dungy echoed that sentiment earlier in the hour on The Dan Patrick Show.  Dungy explained that, when Incognito entered the draft in 2005, the Colts had him on the “DNDC” list, which means “do not draft because of character.”

Throughout his career, Incognito has dealt with accusations of dirty play.  But plenty of players who do their jobs well and play to the whistle (and a little bit beyond) get dubbed as dirty.  For the first time in his career, Incognito has become embroiled in an off-field controversy that reveals more about his potential character than anything he ever has been accused of doing between the white lines.

Currently, Incognito is suspended for conduct detrimental to the team, he allegedly sent hostile text messages and voice messages to Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin that reportedly were “racially charged,” and there’s a chance it will get uglier before it gets any prettier.

54 responses to “Dungy says Colts had red flag on Incognito

  1. Pioli did get shafted after putting together the roster that is now 9-0. Perhaps the Vikings should can Spielman and add Pioli as their GM. The guy obviously has a track record of identifying talent as well as coaches who can develop that talent.

  2. As a Seattle fan, I remember when he was with the Rams he was good for at least one drive-killing 15 yard personal foul penalty per game. Like clockwork, almost.

  3. Lawrence Phillips, Donkey kong Suh, Incognito and many many more have a common trait.
    All come from a college that teaches them that as long as they can play football at a high level no laws or moral standards apply to them.
    Nebraska where even the locals call the home field
    NoMorals Stadium because of the players, coaches and the refs turning their head so they don’t see obvious penalties.

  4. the worst line in football acting like 10 year old schoolyard bullies….

    when you get into the NFL, it’s a career….. blowing up the team by being a pack of jerks? at any other job in america you would be toast in a NY minute

  5. I used to think dungy was a great coach, even though he coached for a team I disliked, I have come to realize that dungy’s personal beliefs and his infernal flag waving shows he is a just another dick in the crowd.

  6. Johnny OClock…sorry, people and dogs weigh differently on the character scale. Yes, what Vick did was heinous, but it had nothing to do with being a complete & total jackass 1)on the field 2)to a teammate for a long time.

  7. I’d be very surprised if he ever plays another down in the NFL. Martin will probably play again, but with another franchise. Miami needs to get past this whole thing.

  8. If Dungy didn’t want him due to his character, I think that’s really all we need to know.

  9. Tony Dungy never wastes an opportunity to let the world know how virtuous he is and the Colts were when he was there.

  10. Add in the Pouncey subpoena and possible investigation into him, the Dolphins may be down 3 of their starters on the offensive line.

  11. If Incognito is guilty of the misconduct as described, he should bear the full brunt of justice.

    If this matter is as alleged, *this* is what qualifies as a truly out-of-line racial injustice. This would certainly be legit – and crosses that line. Drop the hammer on Incognito if this is what it appears.

    What does *not* cross that line (IMO) is having a team named the Redskins. People who are now suddenly “offended” by the name “Redskins” after all these years – are just looking for a reason to be offended; looking for a reason to get their name at the forefront of attention as they fan the flames of hate.

    But as for Incognito, dude is so far over the line that he may as well have moon-walked back-and-forth over it.

  12. johnnyoclock says: Nov 4, 2013 9:51 AM

    Dungy called all 32 teams for them to bring back Vick.”

    If Incognito sought professional help with his personal issues and then tried to resume his career after an appropriate amount of time away from the game, my guess is that Dungy would be among the first advocating that he get another chance.

  13. Who cares what Dungy says this guy is the most overrated, I am greater than everyone else but ain’t done nothing coach that has ever been associated with the NFL in it’s history.

    Seriously, what has he accomplished?

    -He coached the Bucs and could never get them there. Gruden comes in and does it right away.

    -He coached the Colts during the prime of Peyton Manning. Lane Kiffin could have won a superbowl once with that set up too.

    This guy says stuff like this all the time; he knew this, he knew that. If he is so great and all knowing then why doesn’t he talk about what’s going to happen, instead of playing captain hind sight.

  14. redstar504 says:
    Nov 4, 2013 10:31 AM
    Who cares what Dungy says this guy is the most overrated, I am greater than everyone else but ain’t done nothing coach that has ever been associated with the NFL in it’s history.

    Seriously, what has he accomplished?
    He has a Superbowl ring and the team he put together won Gruden a Superbowl ring. That’s good enough for me to say he accomplished plenty.

  15. He does look like a big meathead and plus those tattoos…….yeeeesh! I’m willing to bet a goodly percentage of college players coming out of college are DNDC but the talented ones will always slip through & bounce around while some like Vontaze Burfict end up suffering on draft day but in the end the good players with the illegitimate kids & azzhat behavior & questionable work ethic & low GPA & sealed criminal records always find the field & paydays in the NFL the Dolphins & NFL will always act AFTER THE FACT to appear like doing a good job enforcing the Scooby Doo but we all know the score. 😉

  16. Yet another disingenuous statement about how a team had “red flags” and passed on someone in order to make themselves sound like geniuses.

  17. Dungy also stated that he made it clear from the start when he coached the Bucs and the Colts that no hazing or bullying would be tolerated. And I couldn’t agree more.

    This is a $9 billion a year industry, and you have grown men acting like the 10 year old school yard bully? And even worse, Incognito apparently was committing felonies by forcefully making the victim pay $15,000 for a trip. You can call it robbery or theft by swindle or theft by coercion, but it all adds up to a single word…FELONY.

  18. Excellent point about Dungy and Vick. He pushed Vick on every single NFL team even though Vick was a convicted felon who maliciously murdered animals and ran an interstate gambling ring. Dungy’s opinion on this makes him look like a hypocrite first and raises some questions as to what his motives were behind helping Vick and not even drafting Incognito.

  19. What I find a little interesting is that teammates did not jump in and stick up for Martin. My guess would be that Incognito is a guy who you do not want to be enemies with…and his teammates probably did not want to get on his bad side. That is kind of a frightening thought…

  20. Wow, I think I’ve set a record for most comments deleted in a 24-hour period!

    What were the red flags on Martin coming out of the draft? How many people had taken HIM off their draft boards?

  21. Please the nfl is ripe with player’s with felonies on their record. Incognito may be a classic steroid abuser who lives for fighting. I do not know. If so, I wonder what would make him real different than half the guys playing in the league. Tony Dungy is pretty amusing with his comments about RI. Hey if you flagged the guy that’s great. I am sure their were many other guys who had better talent then RI that you didn’t flag. Again he(Dungy) is the same clown who advocated for Michael Vick. Do not play the holy then thou crap..Coach

  22. geniusry says:
    Nov 4, 2013 10:55 AM
    Excellent point about Dungy and Vick. He pushed Vick on every single NFL team even though Vick was a convicted felon who maliciously murdered animals and ran an interstate gambling ring. Dungy’s opinion on this makes him look like a hypocrite first and raises some questions as to what his motives were behind helping Vick and not even drafting Incognito.


    Or as a sane person might say, he helped a convicted felon re-pay his debt to society by introducing him to people that could get him in a structured situation, there by making him a role model for millions of kids who have made poor choices and are looking to turn their lives around.

  23. If I was looking for an athlete to endorse/promote a product…. I’d call new england patriots murderer aaron hernandez first.

  24. Pioli may have signed some talent for the Chiefs, but he also oversaw an absolutely toxic front office environment that made it impossible for the team to win. Everything that made the Chiefs a loser was attributable to Pioli, from the poor coaches he hired to the terrible QB situation which wasn’t solved until after he’d left. And can anybody name another GM who was ever accused by his head coach of bugging phones?

  25. richie incognito should have stuck to dumb assaulting club bouncers instead of messing with the great-grandson, grandson , and son of Harvard grads.

    Way out of richie incognito’s league.

  26. Pioli DID NOT “get the shaft” in KC. He drafted a few winners, and some big losers too (like every GM). Ultimately, he was judged on wins/losses. His egotistical management of the Chiefs operations made it a horrible environment – which translated into a horrible record. The draft is only part of the GMs job. He (like a lot of others) is still living off of the Tom Brady years. Go ahead and hire him as your GM, just remember I told you so!

  27. Actually, if you read the Pioli interview he basically said he didn’t want Incognito for FOOTBALL reasons, and implied he was too SOFT- which is an interesting thing to say about a bullying “dirty player.”

    Read it- he says he was a great athlete who didn’t play physical enough as a lineman.

    It wasn’t until the end of the conversation after some prodding and leading that the character stuff comes up. Pioli restricted most of his comments to on the field stuff.

  28. sad. a country trying to cut down bullying in schools has to deal with this. the nfl should make any one involved in this pay a high price.

  29. The Dolphins might want to re-consider using Incognito as their Ambassador of good fan conduct

    The video, easiy found on Youtube, has Incognito telling fans that “fighting, taunting and threatening remarks or gestures are prohibited” at Sun Life Stadium

  30. Once richie incognito was put into the lineup…. St. Louis Rams went from an 8 win team to a 3 win team to a 2 win team to a 1 win team.

    The low character richie incognito effect

  31. We have known about Incognito for a long time, but no one wanted to reign him in. All you had to do was listen to legitimate players around the league and watch what he does. This guy is a putrid excuse for a NFL player, and needs suspended minimally through the end of the year. This type of behavior, and I am talking about the severe hazing, has NO place in any culture. Pranks are one thing…….harassment is a whole other ball game!

  32. scott pioli? he RUINED the chiefs franchise for a couple year period. if it wasn’t for reid, it would still be an angry fan base and screwed up team

    Dorsey has had 5-10 key free agent additions that all FAILED under pioli who couldn’t ever find tat right mix of players

    then there is the FACT that the core in KC, was there BEFORE pioli. flowers, hali, Derrick Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Dustin Colquitt, Dwayne Bowe, so on, so forth were ALL in KC when pioli arrived

    scott pioli was going to allow dustin Colquitt to hit free agency, CREDIT? the man won 2 games with the same team

  33. johnnyoclock says:
    Nov 4, 2013 9:51 AM

    Dungy called all 32 teams for them to bring back Vick.
    Dungy is also very against people living outwardly as gay people (which is certainly his right to believe though I don’t agree) but he never gets criticized by the media for that. Things that make you go “hmmmm”.

    Pioli’s biggest flaw isn’t judging player talent, it’s judging coaching talent. I loved RAC as a DC but he has not nor never will be a HC. He should have hired someone like Zimmer, someone who deserved a shot but who hasn’t gotten one yet and that few complain about why he hasn’t gotten that shot since the Rooney rule doesn’t apply to Zimmer.

  34. “redstar504 says:
    Nov 4, 2013 10:31 AM
    Who cares what Dungy says this guy is the most overrated, I am greater than everyone else but ain’t done nothing coach that has ever been associated with the NFL in it’s history.

    Seriously, what has he accomplished?

    I have to shake my head at the sheer ignorance of this “question”. I love it when armchair quarterbacks question the commentators, saying that so and so was “average” or “sucked in the league”. That is besides the point. Guys like Tony Dungy have forgotten more about football than you’ll ever remember. Dungy grew up playing football, played in the highest league, won a Super Bowl, had a long career coaching, is well-respected, actually talks to players/coaches, and gets paid to talk football all day long. What have you, @redstar504, accomplished in your “distinguished” career? Come in 3rd place in your 6 person fantasy league with half the guys auto drafting?

  35. we all know this is just smoke. If a team thinks a player can help them win, they will draft him, no matter what hes done or rumoired to have done in college. Hek just at so many of the university of miami’s players, and go no further than Aaron Hernandez. There were plenty of warning signs about Hernandez, but the Patriots felt Hernandez could help them win, and hoped those warnign signs were not true, or that he would change. (or perhaps they just didnt do due diligence to find out how serious those problems were.) So I’m not really buying the colts noticed a character flaw and bypassed incognito. If he had the talent to help them win, he would have been drfted by the colts.

  36. HAHAHA, Pioli already got the amount of credit he deserved for what he accomplished in KC. Straight up sh!T canned. The Cassel deal and Jon Baldwin alone tell you all you need to know about this guy. The few good things he left behind were sheer accident. ( drafting the BAP, and whatnot) the only stand out moment he ever had of spotting unseen talent is D. Poe. And had the right staff never gotten ahold of him he probably wouldn’t be playing at the level he is either.

  37. I hope the NFL investigates this fully, and doesn’t use Incognito as the scapegoat in this fiasco. Seems to me there are a lot more players involved, both victims and bullies.

  38. If our boy Incognito keeps this nonsense up, he’ll run into the wrong person to bully, then he ends up like Richie Aprile in “The Sopranos” LOL

    So don’t eat at Satriale’s for at least a year……..

  39. Before anybody gives Pioli executive of the year honors for what the Chiefs are doing this year, keep in mind that the majority of their “stars” are leftover from the Peterson/Herm days? Jamal, Tamba, Albert, Bowe…
    Eric Berry was a no-brainer, Justin Houston fell because he smoked a blunt before the combine, Tyson Jackson gave up 10 mil to stay and try to shed the bust label… But hey, Ryan Succup was a good pick!
    And I’m sure Cinci has a spot for Richie!!!

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