Nnamdi Asomugha on his way out of San Francisco


The 49ers had to make some decisions when a raft of injured players starting making their way back.

And ask expected, they swapped out one veteran corner for another.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the 49ers will release cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha when they activate cornerback Eric Wright.

It’s no surprise, as Asomugha never really made an impression there, and was replaced by younger players with more upside.

It seems like forever ago when Asomugha left the Raiders for the Eagles and a gigantic free agent contract (it was March 2011). Since then, his play has fallen off sharply, and now two teams have decided he’s not worth having around, at any price.

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  1. Needs to move to free saftey to have a chance ..thx and good luck sir. You are a great human just not a cover corner anymore.

  2. Don’t see why the Bengals wouldn’t take a flyer on him. We need 2ndary help something fierce and Zimmer seems to have a way of bringing out the best in older players. Do it Bengals!

  3. Hahaha Like the Redskins have a chance against us?? Better tell your boy RG3 he better learn how to slide because Hitner, Reid, Bowman, or Willis would end that dude! Just ask Pierre Thomas #LIGHTSOUT!!

  4. I wish you could bring back the thread from when the 49ers signed this guy…….how many people on this site claimed that the Eagles misused Nnamdi.
    Eagles fans tried to tell you 49ers fans about this guy months ago.

  5. Nnamdi is done. He was a healthy scratch because he was outplayed by Tramaine Brock.

    He hasn’t played in any of the Niners past 5 games that they won by an average of 22 points.

  6. If vikings sign him, give him a two year deal. This year is a loss, give him a shot to gel together next year. Then if it don’t work see ya later

  7. He went from the “most underrated” player in the league to the most overrated in the span of two years.

  8. Wow. This guy fell off a cliff. Two years ago he was the hottest free agent in football and now he can’t hold a job.

    Wish him the best. He always seemed like a pretty good guy. I’m sure he’ll get another shot somewhere.

  9. Redskins are gonna beat 49ers? That’s a joke. Rg3 is a reincarnated ’04 mike Vick at best. More overrated then Russel Wilson. Skins defense are swiss cheese. All the luck to them, but they are gonna get stomped on their field.

  10. One glaring problem with him is his tackling ability, or the lack there of it…he’s an above average man-to-man cover guy, but gets lost and lazy in zone schemes…he got paid and appears to have lost most of the fire that drives players to be great…So, his next team should be from Hollywood…he could play (starter) in the next Hollywood football movie. 😉

  11. As a Raider fan, I wonder how this guy fell off so fast. I guess he was only suited for that classic man coverage the raiders used to run.

  12. Where’s everyone claiming that it was the Eagles and their scheme that made Nnamdi suck and not the fact that he couldnt run with wr’s anymore or learn a new playbook.

    I never seen anyone point his finger at his fellow teammates on the field as much as Asomugha did. It was never his fault when a wr beat him for a td. It was always the safeties fault. Which is weird because since Nnamdi left Nate Allen has finally looked like the player we all thought he was going to be after his rookie season.

    Its funny how things like that work out.

  13. No stomping necessary to create a mud hole at FedEx field. The Niners will however defeat Washington at home and logicalvoice will have to go on one of his anticipated illogical rants about how Goodell is sabotaging the team.

    Back to the subject at hand, good luck elsewhere Nnamdi. There are teams in need of help so you may land somewhere soon, plus you hopefully have invested some of your money and has been pointed out are married to Kerry Washington so life’s not bad.

  14. Nnamdi, time to call Dr. Zimmer to cure what ails you. Terence Newman and Nate Clements highly recommend him.

  15. dirtysouthniner says:
    Nov 4, 2013 3:59 PM
    Needs to move to free saftey to have a chance ..thx and good luck sir. You are a great human just not a cover corner anymore.

    Won’t work. Safeties have to be hitters and come up and stuff the run on occasion. Never his strong suit. I don’t care if he was originally drafted a safety. There’s a reason he was switched to cornerback. He comes from the Sanders/Revis school of cornerback: tackling and other forms of physical play should be avoided whenever possible.

  16. Watched this guy for two years in Philly and still waiting to see his first pass defended. Slow and won’t tackle. Not sure where he would fit in the NFL. Maybe Washington.

  17. So being far-and-away the best player on the Raiders doesn’t equal being the best player on any other team?

    Weird how relativity can play a role.

  18. You know you’re bad when a team believes Eric Wright is an upgrade.

    Then again, don’t worry Nnamdi…you’ll be back in two weeks once Eric and Aldon go on another booze cruise bender

  19. Nnamdi can only play man coverage on one side and I think it’s right side corner. He gets lost in space which is probably why they moved him from Safety in the first place. The Raiders are better off without his services i’m afraid.

  20. Jets lost out on him that summer and wound up getting the better corner in Cromartie. Now they’d be silly not to take a chance on him playing as the #2 or #3 while Milliner learns how to cover

  21. For all of you that want to pick him up thinking he can ressurect his career for you, keep in mind that the niners released him to make room for a PED-using drunk driver who is one suspension away from being out of the league for a year. There’s nothing left of the guy that played in Oakland…he’s done.

  22. I’m confused as to why all these posters are asking him to come to their team.

    He’s obviously not very good.

    Truth is, he wasn’t THAT great in Oakland either.

  23. Nnamdi may have been released to make room for Eric Wright, but Eric will have a hard time getting on the field the way Tramane Brock has been playing. Brock is the one who really took away Nnamdi’s job. Nnamdi’s been a healthy scratch for the last several weeks because of Brock’s play.

  24. He is making the vet minimum this year so some team will claim him, I’m guessing multiple teams will….we just have better players then nnamdi there wasn’t room for him in SF….only thing that sucks for him is the team with the worst record wins the waiver…good luck nnamdi.

  25. It’s funny how 49er fans consider the Redskins a foregone conclusion. We led the Broncos 21-7 at the start of the 4 the quarter and Kyke Shannahan made the terrible mistake of trying to enter into a shoot out. However he learned his lesson and Morris carried 20+ times for the 1st time all season and we beat a very good Chargers team. The “Swiss Cheese” defense that was referenced above is actually allowing the 3rd fewest rushing yards and stopped the 3rd best offense in the NFL from getting 6 INCHES!!! Then drive 80 yards to win the game. So for those of you who forgot this team won 7 straight last year to win the division and were leading Seattle 14-0 on the very play RG3 destroyed his knee (before the collapse) but yes that was the play it got wrecked and changed the entire game. A lot of people are going to learn to respect this team and especially RG3. Anyone who calls him overrated is simply not a football fan. He took a perennial bottom 5 team to the playoffs his rookie year.

  26. If Nnamdi was playing for you this past week Raiders fans, Foles would have easily broke the TD record. He won’t help an nfl team with a weak secondary. He’ll just make it weaker.

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