Josh Brown unsurprised about Richie Incognito allegations

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Monday brought the release of voicemails and text messages sent to Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin that reportedly reveal the vile thoughts that guard Richie Incognito had running around in his head in regard to Martin and members of Martin’s family.

One of Incognito’s teammates at both the University of Nebraska and with the Rams said Monday he wasn’t surprised to learn that Incognito was suspended by the team. Giants kicker Josh Brown called the situation sad and described Incognito as someone “who’s really got some demons that are out of the building.”

“None of it shocks me,” Brown said, via the New York Daily News. “I don’t know any details obviously. The league hasn’t released anything. But Richie seems to be a person with a tortured soul. He’s had these issues for quite awhile and it’s sad.”

Brown opined that those issues may wind up costing Incognito his professional career, a theory that’s going to have a lot of subscribers after reading what Incognito allegedly wrote and said to Martin.

14 responses to “Josh Brown unsurprised about Richie Incognito allegations

  1. It’s pretty obvious that Incognito has some problems. He needs to seek some professional attention. Also a simple ass whooping would’ve helped him in the short run.

  2. Brown thinks it’s ‘sad’. I think it’s pathetic.

    Incognito broke the law. Incognito can be arrested if Martin wants it that way.

    It is a Misdemeanor in the State of NY to threaten someone by means of electronic equipment (phone etc). Not sure of Florida but many laws are the same between the states.

    In other words I can yell at you in the street “I’m gonna kill you”. That is not a crime. That’s called a violation (harassment) much like a moving violation (speeding ticket). I leave it on your answering machine, it IS a crime.

    The bully is gone. They usually don’t last long…

  3. between this guy and Suh, I am starting to wonder what the ‘Husker tradition’ the local Nebraska media always talks about really means. (see also Lawrence Phillips.)

  4. What about the others who invited him to lunch at a table only to all stand up and walk away… seems like there’s more blame to go around… and those taking the hazing of rookies too far, should be ashamed of themselves…

  5. Guys I just realized that I too am unfairly being called a bully. I meant Schiano & Incognito in my comment above. I’m suing Apple for not letting me know I made an error an I’m suing this website for allowing me to make an ass out of myself.

  6. The NSA knows every move we make, we are at a point in our society where we will no longer be free and will have to carefully consider every word we utter for fear of being taken away (its coming sheeple) and HERE we are worrying about this idiocy. I have to say, the New World Order has done a very good job….we as a society deserve everything that’s coming due to our gross ignorance on what’s actually important.

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