Report: Incognito made threats, racial remarks to Martin


The Dolphins’ tone yesterday got a little more grave with every passing press release regarding the Jonathan Martin situation.

And now we know why they moved so swiftly from keeping it at arm’s length to suspending guard Richie Incognito for conduct detrimental to the team.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, multiple sources said Incognito sent text messages and left voicemails “that are both threatening and racially charged in nature,” and that copies of both have been turned over to the league for its investigation.

That helps explain why a team that said they hadn’t been told of any bullying changed course so swiftly, announcing last night that Incognito was going away for a moment.

They now face a similar challenge to Eagles coach Chip Kelly, who had to finesse wide receiver Riley Cooper back into the locker room after he was caught on video using racial slurs this summer.

After being in the hot center of the fire to begin with, things have cooled, and while all of Cooper’s teammates may not trust him, he’s at least contributing to the workplace without incident.

Whether the Dolphins can make it go away as quickly remains to be seen.

151 responses to “Report: Incognito made threats, racial remarks to Martin

  1. Yep, my first impression on seeing Incognito’s quick suspension was that they are backpedaling in a major way, trying to avoid a huge lawsuit.

  2. Sounds like border line extortion, what the Miami veterans are making the rookies pay for. $30k dinners, $15k trips to Vegas, $10k for strippers

    Stay classy Miami, great way to build team unity…no wonder you suck!

  3. ok, so a few things. I think Andy Reid coaches another team now? Plus Riley did “contribute” a few TD’s yesterday and seemed to be getting along with his teammates just fine.

  4. Michael Richards, Riley Cooper, Richie Incognito and I are going to the Laugh Factory tonight. Can’t wait!

  5. Now that this story has legs, it is finally time to end all of the crap that goes on including: rookies dancing/singing on tables, carrying players equipment, getting food for players and paying for dinners, and any other harassment that has been going on in training camps and during the year. This ain’t a kids game anymore, stop the crap.

  6. Plus Cooper was just being a drunk and stupid idiot while this Incognito situation is on a whiole different level. This is a dark side of the NFL that needs to change.

  7. You cannot call yourself a reputable NFL news organization with such sloppy work as to say make reference to the difficult time Andy Reid had dealing with the Riley Cooper racial controvery when he was in Kansas. City and had been fired months earlier. BUSH. LEAGUE!

  8. I fail to understand how having the privilege of telling a bigot that he is cut is anything like what Philly did in the Riley Cooper situation. Cooper is still on the roster, and probably rightfully so since it was a one time drunken event. Incognito appears to have carried his hatred to a new level, and it was against a teammate.

  9. I knew this guy was a bad person on the field but damn… He is a worse person off the field… Seems like the Dolphins would’ve nipped this in the bud before it got to this point tho…

  10. Sorry, but this isn’t even relateable at all to the Cooper incident. Cooper dropped the N bomb while drunk. This guy is racially bullying his own teammate.

  11. Richie I. is, and always has been, a complete ass. The league has no need for players like him. By the way, the Riley Cooper incident happened with Chip Kelly at the helm. andy was long gone by then.

  12. Riley Cooper’s remarks were made in an intoxicated state and maybe they tell us something about him, but the Eagles have managed to move on.

    However, Richie Incognito has been obvious bad news since his days at Nebraska, if not for a much longer time.

    It’s a bit difficult to believe that in a group of very large men, one could exist as a an incorrigible bully, but that seem to be the case.

  13. Ritchie is a case of a man with the brain of a 5th grade child. I would cut him immediately, and let him find his bankrupt cardboard box home sooner, rather than later.

  14. For a guy with such a great background going back to his college days, I’m shocked, absolutely SHOCKED Richie could be apart of this. It just doesn’t sound like him at all…Oh wait, it’s exactly him. A walking POS.

  15. Sounds like the Incognito deal is way worse, and not on a par with Riley Cooper situation.

    First we heard hazing, then bullying, now threatening. I think I also saw something that would be “extortion” in there about $15K for a trip to Vegas for the other OL-men.

  16. Incognito and Cooper’s situation are different. Cooper was drunk and acting like an ignorant hillbilly at a country music concert.

    Incognito was harassing a TEAMMATE, apparently while sober.

  17. So your telling me the Dolphins have the worst O-line in the league and now they lost two starters on that same already abysmal O-line becuase one’s a jerk and the other is spineless?!?
    Is it safe to say that Ryan Tannehill is now a lock to break David Carr’s most sacked in a season record?!?

  18. Incognito on Twitter Sunday morning: “I want my name CLEARED”

    Dolphins on Sunday night: “From the roster? Done.”

  19. If true, these are serious allegations and Incognito deserves a significant discipline. Not for one second after Martin left did I think that Martin himself was necessarily the problem, that he needed to “grow a pair” or toughen up. Intimidation, harrassment and bullying is wrong.

    And if true, one has to wonder how much discord this may have created in the offensive line chemistry, with Ryan Tannehill on a pace to be on the wrong end of a league record number of sacks. Going forward, I can’t imagine how Incognito and Martin can function on the same team.

  20. The racial element all of the sudden made this issue subject to a zero-tolerance type of policy (as opposed to the hazing/rookie initiation element, which is accepted at some level).

  21. Like I said the other day neither player will be with the Dolphins next year.

    Incognito is a pending free agent and the new GM is not going to sign him.

    As for Martin, if he didn’t go to the coaches or front office and chose to deal with it instead by just walking out and handing it off to his agent then I don’t see the welcome mat being rolled out in the locker room by his teammates.

  22. This is not a “player” issue anymore. It’s an organizational issue. And the thing is, everyone in football knows Incognito is a dirtbag. That’s been his reputation for years. The fact that he is on the Dolphins “Leadership Council” is stunning and it goes right to the core of the problem. It’s always stunning to see how tone deaf some organizations are regarding issues around their team. If the allegations are true this thing is going to blow up in a big way and it could potentially lead to the Dolphins facing huge penalties for allowing this culture of intimidation. BTW, if the allegations are true, Incognito is not just guilty of intimidation, but also extortion.

    Hey Richie, some advice: get a lawyer…and forget about playing football for a very long time.

  23. You can’t compare this to Riley Cooper. Riley Cooper was drunk at a concert and said something REALLY offensive, but he didn’t harass any of his team mates. His actions caused people to lose respect for him, but really he only hurt himself. The fact that his team mates forgave him so quickly also points to the fact that it was out of character for him.

    Does anyone think this is out of character for Richie Incognito?

  24. The next time you hear a story involving Incognito that’s positive will be the first.

    Based on everything ever reported about this guy, he’s just not a good dude.

  25. Doesn’t matter, they are done. Remember after week 3 the Fish fans thought they would challenge NE for the division?

    What a joke! Enjoy 3rd place.

  26. Apples and oranges, Mike. Cooper’s racist remarks were not done in his workplace and he did not bully, intimidate or harass coworkers.

    This is a labor issue and a legal matter. Furthermore, The NFLPA cannot afford the hit to it’s credibility by taking up for people who violate labor law, or defending a hostile workplace environment – just the opposite.

    That the bullying issue is being addressed in a high profile violent sport like football is a good thing for American society as a whole.

  27. This isn’t bullying and it isn’t the same thing as Riley Cooper. Cooper was a belligerent moron. Bullying is what happens in middle school. What we have here is a giant D-Bag of a human being that needed his arse kicked and then needed it kicked off the team.

  28. They now face a similar challenge to Eagles coach Chip Kelly, who had to finesse wide receiver Riley Cooper back into the locker room after he was caught on video using racial slurs this summer.
    I don’t think they are similar. Cooper used the slurs in a drunken rant aimed at strangers. Incognitos were (probably) when sober and were aimed at a specific teammate.

  29. They can’t. Incognito is a dirt bag. Every other has gotten rid of him. @footballady52🏈

  30. Completey different situation than what happened with Riley Cooper. Riley made a drunk comment at a concert. Incognito made threats and racial remarks to a TEAMMATE numerous times. What both of them did was wrong, but Incognito’s situation is way worse.

  31. Completely different situation with Cooper and Incognito . While Cooper said a slur it was not directed at a teammate and he was not trying to bully teammate . It was outside the workplace. For Miami I do not see how they can take this jerk back

  32. Philbin is going to “finesse” low character richie incognito off the Miami Dolphins and out of the NFL.

  33. This trashy POS should be removed from the game for the good of all. Such behavior has no place in any environment.

    Does he not get the concept of “team”, you know, where the guys on your side are on your side?

    On the battlefield, such scum is left bleeding out in a hole somewhere, or is simply MIA. No one mourns when such garbage is taken out and dumped.

  34. If thee Fins want to make ths go away quickly, they need to make Incognito go away quickly.

    Release him.

    The NFL is publicly involved in anti-bullying campaigns in schools and communities. Allowing someone like this to continue to earn millions of dollars – someone who until Suh came along was routinely called the dirtiest player in the league by fellow players – sends completely the wrong message to not only coaches and fellow players, but to kids who come up through these anti-bullying programs. If the league wants credibility in the community, it needs to remove Incognito and others like him from its rosters.

  35. Morons gonna moron. Lol, it’s one thing to be racist. But it’s beyond dumb to leave racist voicemails for a teammate. The idiocy of others never ceases to amaze.

  36. Incognito needs to be banned from the NFl for life.

    As for other teams, they should immediately ban any and all hazing of rookies, as it breeds this kind of culture. No carrying pads, paying for meals, taping to goalposts, throwing them into ice baths, etc. You’re there to win football games, not pick on your coworkers to make you feel good.

  37. How on earth do you bully a 300+ pound man? Sounds to me like Martin is a little wus! Im not going to play anymore because he called me a name,very 3rd graderish!

  38. Fire him. Aside from the threats and slurs he’s just not a good person. He may not be a kid anymore but it appears Incognito will never grow up.

  39. Your window of opportunity is very small here, front office. Make the statement that needs to be made and cut Incognito immediately.

    There is no room for this kind of conduct among professionals.

  40. It is not similar to Cooper/Eagles. There is a significant possibility of criminal charges here. Threats used to extract money draw the DAs attention, and rightfully so. Further, all we know about Cooper is he used a bad word. Incognito’s acts go far beyond insensitive dialogue.

  41. This really is a story about karma….bad things happen to bad people…good bye Incogcancer….

  42. Martin could have stopped this in its tracks if he decked igcocnito as hard as he could. Snitch can’t ever show his face in a locker room or on a professional field again. Big wuss

  43. dirtydrynn27 says:
    Nov 4, 2013 8:52 AM
    How on earth do you bully a 300+ pound man? Sounds to me like Martin is a little wus! Im not going to play anymore because he called me a name,very 3rd graderish!

    By being an even bigger man, who happens to not care for anyone else. I bet Martin could kick your ass, tough guy.

  44. There’s bullying in grade school where there’s usually a measurable size difference and the kid is helpless and then there’s whatever this is. I wonder if mean joe Greene would have run to the nflpa if lambert called him a racial name.

  45. It appears the main part of this harassment is the intimidation toward rookies to pay big money for dinners, trips etc. Seems Martin was being leaned on big time and he finally decided he had enough. Glad this crap is finally coming to light.

  46. Congrats to all the silent Miami fans who were defending Incognito when that Houston Texan was getting into it with him.

    You were wrong, and always will be wrong about Richie Incognito. He is a piece of human garbage who has no business playing on Sunday. And anyone who defended him has no idea what they were/are/will be talking about.

  47. I certainly don’t blame the Dolphins for how they handled this situation, but my question is this. The victim in this case is a huge adult man. Obviously the ‘bully’ is as well, but they are about the same size comparatively speaking. Why didn’t this guy just ball up his fists and beat the hell out of Incognito? Didn’t this stuff used to be NFL ‘hazing’ and now it’s ‘bullying’?

  48. Say whatever you want about Incognito because, by all indications, he’s a jerk. But Martin walked off his job, leaving his quarterback and coach flat. That’s inexcusable, bullying or no bullying.

    Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries. Sometimes you come across bad people. I was bullied incessantly in school. In fact, I used to stand over the toilet and dry-heave at 7 am every morning. But you know what? I went in anyway because that’s what I had to do.

    Football is a tough game, physically *and* mentally. Incognito may be a scumbag, but Martin showed no mental toughness, and frankly, I wouldn’t want Martin on my team. You don’t want a guy who cuts and runs when things go south. It’s a poor character trait, and if winning is your goal, it’s worse than having a guy like Incognito.

  49. Wow …… It’s awesome to see so many people on the same page here about this outrageous incident I feel a little biased because for years I have thought Incognito was a dirtbag…. He has quite the lousy reputation for doing real dirty moves on the field…. I can’t quite figure out the folks who are blasting Martin and calling him a wus, rat, crybaby etc etc etc….. I guarantee not many folks would have the guts to call him that to his face… Bullying anywhere no matter the place is simply wrong, I for one hope Incognito is made the example and sent packing permanently …..

  50. I bet he could kick your Ass tough guy……….All I would have to do is call him a name and he would go crying for his mommy! He is wayyyy to sensitive to be playing football and once again he is a 1st class wuss!

  51. Imagine making threatening and/or racial remarks to another employee in the standard office environment in writing. Your butt would have been thrown out on the curb no questions asked. Think of the legal liability the Phins have to deal with now. NFL franchises are not exempt from EEO law. The should cut this Incognito now to reduce the chance of legal action against them. Simply suspending him is showing that they are tolerant.

  52. I never understood how people believe hazing develops any sort of team or brotherhood amongst people in any organization. Be it athletic team, fraternity, military, job —- how does simply being mean to somebody bring you closer, or make you a better organization.

    I remember being hazed (nothing bad, just stupid stuff) as a high school freshman by the seniors during football season — and we laughed every time they lost.

    And the problem with retaliating against somebody like Icognito is you get the feeling he’d be happy to keep escalating the issue no matter what the outcome is. You shouldn’t have to fight another employee to do you job.

  53. Its obvious I’m not a big fan of walking out on the team. Now though there is hard evidence that Incognito has taken what goes on with all teams way too far. If the Dolphins are within their rights they need to show this guy the door asap. Dolphins need to make a stand. Martin has made his but he needs now to let it go get back on the field and let the team handle it.

  54. Riley Cooper was stupid, insensitive and ignorant. Alcohol shouldn’t be used to excuse the behavior.

    But Incognito seems to just be a lousy human being. I am fascinated by the team voting him onto the council. I don’t know much about the Miami’s O-Line other than it isn’t good. I wonder if he acted alone and also if Martin is the only one on the team Incognito targeted.

    I assume somebody is combing thru the Hard Knocks tapes to see if there was any more evidence/incidents. Embarassing for the organization and the coaching staff.

    Whether Cooper is back with the Eagles next year or not, he has had a full season to be contrite and to prove he is worth the risk. Incognito will not have that luxury. The season will be 75% over before he gets back on the field… if he gets back on the field. I fully expect to see him waived. And it will be good riddance.

  55. I laugh at your fake outrage. This stuff has been going on in NFL locker rooms for decades and NOW it’s a problem.

    You guys blast Rodger Godell, for softening the league, and yet are doing the same .

    This is a 6-2 300+lb grown man, and NOT a little kid.

    All of you are freaking hypocrites.

  56. Is Richie Incognito really that great of a football player that it’s worth putting up with what seems to be a non-stop stream of nonsense from him? Is anyone?

    Bad news follows this guy everywhere he goes to the point that when this story first broke, his name popped immediately into my head before it was ever mentioned in connection with it.

    Just get rid of him and be done with it.

  57. There is a little bit of “Rookie hazing” like carrying pads, collecting equipment ect, thats okay I think because it’s giving something to the guys who have done the same. I buy drinks on a night out for the guys on my team as a way of showing that I’m in for the team. This is NOT the same

  58. Lawrence Phillips, Donkey kong Suh, Incognito and many many more have a common trait.
    All come from a college that teaches them that as long as they can play football at a high level no laws or moral standards apply to them.
    Nebraska where even the locals call the home field
    NoMorals Stadium because of the players, coaches and the refs turning their head see they don’t see obvious penalties.

  59. When this “tradition” started, rookies didn’t have capped salaries. So making them pick up dinner tabs, etc. didn’t hurt as much.

    Unfortunately for the rookies of the past couple of years, the tradition continued and grew with brash exuberance – even though their salaries are capped. I don’t blame them for a getting a little upset with the veterans.

  60. You could tell this guy was an ass on Hard Knocks. Not surprised that he still has the mentality of a HS jock. Most of the players in the NFL haven’t matured past a HS level, because this type of thing is tolerated their whole life. They are given excuses and ways out of all of their troubles and are constantly having their butts wiped from Pop Warner to the NFL.
    All of those saying Martin should toughen up are idiots. This type of behavior belongs in caves, not in modern society.
    Grow up.

  61. This in no way is akin to the Cooper situation. This is a man threatening & belittling another man on the same team. Cooper was just making an idle threat to no one in a charged situation with what he stupidly thought would be a powerful word. WAAAY different.

  62. By all accounts, Martin put up with this D-Bag and his BS for two years. He didn’t just tuck tail and run at the first sign of trouble. Why didn’t he just kick Incognito’s ass like you do with bullys in elementary school? Because that’s how kids handle problems, not grown men in a multi-million dollar, professional work environment. If Martin was being forced to pay for dinners and trips for the other O-lineman, why didn’t the other lineman or any other teammate step up and come to his defense? You’re telling me no one else on the team knew about Icognito extorting money from Martin?

  63. Where are all of those dolphins fans who were defending Incognito when Antonio Smith tied into it with him (twice)? “He’s changed, he’s really a good guy, blah blah, blah.” It’s one thing to treat opponents like crap. It’s a different story entirely to go after your own teammate….It takes a special kind of a## hat to use racial slurs, intimidation, and extortion. Those of you slamming Martin for how he handled it just need to stop. It’s I love it when tough guys hide behind their keyboards and pass judgement upon others. You aren’t Smith. You don’t know what all went on in the dolphins locker room. All of you saying what he should have done, or even better…what you would have done are hilarious.

  64. A parasite. Ban him from the league. The NFL needs to take a stand against this type of behavior, in the same vein they do for drugs. The NFL suspends players for illegal substances. They should have a tier suspension system for behavior detrimental to the team or the league, up to and including ban for life.

  65. The NFL Mafia will give him a lifetime ban, and then his lawyers will threaten that this is a common practice around the league.

    Then, mysteriously the league will lift the lifetime ban.

    Sound familiar?

    Gregg “Kill the head and the body will follow” Williams.

  66. Hard to conceive that no one on the coaching staff, or players who are supposed to be team leaders did not know this was happening!!

  67. Limp Bizkit came on the radio and I immediately thought of Incognito and his college frat meathead friends all acting like, well, meatheads.

  68. I an hearing all of these scathing indictments on Mr. Incognito, and rightfully so, if all of theses allegations are true. I think, however, we are forgetting one rule in business and sports that always holds true. If you can make someone mony, help a team win (“good player”), or in this case both, you will be forgiven and rejoin the team after some sort of “rehabilitation”, ie. Riley Cooper. So once the teams and owners get done posing all of their self righteousness for all of us to see, it will go back to a business decision. Can Richie help us win? If so, we’ll see you in two weeks kid…wink….wink. Now go get some paid vacation….I mean help.

  69. Stop making Drunk excuses for Cooper…have you ever heard a drunk man tells a truth man tale? Cooper obviously felt this way for a long time the alcohol just gave him the liquor courage to say it….that dosent change how he really is inside…which is a racist. Its like a drunk man have the courage to talk to a beautiful woman. He wasn’t gay before drinking…the alcohol brings whats inside out

  70. I wouldn’t be surprised if law enforcement got involved. This isn’t about shaving a rookies head or having him carry your shoulder pads or sing his alma maters fight song.

    This is about extortion, theft by force. If what is said is true, then Incognito was committing felonies. Forget about the NFL locker room. This is about what happened in a place of work. Would any of this fly at your place of employment?

  71. I still find it amazingly ironic that a guy whose last name is Incognito has developed an infamous reputation across the league and the media for being a fairly dirty player, and now the general public know what kind of a guy he is too.

  72. Wonder if Richie used any racist words when dealing with Mike Pouncey? My guess is, like most bullies, he used his terms for guys he knew didn’t want to fight back – and kept his big mouth shut when he knew a guy would bust him in it. Typical bully coward.

  73. In following this story, I’ve seen a lot of people (all of whom obviously never played any sports on a high level) commenting on Martin being a “wus,” or equally stupid things. So how do you settle a dispute with an unreasonable, borderline psychotic teammate who threatens you?

    Should Martin have fought him in the locker room, risking injury to both of them? Or maybe Martin should have gotten a gun and shot him. Would that be better?

    Sure, Incognito could have been killed and Martin arrested for murder, but at least the “tough guy” code would remain in tact.

    And that’s what really counts, right?

  74. Cooper’s incident was a one time transgression. When it became public he quickly took ownership and apologized to the public and face to face with his teammates. Also, the leadership on the Eagles made it known that they were ready to move forward. Who are the leaders in the Dolphins’ locker room? Incognito displayed a pattern of unacceptable behavior over an extended period of time. It’s not a one time mistake, it’s who he is as a person.

  75. It’s incomprehensible that this could be happening at this level and with “men” of this age. The Fins should get rid of both of them, and then start to look at how to get rid of Stephen Ross too. The organization has been a sad joke since Ross made this “investment”. Another rich clown with money destroying a once proud NFL fanchise. SMH

  76. 11inthebox says:
    Nov 4, 2013 10:59 AM
    In following this story, I’ve seen a lot of people (all of whom obviously never played any sports on a high level) commenting on Martin being a “wus,” or equally stupid things. So how do you settle a dispute with an unreasonable, borderline psychotic teammate who threatens you?

    Should Martin have fought him in the locker room, risking injury to both of them? Or maybe Martin should have gotten a gun and shot him. Would that be better?

    Sure, Incognito could have been killed and Martin arrested for murder, but at least the “tough guy” code would remain in tact.

    And that’s what really counts, right?
    Yeah, because those are the only options available; no middle ground there at all. Must be weird going through life only able to think/see things at the extremes. Good luck with that

  77. I don’t know why Martin didn’t just tell him no. Stand up for yourself. If incognito came up to me demanding 15000$ for a trip I’d tell him to pay for his own trip. The worst that woulda happen is that a fight would probably break out and then when the fight got investigated they would find out about incognito bullying. I guess he just wanted to avoid a fight but its makin him look like a wuss that got bullied.

  78. To all the knuckle heads that think he should have just decked him. There is this little thing call the law. Martin could have been brought up on assault charges. As he reached his breaking point with harassment and threats, he would be one angry man. Being a BIG man he probably would have done a lot of damage to the jerk. As for why he did not go to the coaches ect. They all probably were turning a blind eye and he knew they would be of no help. We also do not know that Martin did not approach a coach about this.

  79. beach305:

    The vets do make rookies pay for stuff, but usually not 30k dinners and make rookies give them 15k for a Vegas trip that that rookie player isn’t even going on.

  80. Everyone that’s played on a team understands that a certain amount of hazing happens. But when it reaches a reasonable point, it stops and the rookie or newbie has earned your respect. It doesn’t continue for two years to the point of harassment, intimidation and threats.

  81. Did Martin go to the coaches first? Does Martin have any friends on the team? Those are important questions about this situation. My guess is Richie is a JERK and Martin is not meant to play in the NFL

  82. So many tough guys on here and second guessers. All of you who are claiming you would “do this or do that”, likely, you are all the first ones to run when real trouble breaks out. Same ones who are real brave and shout names when their buddies are all around, but get real quiet when faced with confrontation alone. Yeah, yeah, we get it, you are tougher and stronger than anyone else–shut up–its beyond boring. I just can’t wait until you all see the messages, which will be leaked, then see what a real piece of crap this Igcognito is, then you can really go on about how you would do this or that to him.

  83. beach305 probably had to repeat a few grades in school. Rookie hazing (making them buy dinner, carry their shoulder pads, etc.) has been going on for years, not racist comments and threats.

  84. And you all called Antonio Smith an animal for swinging a helmet at that guy….

    That was a Public service Antonio was doing.

    Incognito is not only a dirty player but horrible human being.

  85. What I still can’t figure out is why Incognito thought it would be a good idea to get on twitter and demand his name be cleared like he had won something. All he did is draw more heat to himself. The guy is either a numbskull or completely delusional.

  86. If all the allegations are true, Philbin should be shown the door. Also makes you wonder if Tannehill has the balls to lead an NFL locker room.

  87. dirtydrynn27 says:
    Nov 4, 2013 8:52 AM
    How on earth do you bully a 300+ pound man? Sounds to me like Martin is a little wus! Im not going to play anymore because he called me a name,very 3rd graderish!


    When the one doing the bullying weighs 324 pounds, and the one getting bullied weighs 304? It doesn’t take a leap of logic to figure that out.

  88. Martin is from North Hollwood which is only 6% black… he went to Stanford he is not exactly from the “hood” It wouldn’t surprise me if Martin is a little soft. Incognito and all the other punk racist white guys are smart with it and know who to target. Can u imagine if Incognito tried the same thing with Pouncy(Hernandez buddy)? We would probably be reading a totally different article right now. You noticed when Cooper made his racist comments there where no black guys around him…the liquor had him thinking he was 10ft tall and bullet proof when no black was around him. If there was you probably would have seen Cooper caught on camera getting his a** kicked.

  89. Regardless of the extent to which it happens elsewhere, it definitely happens. Former Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf once tried to resist paying for a team dinner. As legend has it, linebacker Junior Seau eventually got Leaf’s credit card and charged a dinner for everyone on the team except Leaf.

    Leaf complained, and Seau responding by flattening Leaf in practice.

  90. Incognito went to HS a few miles from my house. I saw him play a few times, and he had a terrible reputation even then. I have a friend who knows Incognito’s dad, and he says that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree in that family. Scumbags and bullies all the way around.

  91. If what is being said here is true than Incognito should be permanently out of the NFL. There is no room anywhere for someone like this. A clear message needs to be sent that this is totally unacceptable behavior. This is not carrying the hazing of a rookie a little to far, this is a deliberate racist attack against a fellow teammate. I can not see him ever being welcome in a locker room again – anywhere!!! He has burned the bridge between himself and the NFL and should be permanently banned from the league. In any other company he would have already been shown the door and blackballed throughout the industry, why should it be any different in the NFL.

  92. snaponrules says:

    Hard to blame Nebraska for Incognito’s conduct. The dude was a HS All-American and earned Big 12 honors starting as a freshman. Nebraska still ended up suspending him from the team for off-field issues — they held him accountable and kicked him off the team. Oregon accepted him but he got kicked out there before he even suited up.

    If you really want to see what goes on at Nebraska, see the play voted best at last year’s ESPYs with Rex Burkehead.

  93. A few things, first off there is thin line between friendly intiation and bullying/over the op hazing. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. You’d be surprised at the numbers of colelge students who have lost their lives because of hazing incidents gone wrong. Nonetheless, hopefully this incident will bring some level of awareness about hazing incidents around the NFL. I’m not a blowhard, carrying pads and equipment – harmless, buying donuts before practice – harmless, having to create a skit during training camp – harmless. But how can the NFL sit back and send rookies to mandatory symposium to warn of the dangers of financial mismanagement – and then have rookies paying for 30K trips and food bills? Hypocrisy at it’s worst. How can you even force these guys to spend this kind of money, not knowing that expenses they have, who they have to feed, and how dispriviliged their families are?

  94. Unfortunately for Richie, he’s an NFL player and not on talk radio. If that were the case, a lot of these “outraged” folks would be whining about a PC witch hunt and “reverse racism”

  95. I think it’s very interesting that there is a slim minority of people out there that think a 300 pound lineman playing professional football wouldn’t or shouldn’t have insecurity issues caused by a jackass whom had always been a trouble maker on and off the field. Making lots of money is a benefit allotted to these men, but dealing with reality is different. We on this forum can take so many examples of the Cooper’s, Dez’s, Vicks, Hernandez’s etc. and debate it for a lifetime. This is a workplace issue that will destroy my beloved organization because Philban and management just can get it right by installing a sense of fear and job insecurity while building a bond. It’s more of an entitled country club atmosphere with no sense of accountability or partnerships except maybe for John Denny and Brandon Feilds. You want to fix the problem take an example from the 1980 USA Olympic ice hockey team. No sense of job security one common enemy (Herb Brooks) and formation of bonding, and finally a gold metal. Hate to say this but I have lost respect for my beloved team..

  96. “dirtydrynn27 says:
    Nov 4, 2013 8:52 AM
    How on earth do you bully a 300+ pound man? Sounds to me like Martin is a little wus! Im not going to play anymore because he called me a name,very 3rd graderish!”

    You internet tough guys are immature and inadvertedly hilarious. These players adults working for a company. Violence in the workplace is a serious matter that could escalate to someone getting much more seriously hurt especially if one has a weapon. A guy like Ritchie would never stop even if he did get his arse kicked.

    I’m not saying Martin handled it the best way, but getting in massive fights would have been worse with one or both suspended/ arrested.

  97. Why don’t you knuckleheads wait until the allegations are confirmed and the whole story comes out before making foolish comments.

    Oh, wait, that’s what the Internet is for.

    My bad.

  98. A week ago it was “Toughen up, Martin! This is football! This is America! Wrangler jeans! Push ups! Beef jerky!”

    Now the entire tune has changed. Information is vital before reaction.

    Coach Philbin was quick to make a name for himself as a disciplinarian with regards to Ochocinco. I’d say he has some ‘splainin to do.

  99. Now that the head coach has stood up for Martin by removing Incognito its Martins turn to stand up for his coach and the innocent teamates that had nothing to do with this. Martin is now hurting the team by staying away. Coach wants him back, players want him back, fans want him back. If he’s a team player he comes back now (even if its to be a back up player) because the team needs him. This is what it takes to be a man in a difficult situation.

  100. These are 2 mental cases, Martin more so, he walked out on the team, this did not start last week, why now, he should handle his affairs like everyone else, the Union at the present is useless.
    There is something else attached to this and it is going to come from the Martin camp. He is no angle here.
    Hard to find anything positive here, all we know is what they are saying so divide by 4.

  101. It’s crazy racism is still an issue in this day and age. How can you play sports your whole life, be apart of several interracial teams, and come out of it racist?

  102. I’m having a tough time believing this does happen on every team. Every few years some rookie makes headlines for refusing to carry the veterans’s pads and the like–guaranteed those guys aren’t forking over thousands of dollars. And how does rookie hazing extend into Martin’s second year in the league?

    And no way does Incognito get to run roughshod over Martin like this if he’s the lone jerk involved. There had to be other guys who had his back and the coaches had to know something about what was going on. Multiple cases over a couple years where younger guys were paying thousands to teammates? How could anybody hanging around the locker room miss that?

  103. The suspension was a start but the Dolphins would be smart to act as swiftly as the Patriots did with the Hernandez situation and just release him. Then they can focus their efforts on defending their center who’s about to be facing gun trafficing charges.

  104. Since there is a question of whether the Dolphins should pay Martin while he is away, fine Incognito and take that money and give it to Martin.

    The “hazing” stuff happens everywhere and usually leads to closer bonds but this stuff crossed the line a long time ago. Reasonable people know when to stop or step in. It is sad that nobody on the Dolphins stood up. Incognito has the attitude you sometimes need in an O-lineman but off the field he just seems like a psycho goon. Rather than a suspension he should be removed from the team completely. Some of the stuff reported (if true) goes beyond simple teasing or hazing…it is criminal. I am ashamed that players on my team let this stuff go. If the coaches were aware and did nothing, they should be fired immediately. I like Philbin but if he was aware, he needs to go. At a minimum he needs to get off that high horse and take a closer look at what’s going on around him.

  105. Expect incognito’s camp to come out and say he has some sort of substance abuse problem and that he is going away to treatment. He will need to admit some weakness of some sort and seek help to try to sway public opinion in the slightest.

  106. How is it that we could watch Hard Knocks for ten seconds and know what a toolbag Incognito is, but the Dolphins staff is around him all the time and never did a thing until they had to? And Agnew should have broken Incognito’s fat ass in half for the fiance remark.

  107. Let’s not forget the other members of this
    O-Line. How involved are they? If Incognito has been pushing around these rookies and cleaning out their pockets, these other guy’s must have known. So is Richie alone here? I can’t believe the rest of the O-line took it as far as Incognito , but far from innocent. I want to be a fly on the wall to hear these voicemails.

  108. Also, how old is Incognito? Is he a ten-year-old girl? Because getting up and leaving a cafeteria table is something for kids in junior high to do, as is messing around with Facebook accounts of people you don’t like. Grow up.

  109. If there is a substance abuse issue it will be in Martins Camp. He appears to be a good guy but has a closet full of who knows what. This happens on all teams, it’s part of the culture.
    Without facts, this is an internet court case and we all know how they work out. There is an Incognito on every team.

  110. A new way to bond

    The Dolphins can take this opportunity by getting ahead of the curb and constructing a panel (for their organization) to find out from the current rookie players to what extent veterans players have been taking moneys from them and settle that matter quickly to avoid further excavation into a bad place.

    Richie will have to be the sacrificial lamb regardless of how anyone feels about him. He will have to be cut by the team. He can always sue whomever and open up his cans of worms. Which is the reason why the Dolphins need to settle things with the rookies about harassment situations.

    Martins should be encouraged to return to the o-line and play the rest of his contract. When he becomes a free agent, he can move if his performance does not merit a new contract.

    The Miami Dolphins can take the lead and write new rules of conduct. No rookie hazing of any kind. No shaving, no taping, no singing. No rookie tabs, no multilevel marketing, no pay for play. Any outings, the rookie pays his own and that is it. Violations resulting in heavy fines, suspensions and possible law enforcement involvement.

    If Wall Street has survived without hazing so can the locker room. It’s come to that.

  111. For people criticizing how Martin handled the situation, I am curious to how you think he should have handled it when Incognito has been part of the Dolphin leadership counsel, the very part of the team he would be taking his concerns to. Talk about a tone deaf organization.

    Therefore, what else was he supposed to do when everyone around him is turning a blind eye to what is going on? Fight him, shank him, hit him with his car? Exactly what tough guys? Short of forcing his release, where else was he supposed to turn except to go outside the organization.

    Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland need to get the real estate agent on the phone for a different reason now. No way they survive this short of the Dolphins winning the Super Bowl, and we all know that’s not happening.

  112. doggeatdogg, The most intelligent post Ive read yet on this subject. Couldnt agree more. Dolphins need to do something drastic right now and a new code of conduct is a darn fine start….

  113. Hey Miami,

    All you have to do is get a quarterback that can throw 7 touchdown passes in 3 quarters of a game and get Incognito to catch 3 of them and all will be forgiven……Hey it worked in Philly…..

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