Mike Tomlin threatens (more) jobs after latest debacle

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After being embarrassed (again) yesterday, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is threatening to make more changes to the lineup (again).

This was in the wake of a 55-31 loss to the Patriots, in which they gave up the most points and most yards in franchise history.

You re-evaluate everything,” Tomlin said, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “You have to after a performance like that and we will. It doesn’t necessarily mean we will change or change for the sake of changing, but we will look at every aspect of what we are doing and who we are doing it with because we can’t have performances like that.”

The only problem for Tomlin is, he’s been changing stuff all year.

He’s offered up more sacrifices this year than the Mayans, and none of them have produced the desired result.

He’s benched underperforming former first-rounders, both of recent vintage and older versions. He’s shuffled the offensive line like a deck of cards, but keeps turning up jokers every week.

But after watching the same result, he came to his post-game press conference boiling at players again.

“Those people who are lacking effort won’t be playing,” Tomlin said. “It’s just that simple, . . . I am angry, disappointed.”

So are a lot of people who expected far more out of Tomlin’s team.

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  1. The pittsburgh steelers haven’t been the same since steelers team doctor (dr. rydze) federal authorities investigated and indicted him for dealing steroids and growth hormone.

  2. The pittsburgh steelers haven’t been the same since federal authorities investigated and indicted steelers team doctor (dr. rydze) for dealing steroids and growth hormone.

  3. .

    I don’t know whether Tomlin is a good coach or not, however I don’t think any coach could win consistently with the current Steelers roster.


  4. I just don’t get why they are so bad this year, They obviously need a WR, so should of got a veteran somewhere but it’s the defense I can’t figure out. I understand the loss to The Raiders, It’s hard to stop a guy like Pryor and despite getting killed against the Eagles yesterday Raiders are among one of the best teams in the NFL. Yesterday was a fluke win but The Steelers should be able to beat the Patriots. Steelers know what Brady is going to do, he is not a running QB. Steelers should be on top of that division but they can’t seem to get it together. Last week they lost to a team that was more physical and had more speed this week they lost to a wimpy New ENGLAND TEAM that is highly over rated

  5. “Mike Tomlin threatens (more) jobs after latest debacle.”

    Oh no, is he going to “unleash hell” again??

  6. “He’s offered up more sacrifices this year than the Mayans, and none of them have produced the desired result.”

    This might well be one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on this site!

  7. And your point is? I must have missed it..
    Pitt is a team beyond it’s years, it’s old, slow, and can’t back up their “swagger”. Terrible towels aside, they enjoy tremendous fan support. But poor drafting and poor personnel decisions got them here.
    All they had to do is look across the field on Sunday. PATS are DOWN, their #1 Lineman,,, #1 LB, ,,,#1 Safety,,Two of their starting OL,,,,they simply say..next man up,,and DO YOUR JOB.

  8. He was brilliant when he was coaching a team that he didnt assemble. As the years have past, and it went from Cowhers players to Tomlins players, the results speak for themselves. Seems the only thing Tomlin excels at is primping his bears and pretending to be a tough guy on the sideline

  9. I was somewhat surprised to read that the points and yards against were all-time Steeler records, especially with all the opportunities they had in that 40-year period that began with their inception in 1933. Always something new to learn I guess.

  10. The reason for the Steelers failure is simple.. It’s all big bens fault. He doesn’t study film, he fails to learn and read defenses, he holds onto the ball too long and he gives up too many turnovers. He is the sole reason for the Steelers being 2-6. Not the defense that can’t stop the run or the pass, and is consistantly in the bottom of the league in turnovers! This is on Ben. He is what I cal a diminishing return. Let’s get some players in here from Alabama and all will be fixed! Thank you for listening to me ramble on about nothing. But that Ben just makes me so mad! Signed Deb and Bobzilla.

  11. Let’s be honest here. Tomlin took over a team that Cowher had nearly perfected and really has let it go downhill ever since.

    If anyone should be concerned about their job….maybe Tomlin should look in a mirror.

  12. As a life-long Steelers fan, it pretty obvious what the problem is:
    YOU Tomlin, fire yourself and all the old men that play on your team. Your coaching is pathetic.
    Steeler Fan ’til Death Do Us Part

  13. Tomlin’s a good coach. The GM is the problem. The majority of the team’s draft picks since Pouncey have been busts. The team has also been in salary-cap hell for the last few years because Colbert keeps restructuring contracts and kicking cap hits into future years, ala Jerry Jones. Sooner or later all those bills come due. The team is headed for a rebuild, pure and simple. EVERY team has to do it eventually. Its past time in Pittsburgh.

  14. I’m not a steelers fan, far from it but the offensive play calling was horrible. I think Big Ben still has what it takes to win some games. Defence needs younger legs. I love/hate Palumalo but he has lost several steps. Get back to running the ball but that also starts with that jigsaw line. Start over from scratch.

  15. The writings on wall, unfortunately Couch Tomlin isn’t working out in black & gold. They need to tear it all down and build it back up from scratch. It’s time for an overhaul.

  16. These frauds in Pittsburgh…dont matter what you say about their play on the field because all the fans care about is their trophy case…DONT BELIEVE ME? Turn to a P-burgh fan and laugh about their record this season. I bet you’ll be able to guess the next thing out of their mouths.

    BIG, BIG (rather chubby) Ben won’t be leading this franchise to another postseason run. Players cant get along with coaches, coaches cant trust players…toilet bowl towels in 2013

  17. One more step toward 10-6. Got that 6 taken care of. Is that 10 for this year and next year combined? That might be doable.

  18. LOL. I am a Steelers fan. First, I thought this team was going to be good for 5 or 6 wins this year. Did I over predict that. Now the reason for this is because the offensive line has sucked for a long time. Can’t run the football, you usually are not winning football games. The most important reason is the defense. Yea Yea, I know they may have been ranked first the last couple of years, but the stats are misleading. Look back on how many games this defense has cost the Steelers during this time frame. The offense scores the go ahead score in the forth quarter, then the defense let the other team go down the field and win the game. The defense had comfortable leads heading into the forth quarter, and blew games. Continuing to give bog bucks to over rated defensive players who are out of their prime has not helped either. I love Troy, but the man has not stayed healthy for a full season in a long time. Taylor and Clark give way too much cushion to receivers and are getting burnt like a cheap restaurants toast. Cannot hold onto interceptions and getting to the QB has been a problem. Mismanagement of the salary cap has killed this team as well. Receivers dropping balls and of course Ben being too worried about his stats instead of throwing the ball away. I can go on and on but you get the point. Oh and those who think they should have beat this Patriot team must have hit the bottle hard this week. This Steelers team is pathetic and looks like it will stay this way for a couple of years until they start drafting better players.

  19. For all the wrong reasons the Steelers will not fire Tomlin before his contract expires after the 2016 season.

    By then it will be six years in a row without a playoff win for the Steelers starting with them getting Tebowed two years ago

  20. Can we stop giving Colbert a pass? He has completely mismanaged this roster. Tomlin has his finder prints on the roster too, but Colbert is really the one charged with assembling and managing it. It’s pretty damn tough to rebuild a roster when you create a salary cap nightmare for yourself by restructuring contracts on an annual basis to push cap dollars into the future. It’s a bankrupt ponzi scheme that eventually catches up with you. Add to it giving a guy like Lamar Woodley the title of highest paid defensive player in Steelers history and here ya go. Poor drafting of players, poor development of players, no cap space to sign players, loading cap dollars into about 5 pockets, etc. Colbert should be ashamed of what he did to the Steelers’ salary cap. You want to turn this thing around? It will require dramatic change and that starts with Colbert.

  21. There’s nothing left in the tank, coach, they got old.

    It’s time to blow it up and start over.

  22. Rather than moving players around like chess pieces, I’d like to hear Tomlin talk about more intensified coaching efforts. As CKL just posted on another thread, Brady’s been meeting with his young receivers to go over film on their day off. And that effort is bearing fruit. As they say, the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing while hoping for different results. Moving players around is more of the same. How about having players watch more film and practice more fundamentals?

    If we’re going to switch up the roster, put in some of the younger guys and see who has genuine potential looking down the road. This season is shot. It’s time to plan for the future. Let’s see what some of the younger defenders can do. And let’s have a look at Landry Jones.

  23. “Threatening jobs” only works if a player is underperforming by virtue of lack of effort. I don’t see that as the case. The Steelers are hustling and giving it up for the cause – but it’s just not there.

    As such, I see Tomlin’s “threatening jobs” as a very misguided tactic. It will do nothing to improve the team – but could have damaging effects.

    Tomlin has been known to do things like that. React emotionally without connecting the dots. For example, we had a game (this season) where he’d bench an RB any time they fumbled – irrespective of whether the fumble was the RB’s fault or not. In that game, he had to recycle previously benched RBs due to more fumbles from each replacement.

    It’d be a lot more effective for Tomlin to tie the “effect” to the real “cause.” The Steelers woes are clearly not a function of people slacking off, content in their job security.

  24. This team flat out sucks and to put this on Tomlin is pointing the finger in the wrong direction. He can’t do much but demote players that Colbert has drafted. They haven’t hit the target on many draft pics lately so he’s behind the 8 ball as a coach. Just about any lineman, Defensive or Offensive, has not played up to their draft level. Short of DeCastro and Pouncey who both missed big chunks of time from injury. Heyward looked good but how long can you wait to see if he strings this together into multiple games?

  25. Coaching in all phases of the game is the biggest problem right now. Play calling is the weakest its been in years. Arians was a weak situational play caller but Haley is just weak all the time.

    On the defense, guys just need to know their darn role and “stay at home.” Troy needs to be put on a leash and told to play basic defense instead of trying to outsmart the opponent. His recovery speed has lost a step and there is too much film on him (this is especially true against Brady).

    The *overall roster management* is a big problem that is not getting any better. It certainly is not easy but Colbert and the Steelers have really done poorly over the last few years. They are poorly prepared for the future on defense and poorly prepared for injuries on offense.

    Keeping Ike Taylor and losing Keenan Lewis was just about one of the worst moves ever. Matching the offer sheet on Sanders was ridiculous, too. At least they were smart enough to grab Velasco when Pouncey went down. Velasco consistently grades out better at C. Of course, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

    The fact of the matter is that Le’Veon Bell is the future of the offense for this team and they need to start handing him the ball 15-20 times every week no matter what. They need to build around Bell.

    Big Ben surely has a few years left – he’s only 31 – but he is not The Guy that makes the offense work anymore. Teams know better how to play him and how to cut off his usual escape paths. The team needs a new threat.

    I have no idea where the future is on defense. It could be Shmarko Thomas but it sure does not look like it will be Jarvis Jones. Heyward is looking better and better, so maybe he will be The Guy.

  26. I am a devout Steelers fan, through winning and losing, you stick with the team you love. I don’t refer to the rings and superbowl wins as some of the other fans do, it is a “what have you done for me lately” league, and the roster for this year and the coaching, aint getting it done. What I find ironic is there are still Baltimore Raven trolls rummaging through the boards and bagging on the Steelers, as if they have room to talk, are they not one game out of last place? It is a race to last place, and we are at least winning that.

    The problem is simple, Tomlin has unfortunately lost the locker room, and I don’t see him inspiring a correction in his team. Todd Haley is a disaster as the Offensive Coordinator, you could see that shift the day they hired him, he is a bully and doesn’t know how to build a team relationship with his players, his debut as a head coach in Kansas City pretty much cleared that up. Above all Tomlin has allowed this to happen.

    Unfortunately, I think Colbert, Tomlin, LeBeau and Haley must go. It is funny, everyone in Pittsburgh wanted Bruce Arians gone, and if you look at the Steelers organization, that was the beginning of where they are today, watch what you wish for.

    The Steelers will recover, not this year and probably not next year, but they will be back, as every team goes through this period of time. Right now I root for anyone who plays the Ravens; because it is absolutely hilarious watching them get beaten and their huge ego trounced, with their $120,000 million dollar, wing eating, over rated QB. Being in the cellar, there is no place but up to go.

  27. And, by the way, the offensive line coaching is still horrible. It has never been the same since Russ Grimm left.

  28. @klumpofbrownsadness …

    Lost our first two games of the ’89 season to the Browns and Bengals by a combined score of 92-10. But we went on to make the playoffs as a Wildcard and to beat the Oilers in the first round. In the post-game interview, Bubbi Brister forgot himself and announced on live TV that he was “happy as sh*t.” One of my favorite Steeler moments from one of my favorite Steeler teams. They never quit.

    Just don’t think this team will rebound to a 9-7 finish and a Wildcard berth. Don’t know that this individual game sits worse than that Browns game … but this season does.

  29. The Factory of Sadness in Cleveland is closing.

    The Steel Mill of Sorrow is open for business!

  30. whosennext — shhh, don’t let guys like Bobzilla hear you talk about the defense blowing leads late.
    Just because they’ve been doing it for years doesn’t mean we should be reminded of it. Because after all that “#1 defense” is the sole reason the team ever won anything! Sure you saw the offense come back down big this year against both Chicago and New England, only to see the defense crumble, but hey… why call them out? Plus, they did their part keeping the score below 60, they can’t help it if the offense can’t score that much. Really.

  31. How about the next time Big Bum has two turnovers in the first quarter while scoring zero points you bench him?

    No? Then just keep churning the bottom 2% of the roster. That will make a big difference.

  32. You can blame the Steeler defense for the losses to the Vikings and the Patriots if you want. But if they had even average quarterback play they would be 6-2 not 2-6.

    The bar is set so incredibly low for Big Bum that three turnovers are considered a good day for him.

  33. drrustbelt, the bengals haven’t been the same since that playoff win back in 19………, oh wait. The bengals haven’t been the same since that playoff win back in 20……, oh wait. Shoot, let me get back to you, I need to do some more research, no team can be that inept.

  34. doctorrustbelt says: Nov 4, 2013 12:43 PM

    The pittsburgh steelers haven’t been the same since steelers team doctor (dr. rydze) federal authorities investigated and indicted him for dealing steroids and growth hormone.

    true this

  35. Threatening players jobs has become the only way to motivate them. They make too much money to care about anything else. The only other motivational tactic is holding out the carrot of playoff money in front of them, but that ship has sailed.

    Play for what you love guys….money. Some of you aren’t going to have as much next year. Good luck with that…

  36. Its very clear that although he started out very promising his record speaks otherwise. Coach Tomlin has done thing the Steelers normally don’t do. Constantly changing the lines, sure we’ve had offensive line problems since bill cowher was coach and its caught up to us. Unfortunately Tomlin has been on a decline since he started and he’s clearly lost respect n control of this team. He and Haley need to go. Maybe even the GM. Give Chucky a call. This season is lost and next year doesn’t look too promising with the expiring contracts. Desperate situations call for immediate attention. Goodbye coach Tomlin its been fun but we can’t wait till we 1-15 to decide its time.

  37. mike needs to look in a mirror first. hey mike its called coaching and not riding to coat tails of others work prior to your hc position. see the special team hc in baltimore. both of you guys are Clowns.!!!!!!!

  38. Who on that roster and coaching staff would Steeler fans say you’d absolutely have to keep going forward? Jones, Thomas, Bell and DeCastro, young players with potential who’ve done nothing to distinguish themselves, so far? Roethlisberger and Taylor, arguably their best players? BB has a big cap hit next yr. Coach and GM that’s inherited a good roster and run it into the ground? Time to blow it up, before it turns into a 5 yr process. Rooneys love their continuity, but it’s time to change the model. Even Lebeau, greatest DC in modern history, may have had enough. I’d go with KButler as HC, before someone else snags him with a big offer.

  39. I didn’t see a lack of effort. They’re just not very good.

    Bell looks like a keeper. Antonio Brown is a solid #2WR (they need a #1). Ben is who he is; not a smart quarterback. I’m not sure you can win with him in today’s league. OL is just a mess. Defense is just old.

  40. In the post-game interview, Bubbi Brister forgot himself and announced on live TV that he was “happy as sh*t.”

    I remember watching that game when you mentioned that.

    That stuff used to happen back then and it was really no big deal.

  41. ampats:
    If you don’t believe that the Steelers had No.-ranked defenses in 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011, please put down your Big Ben 8×10 and do some homework.
    Have you been out of the country?
    Those were the days, and I miss them.
    I bet Ben does too.

  42. I can remember when Greg Lloyd looked into a TV camera following the Steelers’ 1995 AFC championship win and declared: “We’re going to the f’ing Super Bowl.”
    The Bubster used to say a lot of “colorful” things…

  43. Tomlin’s only partly correct. He wants to hold players accountable and that’s good, but he needs to take a hard look at the coaches coaching them as well.

    He may have inherited a lot of good players when he became the head coach, but he’s had the controls since then and has to rebuild it. It could be they held on to too many of the ‘old gaurd’ for a little too long. Hopefully the front office can overcome the salary cap mess they’re in and give Tomlin the tools to work with.

    As frustrating as it is, this happens to every team to some degree and it will take time. I guess you have to hit rock bottom before you realize the only way to go is up.

  44. bruce for haley was a bad trade I am sure ben would love to go to Arizona and win that’s where the o problems start, the d has been getting old for at least three years since the packer bowl for sure

  45. OMG….Where do I start with this genius board?
    (1) The doctor was indicted for his conduct with his PRIVATE practice and was never linked to the team.
    (2) Ben seems like the only player at least trying to do something. Of course he is going to fumble when he is trying to escape 2 pass rushers and then a third blind sides him. The first INT was because a defender’s arm was right in his throwing path and the second INT was because the receiver ran the wrong route. Yes, he missed an open TD that became a FG and he missed an open TE that would have put them in FG range, but without some of his pinpoint throws including 3 beauties for TDs on Sunday, the Steelers lose maybe 65-10.
    (3) Since the Steelers have lost all leadership via injury or free agency, the coaching is not picking up the slack. Every game, they start out slow and fall behind. It took them until Week 6 and 7 to actually sustain a lead which they again never had in Weeks 8 or 9. Plus Tomlin is not preparing them correctly…..in London, Tomlin takes them to London 1 day before the game while the Vikings go there 6 days ahead of time, and they start out with a big deficit that they cannot overcome; then Tomlin takes them to Oakland the day before the game all while knowing that Tomlin has never won a road game outside of the eastern time zone……NEVER, and once again they fall behind to a big deficit that they cannot overcome.
    (4) Bring in Bill Cowher as general manager, hire the Seahawks OC as the new head coach and let him call the plays, and maybe draft DL heavy next year with a switch to 4-3.

  46. No team has failed to protect its huge QB investment like the Steelers. Other than Pouncey (who seems to be hurt all the time anyway) the offensive line picks have turned out to be flops. Maybe DeCastro will turn out to be the “big steal” he was supposed to be, but for now he’s been anything but. Mike Adams has been a disaster. That leaves guys with name like Whimper and Beachum. The Steelers surround a $100 million QB with a bunch of truck drivers and grocery baggers.

    That’s accountability issue number one.

    Bobzilla can scream and cry over it, but it’s true. The Steelers USED to put out stud o-lines year after year. Now they don’t for whatever reason. And the results show.

    Btw it’s not quite the total story to just say Tomlin’s not winning with “Cowher’s team” anymore. It’s that these core guys have all gotten old or retired. There’s only so much you can do, and now the defense especially is showing its age. So LeBeau doesn’t look so much like a mastermind anymore.

    I’m sure though Haley will become the fall guy, get fired, and everyone will clap their hands together and go “problem solved.”

  47. It happens to all teams, can’t stay competive year after year in this league.
    Except for the Patriots of course.

  48. “Those people who are lacking effort won’t be playing,” Tomlin said. “It’s just that simple, . . . I am angry, disappointed.”


    And Tomlin is soon to be unemployed, too….

  49. Lets face it… the stars of this team came from the Cowher era… the GM is the same so what is the difference… Head Coach???? Offensive Coach??? O-Line Coach??? Lebeau is the same, has the league figured him out or are the young guys on D not able to do what he ask? One big area that the Steelers are lacking in is attracting and developing undrafted talent… in the nfl today the draft is pretty much the same for all teams.. the skill level from 1 to 32 is in degrees of one undred of a precent in quality of players… in order to make your team stand out you must develop other talent besides those guys drafted on the first two days… Tomlin is not doing that. And I don’t think he can. He has a blind spot when it comes to finding hidden talent… As the true football talent on this team gets older and we replace them with Ziggy and Decastro well the quality of this team is slipping and it is the coaching that is to blame….

    Also Ben is just a bit to satisfied for my taste as to where things are… he keeps talking about little stuff as the problem…. he’s pissing on a forest fire and wondering why his pecker is so hot….

  50. Bill Cowher rebuilt his Steelers teams repeatedly.
    He went from a Neil O’Donnell/Barry Foster backfield, to a Donnell/Bam Morris backfield, to a Mike Tomczak/Jerome Bettis backfield, to a Kordell Stewart/Bettis backfield, to a Tommy Maddox/Bettis backfield, to a Roethlisberger/Bettis/Duce Staley backfield, to a Roethisberger/Willie Parker backfield while missing the playoffs only four times and having a losing record only TWICE in 15 years.
    I mean, if Tomlin can’t win with the “world’s greatest quarterback,” who will he win with?

  51. @deb. You are right. klumpofbrownsadness should not have brought up a game from that long ago. I do get tired of hearing Steeler fans rant on about the 70’s also. Two of my favorite Browns moments on t.v. One was Bernie Kosar running for a 40 yard gain. Good arm. Good football mind but had two left legs for running. Nothing was said for about 15 seconds then the comment was made that completes the longest play in N.F.L. history.
    My other was when they got flagged and the official said offside, the entire Cleveland defense. So Pittsburgh fans just smile. Things will get better.

  52. @bobzilla, you answered your own question. Who will he win with ? Name all the high quality QB’s available that are better than and can replace Ben.
    How surprising that you completely omit any discussion regarding the defense. Maybe they should move Ben to the defense where he couldn’t do any worse than the current sorry azz lineup and might make an improvement somewhere and start Landry Jones at QB.

  53. steelersnowand4ever says: Nov 5, 2013 6:16 AM

    Bring back Bill Cowher!!


    Hate to burst your bubble but old Ass-chin ain’t gonna come back & here’s why:

    He has that sweet TV gig. If he were to leave that he knows there’s a chance it may not still be there the next time he “retires”.

    Also, if he were to coach again, I am sure he’d want a team that wasn’t such a mess. That means the fans of the Steelers, Bucs, and Dolphins need not get their hopes up by thinking the shill for Time Warner Cable will be coming to “save them”. He’s not…

  54. mostlombardis:
    1. Peyton Manning
    2. Aaron Rodgers
    3. Tom Brady
    4. Drew Brees
    5. Russell Wilson
    6. Tony Romo
    7. Andy Dalton
    8. Andrew Luck
    9. Philip Rivers
    10. Jay Cutler
    11. E.J. Manuel
    12. Alex Smith
    13. Cam Newton
    Just off the top of my head, there’s 13 of ’em.

  55. He needs to start with #25 #43 #56 then #7 if they don’t beat Detroit I’d. Bench them all for the rest of the season

  56. Mostlombardis:
    I forgot one: Nick Foles.
    He’s the guy who pierced the Raiders’ defense for 7 TD passes last week. That’s the same Raiders defense that held Ben in check for 1 TD pass and 2 picks just the week before.

  57. @bobzilla,

    I said “available” players. How many of those players listed could overcome 55 points allowed by their defense in one game ?

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