Ravens placing Kelechi Osemele on injured reserve

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The Ravens are placing left guard Kelechi Osemele on injured reserve, head coach John Harbaugh said Monday, multiple media outlets reported, including the Baltimore Sun.

According to Jeff Zrebiec of the Sun, Osemele faces a three-to-four month recovery timetable from a back injury he’ll have surgically repaired, Harbaugh said.

Osemele missed Sunday’s game at Cleveland because of the back injury. A.Q. Shipley got the start at left guard in the Ravens’ 24-18 loss to the Browns.

Osemele, 24, started every regular-season and postseason game for Baltimore in his first two NFL campaigns before sitting out Sunday. He was the Ravens’ second-round pick in the 2012 draft.

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  1. Worst yards per carry average in NFL history since the merger….The Ravens are going to need this kid to rebound b/c Yanda seems to be over the hill, Gradkowski is not cutting the mustard at C replacing Matt Birk & Michael Oher is flat out overrated. Eugene Joseph is advertised as a solid player but Jacksonville didnt want him ?

  2. Lost to the Browns. What an embarrasment to Maryland. #TheRedskinswearthepantsinMD

    First this isn’t twitter. Second win something in the past two decades that’s a little better than the Albert Haynesworth sweepstakes. Third if you’re going to call someone an embarrassment learn how to spell it correctly.


  3. I expect to see some changes coming from “The Castle” this week concerning the coaching staff. Obviously, I’m not talking about Harbs. I think he’s more than proven he belongs at the head of this team, though I think his approach in some aspects could be tweaked a bit.

    I think either Juan Castillo needs to go, or he needs to give up on the zone blocking scheme. The Ravens don’t have the kind of personnel to pull that off. This offensive line is more suited to put a hat on a hat and overpower people. They didn’t just forget how to run block after Birk retired. I think there’s more to it than Gradkowski starting at center and Yanda being “over the hill” (which I definitely don’t think is the case).

    I think Dean Pees can be shown the door, too. Promote Spagnuolo to DC. He might not have been head coach material (not that too many seem to succeed in STL lately), but he’s a heck of a defensive coordinator.

  4. Memo to Logical Nitwit : like your prima Donna all over hyped QB you probably aren’t hold enough to remember the last time : pre Sh*thead Snyder that your team won anything worth talking about – Baltimore has won 2 Lombardi Trophies since then and has played in 2 most important games in NFL history – the only ties the Foreskins have to Maryland is showing up on GameDay to a crap stadium – hope you like parking in the Home Depot lot

  5. I’m a diehard ravens fan but I have to admit that this year really isn’t our year. Injuries have taken a toll on our running game (which was a big part of our offense). Dennis Pitta’s injury honestly was a more severe loss than Boldin, Castillo’s blocking scheme isn’t working and our offense has been largely inconsistent. I’m actually looking forward to the draft. Hopefully we can get a good possession receiver and another tight-end to replace Ed Dickson. A good fan will always stick with their team through thick and thin.

  6. I thought that the Ravens were going to spend the last 2 weeks, during the bye, to scrap Castillo’s blocking mess…but was I wrong!
    I like Harbs, but your loyalty to your friends is making you look bad.
    It took you too long to dump CamCam and now you’re holding on to Castillo too long.

    We were Number One, and now
    we are Number Juan (in-other-words, a Number Two).

  7. Cleveland isn’t a bad team. If they didn’t start Weeden for four games, they probably would be 6-3, instead of 4-5. They have the 4th best defense in the NFL. Why don’t you Redskin fans worry about all this draft picks you gave up, for a mediocre QB.

  8. Good luck in your recovery Osemele.

    How in the world can the Ravens replace a cog in that world-beating O-line that’s graced us for the first 1/2 of the season?

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