Mario Manningham activated from PUP list


The 49ers added some much-needed help in the passing game Monday, activating wide receiver Mario Manningham from the physically unable to perform list.

The team announced the move, along with the activation of cornerback Eric Wright from the non-football injury list and the release of cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

Manningham was productive for the 49ers last year, catching 42 passes before a Dec. 23 ACL tear. He started practicing three weeks ago, and should give them another reliable target outside.

The 49ers are last in the league in passing, largely because Colin Kaepernick lacks reliable targets other than Anquan Boldin and tight end Vernon Davis.

Of course, they’re first in the league in rushing and 6-2, so it’s not a panic, but getting Manningham back is a boost they could use heading into this week’s suddenly interesting game against the Panthers.

24 responses to “Mario Manningham activated from PUP list

  1. Been stashing him on fantasy for a while, what do you guys think? Worth it? His numbers were never huge but I think he could be a big target especially with Crabtree still out

  2. It’s tough coming off any injury & expect the same production from a player BUT he can’t be any worse than Williams, Baldwin, Moore, Patton, & whoever the hell else Niners have as a 3rd WR…..

    Welcome back Manningham. Time to work ….


  3. Mr Harper, if you were a real 49er fan you would know Patton had multiple catches before he got a fractured foot and was easily our best receiver behind boldin.

  4. Regardless he is much needed weapon in our passing game. We still don’t have a solid receiver who can stretch the field but Manningham was a YAC type of receiver anyway. As I said welcome back Mario expect to see you light it up.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  5. Timing may be off to start off with.
    Might favor the injured foot during game times. I would not pick him up for fantasy.

  6. @dirtyjersey9er

    I agree with that. Injuries are apart of the game. But I threw him in there because ultimately he’s still not contributing. I hope he can get healthy and help the Niners win some games but only time will tell …. Other than that, you & I can play better at WR than the rest mentioned lol

  7. Just an opinion: I look for the 49ers to continue gaining momentum as the season progresses, to the point where they will beat the Seahawks decisively in San Francisco and win the division.

  8. What is cool isn’t that the 9ers are getting back an “average” receiver. He doesn’t have to try to do too much. Just do your job on every play. Get past the sticks on 3rd down, and that is all we need him to do. If the 9ers had ANY decent options other than Vernon and Q, this wouldn’t be an issue. We have a red-headed ex DE catching 40 yard passes out of the backfield from the FB spot. Imagine if we had someone built to catch the ball in the slot. We need more options than we have had. Then maybe teams will have to at least pay attention to the other side of the field and Q will have bit more space. Whatever MM brings when he comes back, don’t forget to feed the horse that has gotten us where we are now: Frankie has been going off behind our road graders, and now he may have one less defender in the box when we decide to give him the rock. I see good things…

  9. Manningham will be a huge improvement over the scores of others. Hopefully he won’t be too out of sync on game day, due to his long hiatus. He’s a proven wide receiver, a great playmaker; hopefully he can stay healthy and produce at a high level, like he used to. Good thing for the bye week for him to practice and have 49ers’ players heal and game plan for the surging Panthers.

  10. toniod49 says:
    Nov 4, 2013 4:55 PM
    Mr Harper, if you were a real 49er fan you would know Patton had multiple catches before he got a fractured foot and was easily our best receiver behind bolding

    UM he has a total of one catch for 0 yards. I like him two but if your going to question someones fandom at least have your facts right

  11. beastmode5150 says:
    Nov 4, 2013 6:54 PM
    Cool, an average receiver.

    Manningham has one of the greatest catch’s in
    Super Bowl history. You know that game played at the end of a year that leads to a championship.

  12. You think that Super Bowl catch makes him a great receiver? I can name a huge list of players that had a 1 good Super Bowl game and went on to other teams to do nothing.

    Mannignham had under 400 yards and 1 TD total before Leroy Hill broke him at the end of the year. Jermaine Kearse – is Seattle’s 5th receiver and he has 300 yards and 3 TDs at the halfway point in a run first offense as well just to put things in perspective.

  13. Look again he had over 400 yards and was on pace for the 7oo+ yards your top receiver had last year. I could agree with your “perspective” but then we would both be wrong.

  14. also if you want to compare his career numbers to harvin ,who you guys seem to think is the next coming of largent. you will find harvin has about 500 more total yards and one more td. true mario has one year on him but either mario is not that bad or percy is not that good.

  15. Okay I undersold your guy by 49 yards.

    Did you just compare Percy Harvin to Mario Manningham? That is funny. What world do you fans live in? One receiver needs to be schemed for each week, played a season less and has 10 more TD’s and will finally be free of Christian Ponder.

    How about you recheck those “total yards” and get back to me when you figure it out.

  16. Typo on my part, was comparing receiving yards as only one plays special teams. In that sense there not that different. 20 td to 19, yards not that far apart. Its ok we don’t have to agree. I actually enjoy most of your post’s I just think your dislike of your rival a skews your opinion as it probably does mine

  17. Yeah I understand what you mean. I was pointing to Harvin’s rushing yards more than special teams play. You’re right we can have difference’s of opinion and that’s no problem.

    But if you were to say Crabtree (if healthy enough) returning can have the same impact Harvin could, I would agree with that. I think he is an excellent possession receiver and capable in the slot and out wide. Manningham is an average talent but I have read posts like it was Jerry Rice coming off the PUP list.

  18. Your right he clearly is not a number 1 on any team but he can catch, hopefully he still can and he’s got to be better then what they have put out there this year. Of course Kap isn’t exactly a great progression qb at this point but he seems to be unable to use a wr he doesn’t trust so at least theres familiarity there. This is gonna be a hell of a race to the finish.

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