Jason Campbell waiting for word on injured ribs

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One thing that has been made abundantly clear this season is that the Browns have a significantly better chance of winning games when someone other than Brandon Weeden is their quarterback.

So it was a hold your breath moment in the first half on Sunday when Jason Campbell was forced out of the game following a hit by Ravens nose tackle Haloti Ngata. Weeden came in for a couple of plays, but Campbell returned on the next drive and steered the Browns to a 24-18 victory that included three touchdown passes and some pain in his ribs.

“I kept telling [the team] to just give me time because my ribs were really bothering and hurting me,” Campbell said, via ESPN.com. “It was bothering me on a couple of throws. I really wanted to cut it loose and it was kind of grabbing me. I couldn’t really get what I wanted to put on the ball as far as speed and accuracy sometimes. But this league is all about pressing on.”

Campbell had x-rays after the game and said he did not think that he broke any ribs, although there was no official announcement of the test results on Sunday. If Campbell’s right, there shouldn’t be much chance that the Browns will have to turn back to Weeden because even very sore ribs will have two weeks to heal up before the Browns return to the field.

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  1. Banner/Lombardi,

    Please, Please do us Browns fans a favor and go out and sign another QB this week. Was anyone else about to throw up when they saw Campbell go out and Weeden enter the game? Its mind blowing on how different the offense looks and how different the players respond to a QB other than Weeden. Campbell is playing really good, mistake free football right now, which puts the Browns in position to win games. Yes they came up short in KC, but the win vs the Ravens is huge. 2-1 in the division, a bye week to rest up and evaluate the squad mid-season to see what they have to make a push at the end of the year is just what they need right now. If it werent for Andy Reid’s turnaround in KC, I think Chud would have to be in consideration for coach of the year.


  2. It’s too bad that they played weeden as long as they did. I truly believe that they would at least have one more win if he didn’t play. It was really deflating watching weeden run back on the field. I’m glad Campbell finished the game and they’re fortunate the bye week is here. Big game against Cincinnati coming up. They win that game they’re right in the hunt for the division. Go browns!

  3. “I really wanted to cut it loose and it was kind of grabbing me.”

    As a Raider fan, this quote stood out to me because he was constantly told by the coaching staff to “cut it loose”, meaning throw it down the field already.

    This is what bugged me about Campbell, he’s got the tools, he just doesn’t cut it loose enough.

  4. Good thing we have a bye next week. Campbell will need the time to heal up. If he’s out at all the season is done. He’s been playing better than average (not great), and looks soooooo much better than Weeden. I cussed out loud when I saw Campbell was hurt and I just prayed Turner wouldn’t call a pass play when Weeden came in. With Campbell, Browns have a punchers chance at making the playoffs. I’d even go so far as to say a decent shot at the playoffs based off of their remaining schedule and the way that D is playing!

  5. It is amazing what the Browns can do with a competent QB playing for a whole game. The defense, once again, looked really good for a majority of the game. Wish we had a running game so that the passing game would open up a bit. And before anyone says that we shouldn’t of traded T-Rich, he had another stellar performance with 8 rushes for 20 yards while Donald Brown went 6 for 49.

  6. Please don’t bring back Weeden. For the love of all things holy, don’t do that to us again. I’d much rather #47, who played QB in college @Minnesota to play QB rather than put Weeden back in there. I know that playing Weeden means that we will have a better draft pick to get a REAL NFL QB when we jettison him next year, but I just started liking football again and not dreading Sundays.

    Nearly every Browns fan.

    ps. Holmgren’s Heroes (HA!) should have drafted a O-lineman last year.

  7. I hope Campbell is alright. We need to cut Weeden & pick up another quarterback – Weeden just doesn’t have what it takes. In Campbell we trust! Go Browns!

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