Jason Garrett: You’d like to have more balance on offense


The Cowboys got running back DeMarco Murray back from a knee injury on Sunday, but the news of his return may not have made it to the offensive play callers.

Murray ran the ball just four times and the Cowboys finished the game with a franchise-record low nine rushing attempts overall in a 27-23 victory over the Vikings. The Cowboys’ lack of desire to run the ball was most glaring in the second half as they ran just twice in several possessions after taking a 20-17 lead over Minnesota and Tony Romo finished the game with 20 straight pass attempts, including plays wiped out by penalties.

“You’d certainly like to have more balance than that, obviously,” coach Jason Garrett said, via ESPNDallas.com. “We’ll keep striving for that. We did run the ball a little bit fairly well early on. DeMarco looked like he was going to have a good day, but as it wore on there were some minus runs that happened that got us behind the sticks a little bit. Hard for us to get into a rhythm.”

This is a particularly extreme spread between run and pass, but an aversion to the run is nothing particularly new for the Cowboys under Garrett. They’ve consistently favored passing over running, with the big difference this time being that their choice didn’t wind up being fodder for criticism after a loss.

The Cowboys may not be sure Murray is the back for their future, but it’s hard to see passing 87 percent of the time working out for them on a regular basis so they might want to give him more of a shot while playing with a lead in the coming weeks.

15 responses to “Jason Garrett: You’d like to have more balance on offense

  1. This guy was averaging 8 yards a carry and you talk about some minus yards runs? You totally abandon the run and pass the rest of the game because of a negative run? Cmon, come up with something different than that. You wanted to throw that ball as much as possible and needed an excuse to do it.

  2. The Vikings came into the game missing three starters from an already bad secondary and lost Xavier Rhodes during the game. The Cowboys got stuffed on most runs early in the game. I don’t see why you wouldn’t pass on every play.

  3. I’ve never watched a game that didn’t have a couple negative plays in the running game. Never in my whole life….for that to be the reason for only running the 9 times the entire game is completely ridiculous.

    Maybe your o-line just isn’t used to run blocking and when you run it every 25th play they’re confused?

    9 times?!?

  4. pretty sure the runs that went for losses were mainly on dunbar, who really should not be in the game anyways, murray looked fresh on his runs and was catching the ball out of the backfield…

  5. I love the play action pass plays they ran late in the game. They usually work when there isn’t running plays ever run to fool the d lol. That was some of the worst offensive play calling I’ve seen couple that with last week in Detroit yeah Callahan seems to be no better than Garrett.

  6. It sounds like he wishes they’d run more, but dag-nabbit, he just can’t make it happen that easily.

    Or he could, you know, just call running plays.

  7. Callahan is worse than Garrett to me….50 passes and 9 runs, only 4 of which go to Murray??!! Even Garrett ran more than this. Play action passes don’t fool anyone when you’re passing all the time anyway. Or he uses those “obvious to everyone” draw plays like at the end of the game in Detroit that were terrible and didn’t get the first downs as needed. But I also guess it’s hard to run the ball to close a game out when our defense isn’t stopping anyone, not even Christian Ponder.

  8. Been a Redball supporter but he’s gotta go…he lost me on the huge run by Murry by going empty on first down on the very next play…the non-challenge yesterday…after the end of game play calling in detroit…surely Princeton wants their diploma back…

  9. Do teams not keep track of the plays their calling DURING the game? Why does it always seem like they just realized how unbalanced their game plan was when someone brings it up after the game.

    Maybe Jerry can hire someone to count the running plays to help Garrett out. Or maybe just use the guy who cleans his glasses.

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