Jay Cutler thinks he can play Sunday vs. Lions

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler will miss tonight’s game in Green Bay after suffering a groin injury in Chicago’s previous game, at Washington. But Cutler thinks tonight’s game is the only one he’ll miss.

Cutler plans to play on Sunday against the Lions, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

Although the initial reports on Cutler’s injury suggested that he’d miss four weeks, the news that he plans to miss just one game comes as no surprise. Cutler said last week that that was his goal, and there have been no setbacks since then.

The question, however, is whether the Bears’ medical staff and coaching staff agree with Cutler’s self assessment. Cutler may think he can give it a go against the Lions, but if his mobility is limited and he can’t avoid Detroit’s pass rush, he won’t be doing his team any favors by toughing it out through a groin injury.

22 responses to “Jay Cutler thinks he can play Sunday vs. Lions

  1. If the Bears win tonight, and that’s a huge if, Cutler should take the month off.

    We will need him for the playoff strength run.

    Cutler is one tough SOB.

    Bear fan

  2. Ya know, I HATE the Bears, mostly their fans. BUT, I would rather have Cutler than SEVERAL quarterbacks in this league. To name a few…Freeman, anyone in Philly, Weeden, Ponder, Kaepernick, RGIII, Tannehill…etc

    What I like about Cutler is he is a leader. If his WR runs the wrong route, he will hear about it from Cutler. If their O-lineman miss a blocking assignment, their gonna hear it from Cutler.

    Im rooting the Bears on over the Packers, because the Bears are a REAL football team, not a team that gets the most support in the league from the officials.

  3. I appreciate Cutler’s passion. He’s a tough guy. I’ve seen him hang in there even when the o-line is giving him virtually no protection.

    I know it’s a division game, and thus very important, but … if there are doubts about his progress I’d make him sit one more game. The Bears need him to be 100% down the stretch. There’s still a lot of football left this season and there’s a good chance they’ll be a wild card team.

  4. I always thought people who questioned Cutler’s toughness were crazy. That and they never saw him get abused at Vandy.

  5. Ha! Quitler. That’s a good one. Original.

    I think it’s great when people question his toughness. The guy took a huge amount of hits when the O-line was bad. The lemmings just embraced the whole quitting thing. You know lemmings: they don’t think of anything, they just mindlessly follow the group.

  6. Im a Bear fan…there is 13:57 left in the game.

    If Josh Montana can continue to manage the game as well has he has tonight, I prefer Cutler sit at least another week.

  7. wisconsinhillfolk says:
    Nov 4, 2013 8:57 PM
    Suh, Nick, Deandre Levy, Chris Houston et al would like to invite Mr. Cutler to come on out Sunday afternoon

    Im pretty sure keeping the Quarterback upright hasn’t been much of a problem for the Bears tonight.

  8. wisconsinhillfolk says:
    Nov 4, 2013 8:57 PM
    Suh, Nick, Deandre Levy, Chris Houston et al would like to invite Mr. Cutler to come on out Sunday afternoon

    no, no they wouldnt.
    they are just fine and dandy with cutler on the bench.

  9. Personally I’d rather see Jayne Quitler play but I have a feeling after last nights unterrible performance we’ll see McCown at least one more week.

  10. Doesn’t everyone remember when Cutler hurt her knee and couldn’t come back in the game. I seem to remember that game being very important. How can anyone say shes tough.

  11. He did injure his knee and he couldn’t throw off of it. It was in a playoff game. He also was one of the most quarterbacks for about a 3-year period, playing behind one of the worst lines in football. He’s taken some vicious shots and come back from them. My guess is that you catch the occasional playoff game, but didn’t see what he went through during the season. I’m sure that someone like you can stand back there and take those hits, but Cutler and others can get injured.

    I’m not sure if you understand this, but players do get injured and can’t continue in games. In fact, it happened to Aaron Rodgers last night, and he couldn’t return against the Bears.

    There are also people who don’t really think for themselves, and just like to jump on the “hate Cutler” bandwagon, even though they really can’t come up with anything negative he’s done (of substance) over the past several seasons.

    Football is a great sport. You should catch a game sometime.

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