Reports: Incognito left racial slur, death threat on Martin’s voicemail


As more details emerge of the situation in Miami that caused Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin to leave the team and caused the Dolphins to suspend Richie Incognito, it’s sounding more and more like Incognito’s mistreatment of Martin went far beyond normal locker room hazing.

According to two reports, officials with both the Dolphins and the NFL have seen and heard communications that Incognito sent to Martin’s phone, on which Incognito calls Martin a racial slur and threatens to kill him.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that in April of 2013, Incognito left a voicemail for Martin saying, “Hey, wassup, you half n—– piece of [expletive] . . . I saw you on Twitter, you been training ten weeks. [I want to] [expletive] in your [expletive] mouth. [I’m going to] slap your [expletive] mouth. [I’m going to] slap your real mother across the face (laughter). [Expletive] you, you’re still a rookie. I’ll kill you.”

Jason La Canfora of CBS reports that Incognito also used the “half-n—–” epithet in a text message to Martin, and that Incognito sent Martin texts in which he made reference to tracking down members of Martin’s family and harming them. La Canfora reports that Martin was worried that Incognito wasn’t just talking trash and might actually be planning to harm Martin or his family.

Although Incognito wrote on Twitter on Sunday morning that he wanted his name cleared, he has not publicly explained his communications with Martin. Both the NFL and the Dolphins are investigating the matter, and the Associated Press reported that the NFL Players Association plans to look into the matter this week.

218 responses to “Reports: Incognito left racial slur, death threat on Martin’s voicemail

  1. I can’t wait to hear Incognito’s explanations for these texts and voice mails. I’ll bet he’ll claim something like they were taken out of context or something.

    To which I would reply, “Yup. And monkeys might fly out of my rectum too.”

  2. Don’t worry Incognito, your name has been cleared… cleared off an NFL payroll for the rest of your life.

  3. Wowzers…. When you make at least 3x the minimum salary required to be earning six figures, it’s time to grow up. Just a little…

  4. I just watched Schefter on ESPN and he seemed off a bit more than normal. He seemed mad, as if it personally affected him.

    Based on this sampling of his behavior, I say the league AND union jointly issue a statement announcing a league-wide ban of Incognito indefinitely. Martin should press charges and Incognito can try his tough guy routine in prison. (It wouldn’t be hard to classify those actions as part of a federally charged “hate crime”) Good luck with that, Richie.

  5. Incognito is looking like Guy Young to Martin’s Kenny Powers at this point. I’m surprised this brainiac was caught, who in a million years would suspect that spewing racist bile into a microphone would ever come back and bite you in the rear?

  6. Obviously the first time he does it is not the first time he gets caught. Wonder how many more guys he’s harrassed or been a racist to over the years.

  7. Unbelievable that this type of activity has been ocurring. No wonder Martin walked away. Good to see the league now taking it seriously. And by the way, shouldn’t veterans be helping rookies transition to the pros?

  8. I am guessing Richie has played his last NFL game. Angry voice mails and text messages never seem to work out to the benefit of the aggressor.

  9. Obviously Incognito isn’t very smart…you have to know any voice mail you leave can be used as evidence in the NFL court of law. He should also get charged criminally for the death threat. Joe Philbin should lose his job over this.

  10. If he is suspended for 2 weeks and ordered to receive sensitivity counseling or some such bs…I will puke.
    There are lines you don’t cross and he blazed past those lines without a thought or care.

  11. Guys tried this stuff when I first joined the Marines. You have to rap a few of them on the beak before they except you. Made some of my closest friends that way. Not a solution for everyone but it can be effected.

  12. The problem is this type of behavior isn’t just hazing. It is most of these player’s every day demeanor. They say and do whatever they want and expect no repercussions.

  13. “Jail time for this low life. No room in society for this Moron.”

    Not enough justice — Try a public hanging in the town square.

  14. So didn’t the rest of the Dolphins line pick on Martin too? Wasn’t that the last straw, when they all left the table when he sat down?

    Incognito’s a jerk.
    But aren’t the rest of them too?

  15. Check out the Deadspin article about Ritchie’s dad’s internet activity. It gives the distinct impression that expressions like wanting to “[expletive] in your [expletive] mouth” are not exactly rare in the Incognito household.

  16. So will any of the posters here who mocked Martin bother to apologize? I won’t hold my breath.

  17. Martin should have beat the p–s out of Richie. I mean, cmon. The guy has tribal art tattoos. What’s he so afraid of?

  18. Good for him for reporting this scumbag. My question is where the heck is the veteran leadership in this locker room. I obviously haven’t played at the NFL level, but i can say that dropping the N bomb on a teammate on any sports team I ever played on would quickly turn you from the bully to the bullied.

  19. @ocdn says: Nov 4, 2013 12:48 PM

    Jail time for this low life. No room in society for this Moron.
    Then you are putting the burden on the taxpayers.
    Just drop him off in Harlem with a sign like John McClane (Die Hard 3 Style).

  20. This is where I’d expect to hear how it’s just a friendly joke or even normal banter/exchange. it just doesn’t compute as funny or amusing no matter how you look at it. I hope the league and the Dolphins send a loud, clear message to incognito and the next would-be incognito.

  21. so for all the people who commented this earlier, does martin still need to “toughen up”. ignorant and insensitive is what I would call you. martin has every right to be offended.

  22. Wow, to think just a few days ago it was supposedly Martin who was dealing with some mental issues.

    Good grief, this guy is an angry 7-year old trapped in an adult’s body.

  23. I just read the messages on Twitter (Adam Schefter). I definitely get it now, Incognito has got to go, and he needs some help in the head, if that will help at all. There’s no place in this world for that kind of crap.

    Still, I have a theory that Martin was wanting to get out of football.

  24. I just love the past comments from people here who were saying that this was just “rookie hazing” and that Martin was being weak and a wuss. Where are you now cowards? How about before commenting, you get the real story. I swear some people on here are as racist (or even moreso) than Incognito.

    But, my point is that I feel bad for Martin, because I know someone going through a similar ordeal with a family member where they are threatening to kill their family. It’s sad there are people like this in this world, but hopefully Martin will get the help he needs and Incognito will at least lose his job, if not more.

  25. What happened when we were in high school when people saying/doing things like this happened? They were suspended from school, sent to receive anger management and given the entire Zero Tolerance treatment. Richie is a pathetic excuse for a human who has no way to make himself feel better than to pick on the innocent. How about you worry more about improving your game in your off time and getting rid of that massive gut than sending harmful texts and leaving voice mails.

    I’d tell you to get a life but you obviously lost that long ago. Enjoy unemployment and being bankrupt in the next two years.

  26. I agree the real problem is the everyday behavior of that incognito. I am disgusted by the slurs yes but all his behavior has been awful! His hazing to his on field stuff is out of hand. This is a rare case where I support kicking this guy out of the league.

  27. No wonder Martin got the hell out. He was probably worried that Incognito would just snap one day and bash his head in. For all the rumors about Martin’s mental health, Incognito looks like the one who is not right in the head.

  28. Not trying to excuse Incognito’s behavior in any way, but is anyone asking WTF is going on in Miami that nobody…absolutely NOBODY else on the team did anything to prevent or report this?? If the workplace was really that hostile, wouldn’t more than one person know and recognize that, especially a position coach, or a trainer?

    Somebody else HAS to have witnessed this ongoing “bullying” for some time, and if they did, isn’t there a more DAMNING condemnation of this club in order? This crap is beyond shocking and appall. This is a gross negligence of employer responsibility to enforce harrassment and discrimination policies. I think Martin’s got a fantastic lawsuit here, and if there are other players who step forward to say they’ve been just as mistreated in their clubhouses, there’s a class action just waiting to happen.

    It’s time to stop turning a blind eye to this stuff and put an end to it. This is not the sportsmanlike conduct I want my children learning about from the NFL.

  29. What happened to “sticks and stones”? Aren’t you people the same ones who are so adamant about Washington not changing their racial slur name?? No…instead….you want a guy to lose his livelihood (likely the only thing he knows how to do) on the grounds that he’s a buffoon. Yet, you give a chronic drunk driver / gun brandisher (Aldon Smith) a pass. I’m not condoning Incognito’s behavior but you’re all extreme hypocrites.

  30. I absolutely cannot wait to see what excuse he has for this. I guarantee he’ll say some like.. “Oh, that was taken out of context.” Or some bs. He is just a despicable human being. Good luck trying to convince a team you aren’t an awful person, Richie.

  31. .

    Bill Belichick spends a lot of time on ” team building ”. This situation is probably not an example of that.


  32. If this is true, Incognito just damaged his pro career.

    Good luck Richie. There was already a stigma about him, now getting an owner to say, let me give this guy a chance and face the backlash would be difficult.

    Also, at this point, losing his job could be just the beginning, he could be in trouble with the law with his threatening voice mail that come offs as him being a bigot and saying he wanted to kill martin.

    This man has problems he truly needs to deal with.

  33. They should toss Incognito…but they can’t forget that he couldn’t have made all this happen all by himself. Younger guys forking over thousands of bucks to vets on multiple occasions over a couple seasons? Incognito could be the biggest jerk on earth, but if he’s the only one then Martin just ignores him. There had to be other guys helping enforce this stuff.

  34. The league minimum is more than most executives make and yet you have losers like Richie Incognito acting like an idiot jock in a 90s high school comedy. Grow the hell up. This is your job.

  35. Wow what a classless organization. Starting straight from the coach down. I knew that there was a reason why my beloved franchise let other Philbin interview with others: he didn’t have the class and championship character that working for the greatest football franchise requires!

  36. If this stuff is true, Incognito is done as an NFL
    player. Other players will forever….”take liberties” with him in the trenches and have his
    head on a swivel. What a clown. He has ruined his
    own career if this is accurate.

  37. although not right we did the same stuff to each other in the military, but if anyone outside of our group tried it………………

  38. fancyleague says: Nov 4, 2013 12:49 PM

    This goes beyond the confines of the NFL. Incognito needs to be looked at by the police.


    Exactly! If this happened at any other workplace, the cops would already be involved. No reason the NFL should be any different.

  39. About six months before Philbin became head coach….. incognito signed a three year deal and pouncey was signed a four year deal.

    Poor Joe.

  40. If I were Martin there’s no way I would have let that Dirtbag have my phone home or cell #, e-mail, Twitter handle, address or anything else that would let him have access to me outside of work.

  41. only excuse he can say is someone musta digitally alterd his voice and left martin a voicemail.or go the riley cooper route and say he was drunk.what a fool.get off the roods richie and go work at arbys.

  42. Once again a case of a guy not knowing the line you can cross when hazing rookie’s. “you’re still a rookie. I’ll kill you” LoL ….. Leave a paper trail, smart move Richie! I still think he should of handled the situation in house with the rest of the team and coaches instead of makeing this all public. Very poorly handled.

  43. Can the NFL test for stupid these day’s? This dude is out of his mind. And let’s not forget the rest of this O-Line, Vet or not. They been digging into the rookies pockets and I am sure pushing some as well. I can’t believe they have any involvement to the extreme that Incognito has taken this, but far from naïve or innocent.

  44. Richie Incognito absolutely sounds like a lover scorn here. I am 100% convinced he made romantic overtures toward Martin, was rebuked, and is embarrassed, hurt, and angry.

    And he should absolutely be suspended, if not indefinitely, from the NFL.

  45. This ain’t all Joe Philbin’s fault.

    I’d give him 10% of the blame.

    The signing of these low character idiots happened before he became head coach.

    A head coach who just picked a 1st round quarterback can’t get rid of the whole offensive line ESPECIALLY if they got big guaranteed money.

  46. I’m Sorry but after talking to me like that Man Code 1 has been violated …in my Kevin Hart voice “I’m About to put my paws on him.” Or My Chris Brown Voice “I feel like Boxing.” That would have happend in April. Incognito would have needed that steak for his Eye.

  47. This is disgusting. I hate even hearing this word, so now some guy is sending voice/text messages saying this? I cannot believe that Incognito was actually trying to perp like he did nothing wrong as recently as yesterday. This ain’t sticks and stones as justintuckrule wants to say. This is what someone has to face coming into work every day. He might face a significant amount of time off and then I doubt if some team even tases a chance on him being as that he is radioactive. Like the Akron teacher’s Halloween/trick-or-treating rant, this guy has “proof of ignorance,” and his career lays in the balance. The problem with someone as Incognito seems to be is that they don’t even realize or believe they have done anything wrong which is truly sad.

  48. Allowing this type of behavior to go on is way worse than Bountygate. Lets see if Philbin is suspended for a year like Payton was. Im guessing not.

  49. Why worry about such trivial issues when there is a team still named the Redskins that has no real opposition to it except politically correct institutions?

  50. About six months before Philbin became head coach…… incognito signed a three year deal and pouncey was signed a four year deal.

    Poor Joe.

  51. Funny how yall posters were so bothered by Martin being bullied now have ZERO problem pilling on and putting the boots to Incognito talking about him, his parents, his college & so forth. Hypocrites.

    And yes Martin is soft. You’re soft if words can bother you so much that you have to run away instead of dealing with Incognito directly. And why didn’t anyone else on the team come to his defense? Im pretty sure the rest of the players aren’t all white racists so a comment like Incogs would’ve upset more than just Martin. I agree with another poster, I think Martin just wants out of football.

  52. Looking back over Incognito’s career, it sure seems like he has crossed over the line from aggressive and anti-social to just plain sociopathic. Every time he gets caught, it’s everybody’s fault but his, to the point where he insisted Martin had texted him and was cool with the abuse. And judging from the Deadspin story about his dad sockpuppeting a Dolphins message board, it’s a family affair, and shared illness.

  53. Is he a dbag? yes…should he be out of the league…yes…but seriously? A hate crime? I dont think so…People need to stop tossing it around like its warranted…He plays with a team full of different races if it were a hate crime why is he going after the mixed guy?

  54. 30 years old and still acting like a high school bully / frat boy dbag. Your teammates, if you listen to every athlete ever, are supposed to be your brothers.

  55. Once you go past the individual and threaten the whole family all bets are off. This has to be taken outside the NFL “legal” system – it cannot be swept under the rug. It’s a public case now, and Incognito should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  56. Everyone needs to read the Deadspin article on his Dad trolling Dolphin’s message boards.

    His Dad calls out Martin for being depressed and suicidal, then says Philbin would only side with Martin because his son was on crack and killed himself.

    Classy dad, classy son

  57. Almost makes you wish Antonio Smith had connected when he took a swing at Incognito in the preseason.

  58. FinFan68 says:
    Nov 4, 2013 12:47 PM
    “I just watched Schefter on ESPN and he seemed off a bit more than normal. He seemed mad, as if it personally affected him.”

    FYI Incognito called Schefter and his “sources” out over the weekend. I noticed that Schefter did appear to be taking it personal as well. But then I saw Incognito did go after Schefter professionally, so it makes sense why Schefter couldnt wait to bury him on national tv

  59. Can I ask a stupid question?

    If Incognito was making racist remarks against Martin, why the hell didn’t the rest of the team, or at least the rest of the black players on this team gang up and beat the ever-living daylights out of Incognito?

    For that matter, at some point, why didn’t Martin just beat the hell out of Incognito?

    Incognito is an old-fashioned bully, which bascilly means that if you punch the idiot in the face once, he turns tail and runs.

  60. OK, everybody calm down. Let’s give Eric Holders racist Injustice Dept time to get to the bottom of this.

  61. This is just crazy. I was already bothered by so many people’s negative comments towards Martin, I knew there had to be something going on based on the way it all played out…. It’s easy to get on here and say what you’d do if bullied, and how Martin is a crybaby, wuss, rat, and on and on…..first of all violence doesn’t solve crap so just going and socking someone in the nose isn’t likely to solve a problem like this … There are lots of folks yapping about how soft. Everybody has gotten and all that silliness , which just isn’t the case …. Plain and simple bullying no matter the age or place is ridiculous and should be stopped… Incognito is a dirtbag and I’m honest enough to know he could stomp the crap out of me but then again I’m one of the ones who doesn’t find cowardice in turning the creep in afterward… Pretty strange how some folks will mock people for being rats , these folks have just lost touch with good old fashioned right and wrong…

  62. Dolphins are going to lose two linemen for the price of one here. incognito for saying the magic word “kill” and martin for just being a soft minded guy who will never have the respect of anyone in the locker room after this. Incognito would have probably gotten a slap on the wrist until you throw the death threat in there. Then there’s a big problem. Especially in this society.

  63. expect Incognito’s camp to come out and say he has some sort of substance abuse problem and will be entering treatment of some sort. His camp will advise him that he has to admit some sort of weakness and seek help to sway some public opinion in his favor.

  64. Wow! GM Jeff Ireland really knows how to recruit football players with character and those who are strong in their love of the game with NFL talent.

  65. in·cog·ni·to (nkg-nt, n-kgn-t)
    adv. & adj.
    With one’s identity disguised or concealed.


    I for one hope he gets back on the field….just to see how long it takes this turd to have his knees
    whacked…because he is a marked man now if there ever was one.

  66. Incognito is not the only one that should be held accountable. The Dolphin front office and the coach made initial statements that attempted to mitigate the incidents, and actually lie about the involvement of the players union. It was only after details were released to the sports media that management began to change its tune. The vets on the team were aware of the behavior. It certainly tells me a great deal about the Dolphins as an organization. I personally believe the NFL should sanction the organization in a meaningful manner. This behavior by an entire organization and its players is disgusting.

  67. inditkawetrust says:
    Nov 4, 2013 12:58 PM
    I absolutely cannot wait to see what excuse he has for this. I guarantee he’ll say some like.. “Oh, that was taken out of context.” Or some bs. He is just a despicable human being. Good luck trying to convince a team you aren’t an awful person, Richie.
    I can tell you what he is going to say. He is going to say that he realizes that he has a problem and is going to seek out help. He will also apologize to Martin and his family for any harm he has cause them. He should also offer to pay back the $15K for the Vegas trip and accept all sanctions from the League.

    The League needs to come out and start banning any payments for dinner in excess of $1,000. That’s real money.

  68. Class Act

    You’re parents must be proud Rochie.


    Check out his father’s internt activity posted over at Deadspin. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  69. I don’t really think they have to kick him out of the league…I think he has basically made himself unemployable.

    Any team he is on or would be on (and the NFL as well I would guess) would be setting themselves up for a HUGE lawsuit if any another incident were to occur.

    of course, presuming this is all true — which it does appear to be.

  70. This stuff goes on at pretty much every college and pro football team. I walked away from a full scholarship at Memphis in ’95 from things just like this. Not going to demean myself for a football team. Best decision I ever made in my life.

  71. Just saying if this is true, Incognito may be done in football. Miami cannot just suspend him a few games and this fester goes away. Not with this.

    They have to release him and with NFL and NFLPA association occurance do it without pay. The Union will not back him in any way if racism is involved, he is toast.

    How would any other team be despirated enough to take him. Again, if racism is involved he can forget catching on with someone else.

  72. I hate guys like Richie. I really hope some big dude thumps him.

    He is just a jerk with a big mouth. Everybody knew someone like him growing up, and no matter how many times someone kicks their a$s they never shut their yapper.

    I wish Bill Romanowski was still in the league. He’d punch him in the junk and spit in his face! That would be worth watching!

  73. What are the over-unders on the time it takes for Ritchie to have a run-in with the police or turn-up in the obits?

  74. Well one thing is for sure. The Dolphins won’t be in the running for the AFC East title this year.

  75. This behavior deserves a lifetime ban, period. If they have the actual voicemails and text messages that prove this, then kick this scum out of the league and never look back.

    What kind of message does it send to the kids who idolize these athletes to allow this guy to step on an NFL field again? Make an example out of him. Hazing is one thing – this is a whole different level.

  76. These comments are way too over the top to be taken as anything other than extreme ribbing or horseplay.

    Even Incognito can’t be dumb enough to leave a message like this if he was just trying to be mean.

  77. It was dumb stuff to say by a dumb guy but for a locker room it’s probably just ball busting. Time for Al Shaprton to show up in Miami. Have fun with that guys.

    It was over the top but you keep that in the locker room Martin. Sally

  78. possumsauce says:
    Nov 4, 2013 12:47 PM
    Incognito is looking like Guy Young to Martin’s Kenny Powers at this point. I’m surprised this brainiac was caught, who in a million years would suspect that spewing racist bile into a microphone would ever come back and bite you in the rear?


    spot on, possum, spot on. Was thinking the exact same thing

  79. There’s only one question that needs to be asked at this point:

    What would Dawn Aponte do?

    Wow, this team is an even bigger septic tank than I could have ever imagined.

  80. Incognito should be booted from the league and the Dolphins shoud be penalized for allowing this kind of crap to go on. Martin shouldn’t have needed to leave the team and complain about it for something to be done.

    It doesn’t matter that the NFL is full of tough guys, the laws of the work place still need to be respected.

  81. geniusry says: Nov 4, 2013 1:27 PM

    Until we hear the tone of the messages, it is impossible to say this is bullying or just good old fashioned ball busting.
    There is an acceptable ‘tone’ for repeatedly referring to someone as a halfn**#, and stating you are going to kill him, and his family, and urinate down his throat??
    Equivocating this to good old fashioned anything is ridiculous.

  82. And to think Antonio Smith was branded a dirty player for kicking and punching Incognito.

    Makes you wonder what might have prompted such a response from a laid back cat like Smith.

  83. It comes down to how good of a player he is. If he’s a good player, he’ll be on a team. If he sucks, he’ll be gone and forgotten. Don’t forget the NFL is DoubleStandard-ville

  84. Do you guys remember the Hard Knocks season with the Dolphins? And how Philbin kept talking about “doing things the right way”. I especially remember how Philbin cut Chad Johnson right after he got in a fight with his wife (rightfully so). And remember that one on one he had with Johnson, where he basically said he wanted high character guys on the team.

    Yeah, me too. Where ya at now Philbin?

  85. Also, if you saw SoundFX for week 8, Incognito is seen telling Philbin how he essentially cheap shotted a d-lineman. And Philbin smiles and says “you took justice in your own hands” and walks away.

  86. If Aaron Hernandez has taught us anything, it’s that these kinds of threats should be taken seriously by the NFL. Incognito should be banned from the NFL for life. Interesting to see what Goddell does, because this way beyond the pale of “bounty gate”, life threatening emails and voice messages. Your move Goddell, not to mention law enforcement.

  87. I am not drawing any conclusions until I actually hear the recording. Sorry if that goes against the grain but this sort of stuff can be taken out of context. There was laughter involved on the message so I do not know if that laughter was a diabolical laugh or one out of joking. Incognito has a bad reputation but he is a solid player who will find himself on someone else’s roster.

  88. I grew up with people that were of mixed race or African-American and learned a LONG time ago, using that N-Word is never acceptable in any context. There is no place for Incognito to use it even if he was “playing” around with Martin.

  89. Everyone just calm down and let’s wait and see what all the facts are, and if these “reports” are true.

    A few months back, a kid running for high school president claimed he received racists texts from classmates, and the police eventually discovered he sent the texts to himself.

    All I’m saying is why jump the gun and judge? Be patient.

  90. I would like to advise the few jackasses defending Incognito to go into your job and leave similar messages for one of your coworkers. Wait, a job is where… never mind.

  91. chiadam says:
    Nov 4, 2013 1:00 PM
    And he was on the Dolphins leadership council. Maybe this Philbin thing is not working out.


    I can see how the Dolphins spin this. Ireland will be ejected and Lovie Smith will be the coach next year. Book it.

  92. jamkarat says: Nov 4, 2013 1:53 PM

    geniusry says: Nov 4, 2013 1:27 PM

    Until we hear the tone of the messages, it is impossible to say this is bullying or just good old fashioned ball busting.
    There is an acceptable ‘tone’ for repeatedly referring to someone as a halfn**#, and stating you are going to kill him, and his family, and urinate down his throat??
    Equivocating this to good old fashioned anything is ridiculous.

    No tone at all makes that acceptable but I would think by now we would learn to wait for everything to come out before coming to a conclusion about stuff. I guess America still hasn’t learned its lesson.

  93. You know it’s bad when Bryant McKinnie looks like the classiest guy in the Dolphins locker room.

    Wonder how much longer Incognito will last in the NFL.

  94. Interestingly enough, on his wikipedia page, he was given the “good guy award” in Florida recently and directly under that is an entry about him being the dirtiest player in the NFL.

    So much for the “good guy” award.

  95. “I am not drawing any conclusions until I actually hear the recording. Sorry if that goes against the grain but this sort of stuff can be taken out of context. “- daddyb1gdrawz

    I’m sorry sir, but there is NO WAY this could b etaken out of context!! Are you serious??? How in the (expletive) can this be taken out of context?

  96. The problem with people such as Incagnito is that they have a self esteem problem, and may be afraid or inferior to Martin. He bullies to intimidate because of the jacked up problem he has. As stated by someone else…he needs to grow up.

  97. Incognito obviously has a self-esteem problem. Take a close look at him. Guys like him bully or put down others to make themselves feel good.

  98. If reports come back true that Martin came to Philbin for help on the matter, he needs to be cut as well.
    I am all for rookie hazing and fun games. This is just sick and wrong on so many levels.

  99. OBVIOUSLY, Richie doesn’t know the meaning of his last name — “Incognito” — which means: “ANONYMOUS,” “UNKNOWN IDENTITY,” etc. Not to mention doesn’t this guy know that NOTHING is sacred in texts, twitter, etc. and whatever he says is PUBLIC knowledge.

    How can he want his name cleared when there’s EVIDENCE to his extreme “bullying”. What a JERK!

  100. Martin did the right thing to walk away – the guy that really has issues…is Icognito… very likely a very insecure frightened little human with no direction

  101. I agree this excuse for a human being should not be permitted to play for any team in the NFL. I read most of the comments and didn’t come across any about the team mates trying to put a stop to his behavior. Shame on those players who were aware of the situation and did nothing.

  102. Many years ago I went to college with a friend who tried out for an NFL team. He had a very good chance of making the team. It was his dream to play pro football.

    One night some guys ganged up on him in the locker room and and beat him up. They did this because my friend might of taken one of their jobs away. My friend left the team and never pursued his dream.

    My friend was a tough football player. This should of never happened but it did.

    Richie Incognito needs to be thrown out of the league. His behavior is not acceptable. He is not tough guy. He is a coward. His teammates who participated in this are also cowards. Not one guy stood up to Incognito. The Miami Dolphins are also cowards for never dealing with this and for allowing this to happen.

    Unfortunely Incognito needed someone to bully him about his behavior. At this point it is probably the only thing he understands.

  103. What happened to all of the tough guys in the other articles comments that were supporting Incognito and attacking Martin’s manhood.

    Good news! — Incognito should be first in line when FoxNews Sports opens up!

  104. Anyone else amused that New England refused to draft Incognito but were willing to take Aaron Hernandez?

    Apparently murder isn’t as bad as bullying.

  105. I have nothing to say about whether he is guilty or not, but I will say these posts show just how bad people have gotten in this country. Remember when people were allowed due process? Remember innocent until proven guilty? Not anymore folks, now people are guilty because of social media and anonymous sources. It’s just as shameful as what Incognito has allegedly done.

  106. Is Ross any closer to realizing Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin do not know how build a team?

    If the losing records, lousy draft choices and free agent busts weren’t proof enough, does this help shed some light?

  107. Anybody watch Pro Football Network on Friday, Marshall Faulk, Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp came out and said this kind of behavior goes on all the time in the locker room, (it happens) suggested that Martin should to grow up, they should all be fired right now and if they make statements like that without knowing all the facts, they should be fired for that as well.

  108. “Marshall Faulk, Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp came out and said this kind of behavior goes on all the time in the locker room, (it happens) suggested that Martin should to grow up.”

    Is this surprising? You’ve just listed three of the dumbest people to ever don an NFL uniform.

  109. Sounds like a great team…….not to play for.
    If this is indeed common place in the NFL…….more the reason not to watch.
    Whatever happen to team play?

  110. I think this would be a good time for Mr. Ross to come from under the rock he’s been hiding and say something. Same for Mr. Goodell.

    Most likely both are sticking their wet fingers to the wind to see which way its blowing. Well, there are about to have a little storm down there in Miami, so take out your breakers gentlemen and go deal with it.

    Start with Miami. But rest assure, the problem is not limited to the Dolphins. What Richie has done is appalling to say the least. He cannot recover from this like Riley has. Martin unfortunately, may not be able to recover either considering the current culture in all locker rooms. He himself cited the culture of the locker room as a problem.

    And where were the Dolphins coaches in all this? At seasons end, if heads don’t roll and a significant effort is made to improve this team, the fans will have to show the world what Miami fans can do, stay home.

  111. vex24 says: Nov 4, 2013 3:28 PM

    I say let Incognito back into the league and suit him up… Let’s see how that works out for him.

    ^^ This! I’m sure Ndamukong Suh and others would love him back on the field 😉

  112. I know that this isn’t going to be a popular opinion, but until you hear the voicemails….. I’d lay off Richie.

    I have said way worse to some of my best friends, threatened them etc…. all in a joking manner.

    Until those messages are leaked out, we have no idea what kind of tone he had, if he was joking. Richie may not be considered the nicest guy around, but I do not think he would truly threaten his own teammate.

    I read an article recently stating Richie wanted to go back to the Pro Bowl…… I think even he would know doing anything like what he is being accused of would ruin any chances of going back to the Pro Bowl.

  113. What happened to all the tuff guy posters from last week calling Martin all kinds of belittling names?

  114. So are we supposed to be believe that he was actually going to kill his family? Is that likely, or is it more likely the guy is just an a-hole talking s-word?

    This Martin guy really bugs me, he’s the product of PC generation that is completely unable to deal with anyone that doesn’t say something nice to him. Look Incognito is clearly a jerk – however I do not seriously believe he was intending to kill the guys family and no one reading this message board believes that either. Instead it’s the fake pretend outrage.

    Words are words people. We could go back to the pre-Civil War south and every time you’re insulted you could demand a duel – or you could act more civilized and retaliate with words or just stand up for yourself or just ignore it. Ratting a guy out to the national press and trying to pretend like you were scared for your family is disgusting.

  115. ratsfoiledagain says:Nov 4, 2013 12:43 PM

    And some posters on here act like it was childish hazing that went on.

    I thought that exaxt thing when this situation broke. Know why? Because that is how it was presented by the media.

    Now that I know the facts, I believe Martin deserves an apology from the media and even myself. I thought he was being a sissy about some ribbing he took in the locker room.

    As far as the piece of garbage that sent those texts and voicemails goes, I say ban his useless arse for life. There is no room for that kind of blatant attack in this world any longer.

    It is a shame that there are still a handful of people that think race is more important than being civil to our fellow man. And it is not a “whites only” problem either. There is racism on both sides and it needs to stop.

  116. Martin has some guts. I can tell you right now incognito is worse off than if Martin had handled it himself. And I don’t know if I’d be able to tell on the guy and basically ruin him publicly. I’d be more likely to smash his face with a weight (pull a kruetz if you will).

    It’s not easy to be the snitch in any situation.

  117. coalcreekrabbit says: I know that this isn’t going to be a popular opinion, but until you hear the voicemails….. I’d lay off Richie.
    I see what you are saying. But when you put every thing in total, it looks really bad for Richie, the racial slur, the money grab, the duration of the harassment (since he Martin was drafted), the offense is performing bad and they probably laid it on him, there is discord in the locker room already and Martin might have been a scapegoat, they called the guy Big Wierdo. How would you like that crap on you for two years with Richie as the ring leader.

    Had Martin walloped him as suggested (you know, use his 6 plus 300 plus size farm) Martin would be in jail by now. Well, Richie is out of a job. Permanently.

    I remember getting into a fight with ‘my bully’ in neighborhood. It was a draw. I wanted to crush their skull. Glad I didn’t. My mom walloped me for not resolving the issue in a civilized way (lol).

  118. Ok, before everyone thumbs down me I’m a African American male. That being said something about this doesn’t make sense to me. If this was happening why didn’t any of the black players on the team step in. They are guilty of empowering this guy. And, Martin is a big guy. Just wondering was he really that affraid of Richie. I’m telling you that everyone should just chill out a moment. Something tells me we haven’t heard the whole story behind this.

  119. A kid with poor genetics, raised in an environment that reinforces negative behaviors and promotes emotional stunting, goes on to become a life-long football player. Over the years he develops CTE, and the lesions on his brain further impair what was already poor judgment and cognitive abilities. His injuries manifests as a disability, and as he begins to grow more alienated from a world he understands less and less, he turns to drugs and alcohol to cope.. This brain-damaged, pill-addled alcoholic now suffers from steroid rage that is all-consuming; his friends enable his behavior because he is so rich.

    I’m not saying this excuses Richie, but the dude is probably functionally retarded. He can be suspended from the league, but he probably couldn’t be legally executed in Texas.

  120. OK don’t take this the wrong way. The guy has had issues with every team he’s been with. I AM NOT DEFENDING HIM BUT, The league, NFLPA and teams MUST get a handle on their staff’s leaking sensitive material to the media. The Josh Freeman deal and now this. What if there is a criminal case down the road and it is compromised because some low-level staffer wanted to be a hero. Like it or not the NFLPA represents Incognito as well. Staffers, shut your effn mouths and let the process play out. Adam Schefter is not going to take you to dinner.

  121. Really? Do you all honestly believe that Incognito was going to kill Martin? I understand that he said, that taboo word I dare not speak. But his words were taken out of context at the end. Him saying “You’re still a rookie, I’ll kill you.” is not a life threat. He’s just saying you’re skills are weak, and that he could”kill” him on the field. But no, the media is painting him as a guy who is standing in you’re shower waiting to jump out at you with a machete. Bunch of brainwashed pansies in this country.

  122. Wow, talk about living up to one’s name…will happen once given the boot.
    What I find disappointing is that Martin’s teammates never stepped up to help.

  123. Ray Lewis just said on ESPN that he’s talked with some of the Dolphin players and that “their locker room is doing okay.” If so then shame on their sorry heads. They SHOULD be, and should HAVE BEEN, upset over this and should have stopped this cretin’s racist rants a long time ago. Instead they let it continue. Shame on the entire Dolphin organization. If they have any balls they’ll also fire the coach that let this racist crap continue. If he didn’t know about it, he SHOULD have known about it. If he did know, he should have stopped it a long time ago, but he didn’t! Cut the coach loose along with the “mentally challenged” racist moron and MAYBE it will send a message to other NFL organizations. Go back to your cornfield, Incognito. No one wants you in the NFL any longer, you piece of excrement!

  124. Wait a second, are you saying that Obama said, “If I had a son he would look like Jonathan.”

  125. This story is far from over. Why didn’t Martin face Ritchie in person, instead of throwing a tray and walking away. He left the Dolphins after having a “hissy fit”. That happens in school not in the NFL.
    Wait until the NFL investigates, and then everyone might know the truth, until then it’s all a “guessing game”.

  126. Unfortunately this is a good lesson for my son.

    You can be a great player but are not above being a great person because of it.

    Great lesson: All the years of hard work can be erased by 1 incident.

  127. Whatever happened to the idea that teammates are supposed to help teammates succeed? Incognito is at the very least guilty of mentally destroying a teammate. This went on for a year and no one stopped it. A lot of people need to be fired.

  128. This is over a racial slur, not bullying let’s not pretend it’s anything else. They’re going to try and Paula Deen him out of football and it’s ridiculous, if Michael Vick can come back there’s no reason Ritchie can’t, just apologize to the little baby and be done with it.

  129. mzfitz1215 says:
    Nov 5, 2013 10:13 AM
    This is over a racial slur, not bullying let’s not pretend it’s anything else. They’re going to try and Paula Deen him out of football and it’s ridiculous, if Michael Vick can come back there’s no reason Ritchie can’t, just apologize to the little baby and be done with it.

    I agree. It’s ridiculous how many people think he should be banned from the NFL. It’s an unfortunate situation and he should be punished severely for his actions with suspension and fines, but the NFL has let players back in the league that have done far worse. Adam “Pacman” Jones is the reason a man is paralyzed. Michael Vick funded dog fighting and was killing dogs. Leonard Little killed a mother of two in a drunk driving accident. Ray Lewis obstructed justice and prevented law enforcement from convicting his “friends” with murder. All of these men were allowed to play in the NFL after their run-ins with the law. What Incognito did was wrong, but ask yourselves if it was as wrong as any one of these players I mentioned?

  130. Ed Hoculli should be banned from the NFL. Clearly, Hoculli was crippled by some innate ability to throw flags against the home team. The same home field team whose crowd was boo-ing their Vikings in the first half. Let me clear, the fans were not boo-ing ed hoculli because Ed Hoculli NEVER threw a flag against the Vikings in the first half!!!

    The Vikings name conjures images of children and women being rapped by invading warlords.
    The Redskins Team Name is too D*** offensive.
    Soon, through poor officiating, adverse physcological effects of good-honest -to god plays getting flagged and reversed, the NFL has planted the seed of negativity associated with the word/name/moniker / pronoun / slur / string-of-letters, “REDSKINS.”
    I thought the trail of tears ended in the 1800’s?
    I guess I was wrong.

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