Terrelle Pryor: Knee is stable, departure from game was precautionary

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Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor wasn’t around for the duration of Sunday’s 49-20 loss to the Eagles, leaving in the fourth quarter after injuring his right knee while scrambling away from the Eagles defense.

Matt McGloin came in to finish up the game and coach Dennis Allen said after the contest that it was too early to know whether or not Pryor would be able to practice this week. Pryor wasn’t willing to be quite so cautious with an assessment of his health.

“I have to look at it tomorrow, but it’s stable,” Pryor said, via Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group. “Nothing’s wobbly or anything like that. It was just precaution. Nine minutes left in the game. We were losing.”

Allen said that a decision had been made to let McGloin handle garbage time even before Pryor, who put up big and ultimately meaningless individual numbers, hurt his knee. There should be a further update about his condition on Monday.

Running back Darren McFadden’s hamstring will also be looked at this week. The running back has missed one game already this year with an injury to the same hamstring, so his chances of a quick return to the lineup may not be all that good.

15 responses to “Terrelle Pryor: Knee is stable, departure from game was precautionary

  1. The Raiders need to get him a security blanket style tight end ASAP. I realize Rivera has played ok at best but we need a zone killing guy to eat up the underneath.

    And be done with McFadden. A plodding along Rashad Jennings has averaged 4.7 yards on 51 carries, not to mention 9.0 yac…McFadden has averaged 3.6 on 98 carries and gets us 6.5 yac.

    I trust Jennings to get the difficult yards that McFadden would never fight for and that this team needs.

  2. Simply, wow. I expected MUCH from the Raiders than that. What an embarrassing home slaughter. That was also NOT a weekend to do such, with most of the other 6th seed contenders winning. New year, same ol’ Raiders.

  3. I must admit I’m devastated after the loss. Thought this was a huge game for the Raiders to get to .500 at the halfway mark.

    I thought the offense may struggle (Pryor is still raw, the line has had tons of injuries) but i never thought the defense which was playing SO well previously would have allowed that many td’s. Thank god Chip Kelly didnt do a ‘Bellichik’ and keep throwing late in the game as Foles would have had the record easily.

    Very very disappointing loss. The second i think my team will ‘finally’ move on and do something this happens.

  4. DMC is done in Oakland – We (Raider Fans) appreciate your dedication commitment but you have not helped this franchise in six years…….I believe I read somewhere Jerry Jones (Cowboys) wants him – trade him ASAP!!! This team has a lot of potential – I wonder how much of this lost was contributed to coaching? The “Chip Kelly Offense” exposed the Raider Defense or there lack of. Small set back few adjustments and just win baby! Go Raiders!!!!

  5. I know it’s early but even putting this game aside, I hope theraiders didn’t waste anoth 1 pick on Hayden. Doesnt look like he has been doing all that well this year…….really got torched yesterday

  6. DJ has had to face the best receivers each team we have played as a rookie. Talk about throwing a bone to the dogs! He will be one hell of a shut down corner after he has seen his ass kicked by every receiver he has faced this year! Talk about baptism by fire! Welcome to the NFL….

  7. Dmac proved himself this week with how bad our O line is and has been for 10 years plus. He had one good year behind an ok line and then they fired Hue and changed everything. In Dmacs defense, no running back can run into a wall over and over and not get hurt. Lets remember that Jennings got his yards in garbage time against the Eagles 2nd string D that was playing at that time because they were so far ahead. I heard the Eagles were getting ready to put the water boy in for a few plays!

  8. Unless RM fixes the “O” line with above NFL average talent, Terrell Pryor will go down the same path as McFadden in Oakland. A RB can run where there are no holes and a young QB cannot develope if he is running for his life through out every game. History has proven that teams with the best O lines are usually the Superbowl winners.

  9. Jerry Rice led the raiders to there last playoff appearance and superbowl appearance. maybe raiders should bring back Jerry Rice

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