Kubiak collapse led to chaotic Texans locker room at halftime


Halftime in the NFL, shrunk years ago from 15 minutes to 12 in order to get the total time of the non-Super Bowl games closer to three hours, creates an opportunity to make key adjustments to the game plan based on the things the opponent is and isn’t doing.

On Sunday night, the Texans instead had roughly 12 minutes of chaos following the collapse of coach Gary Kubiak, as explained by James Palmer of CSN Houston on Monday’s edition of PFT Live. (Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the second half kickoff was delayed minimally, if at all, by the Kubiak situation.)

As Palmer explained, there were no adjustments made by the Texans during halftime. Moreover, with the offensive play-calling duties shifting from Kubiak to offensive coordinator Rick Dennison, there were delays in the communication of the plays to the team.

All things considered, it’s no surprise the Texans weren’t able to continue the pace they established in the first half. While Kubiak’s health is the top priority moving forward, the unfortunate footnote for the Texans is that what could have been an easy win became a disappointing loss.

15 responses to “Kubiak collapse led to chaotic Texans locker room at halftime

  1. Hope Kub gets better soon and when he feels up to it will cut Bullock and get another kicker….any kicker….

  2. I went to bed just before halftime. Checked the score this morning and was like “what the heck?!”.

    Hope Kubiak is ok. That was a great first half for the Houston offense.

  3. Overrated Preseaon Super Bowl Champs!

    No need to finger wag when your on a losing team JJ not!

  4. I wonder what would have happened if the Texans had asked for a 30 minute delay of the start of the 2nd half? A request like that would not have sounded unreasonable.
    I know teams have backup plans for situations like this, but when they actually happen all hell breaks loose and you really can’t do much to prevent that.

    By every account coach Kubiak seems like one of the good guys. I hope Coach has a speedy recovery.

  5. Players get injured and now coaches are now having problems going last year to that one who had leukemia.
    Maybe Goddell should look into this and try to levy fines to stop this from happening anymore.

  6. I feel for you Texans fans. You guys really can’t catch a break. With where you will be picking in the range of 8-15 in the next draft. All you need is a QB. Package some picks to move up and get a playmaker. Johnny Manziel might fall right in your lap. And Make Phillips your coach. Get a more dynamic offensive coordinator in there too.

  7. seriously, I’m surprised a bigger issue isn’t being made of this. the coach has to be carted off to the hospital on a stretcher and there is no delay? the players had no idea what was going on. for all they knew he could be dying. how are they supposed to play the 2nd half? i guess you gotta keep up those tv contracts. gotta give the advertisers what they paid for. the nfl is a brutal brutal money printing machine.

  8. As Al and Chris pointed out several times last night, this was an extremely unusual situation. It seems the league could have given the Texans an extra 15 minutes to regroup at the half. Don’t know that it would have helped with the momentum change after Kubiak went down, but giving them a few extra minutes might at least have enabled their new play-caller to get set. After forcing us to sit idly for so long during the Super Bowl because they chose a venue that was poorly wired, surely the NFL could have inconvenienced the audience for a few minutes due to a medical emergency if it ensured a fair game.

  9. Is it wrong to think Kubiak collapsed after watching his quarterback not throw it to the other team?

  10. FWIW, someone on the Colts (I think it was Pagano) in his post-game press conference said someone from the NFL came to them at halftime, said there was a medical issue with one of Houston’s staff (didn’t say who), and that the start of the second half would be delayed because of it.

    I don’t know if it was or if so, by how much, but at least there was talk about it during halftime.

  11. Case Keenum is amazing. He is so fun to watch. Kubiak looked excited in the 1st half. Walking quickly down the field because Keenum was moving the ball so fast. Kubiak is not used to this type of quickness.

    Looking forward to what Keenum does next week and hoping for a quick recovery for Kubiak.

  12. The NFL should be embarrassed. The should’ve delayed the game. The officiating crew reversed two calls that shouldn’t have been reversed.

    Houston earned that win. The NFL stole it from them.

  13. Think even NBC could have survived the delay, I mean we’ve already had 2 lightning delays not to mention the Super Bowl. Ridiculous they didn’t give the Texans more time.

  14. That’s not why we lost the game. The lost because of special teams –coaching and field goal kicking (and frankly returns but for a make-up call) — and two truly awful flags by the refs.

  15. Houston lost the minute Wade Phillips was announced as the acting head coach. It’s a shame. They looked good before Kubiak got sick. Hopefully he has a full and speedy recovery.

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