Up-and-down Jets are as up as they’ve been all year

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The Jets are improving.  Whether they show it depends on which week you’re watching.

Their season has been an up-and-down proposition, with victories in the odd weeks and defeats in the even.  The inconsistency has been no more clear than in the past eight days, with a 40-point loss to the Bengals followed by a 26-20 win over the previously one-loss Saints.

“We’ve been win one, lose one, win one, lose one the whole season,” coach Rex Ryan told reporters after the game.  “We’re going to lose to the bye week.  There’s no question in my mind.  I’ll tell you that right now.  Hopefully, we’ll get back around, but we’re going to lose that game.”

After the bye, the Jets face the Bills, Ravens, Dolphins, Raiders, Panthers, Browns, and Dolphins.  A team capable of beating the Patriots and Saints should be able to win most of those games; a team capable of losing to the hapless Steelers could lose most of those games.

Perhaps the Jets will simply keep winning one and losing one in the hopes they’ll eventually win one they should lose and finish above .500 and in position for the sixth seed in the AFC.

At 5-4, the Jets currently find themselves in the No. 6 spot in the conference.  If they can ultimately pull off what seemed inconceivable before the season, the Jets can look back to the day when Rex ran his record against his brother, Rob, to 5-0 and running back Chris Ivory gained 139 yards against the team that didn’t want him as the pivotal win during a season in which the Jets have established themselves as an unlikely contender.

13 responses to “Up-and-down Jets are as up as they’ve been all year

  1. My hat is off to Rex, Mornhinweg and all the Jets players and staff. They are sucking it up and getting it done most Sundays.

    They can bring A LOT of heat on the QB. Wilkerson is a straight up monster! I think they could beat any NFL team in the league at home.

    If they continue to grow – they might just do it on the road too.

  2. The Jets’ remaining schedule features only one team with a winning record (Carolina). It may be the softest remaining schedule in the league. They will be getting Winslow, Cumberland, Holmes, Allen and hopefully Kerley back after the bye. As an optimistic fan, I predicted 10-6, but now even 11-5 seems possible.

  3. Woody should extend Rex to a 5 year contract extension NOW!!!

    As a Patriots fan, that’s my hope anyways.

    This guy is comedy gold and deserves credit for helping to create the illusion of “rivalries” with other teams when the organization hasn’t been to a Super Bowl since before Man walked on the Moon

    Give the guy credit for keeping things interesting in a less than ideal organization at the very least

    Can’t wait to see how he changes that #6 jersey tattoo on his wife that he sports on his calf

  4. Rex is not saddled with players chosen by a rat named Tannenbaum and is proving his worth as an NFL coach. The league is taking notice of his ability to game plan and prepare his team to compete with the best.

  5. The Jets have more wins than half the league, and they’re doing it with a rookie QB and David Nelson, Zach Sudfeld, and Konrad Reuland (!!!) as his top targets.

    Call them lucky all you want; to win 5 games through Week 9 with a WR and TE corps that would be practice squad on 31 other NFL teams is pretty freaking remarkable.

  6. This bye week will be the ‘turning point’ for Jets to shift this season into another gear & start stringing wins together…

    Haters Beware!!!
    We Are Headed To The Playoffs!!!

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