Vikings defenders muttering about coaching


While the Vikings have appeared rudderless at quarterback all year, the guys on the other side of the ball who give the team a chance are now wondering about their leadership.

According to Jim Souhan of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a number of players were dismayed at the lack of pressure they put on Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo down the stretch as they lost late.

“There’s some things that are going on internally that are not allowing us to close out games,” defensive end Brian Robison said.

After hassling Romo throughout the game, he picked the Vikings apart in the final three minutes. During that span, coordinator Alan Williams had defensive linemen were dropping into coverage rather than rushing, and that seemed to confuse the guys who had been doing good work earlier.

“I think we could have been in better situations at the end of the game,” defensive tackle Kevin Williams added.

There were also comments about offensive play-calling, but given the mess at quarterback at the moment, it’s harder to specify individual problems there. But the Vikings have enough players in the front seven to give themselves a chance each week, and that’s what happened for most of Sunday.

There are players who grumble and moan and it’s easy to brush their complaints aside as part of the game. But neither Williams nor Robison is known as a crank, and their complaints point to legitimate issues.

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  1. If they are muttering before they have to face the Holy Trinity of Griffin, Morris and the Holy Garcon, can you imagine after the Redskins have layed the smackdown on em? We should win by 28-35 easy. #Wearearealfranchise

  2. Educated NFL fans muttering about the players on Minnesota’s Defense playing like little nerdy piano students.

  3. Since getting some pressure on Romo provided the only respectable defensive showing in weeks, yeah, the decision to rush 3 DL on the final series is purely idiotic. Dear Alan Williams: if you don’t know any realtors, start making some phone calls.

  4. I can only say this AGAIN. It’s more about coaching schemes than players in the NFL. The Buddy Ryan 46-D was the rage until offenses were built to beat it….which they did. The Vikings run a “Tampa 2” defense and a horrible version of the “West Coast” offense….both of which have been remedied by NFL teams for years now. It IS that simple of an issue with this team….that’s what the players are implying.

  5. SUPERBOWL CHAMPS 2014 and you can take that to the bank!

    oops it isnt preseason any more.

    Seriously, how long can this go on? year after year this kind of behavior goes on..decade after decade…

    wasted Moss’s talent, wasting AD’s….I guess this team would have been way worse without them.

    I never would have thought to say Childress seems pretty good in retrospect.

  6. In all three games that the Vikings have lost in the last minute, the defense pretty much dominated for most of the second half. Then when they have to make a stop at the end, the offense goes through them like a hot knife through butter. They must be doing something different at the end than what they’ve been doing before. I can’t wait for Alan Williams to be gone. Would it kill them to replace him right now with Singletary or Pagac? Then maybe you wouldn’t lose the team.

  7. The Vikings did blow a number of games in 2103 where they had leads in the 4th Qtr and in the Bears and Vikings games, held leads in the last minute of the game only to lose.

    The players can blame coaching but I tend to think of it as a Viking tradition, they only know how to choke and the bigger the game, the more they choke; 0-4 in Superbowls and 0 for the last 5 NFC Championship games they played in.

    All coaches look for consistency and that is as consistent as you can get.

  8. This team has quite a bit of talent (some of it injured) and it just appears that the coaches can’t get them to play well for 4 quarters. Blow this thing up and bring in a creative mind. I’m sick of this vanilla offense and defensive scheme.

  9. I don’t know, MN sure seems like a team that has personnel more capable than their record. But with that mess at QB, would that mean 2-3 more wins? At this point, bottoming out may be in their best interest.

  10. Look on the bright side. Their offense was much more creative yesterday. I mean, that hail mary that landed 10 yards short of the end zone…who saw that coming?

  11. I was at the game…and you cannot convince me that they aren’t tanking…that’s the only explanation for how Stupid the play calling has been….last game I will spend money to see for a long time….Adrian Peterson should publicly criticize the whole damn team from top to bottom, in the media!!! This is the only way they will make changes

  12. When your team continually loses close games, it is the coaching. Plain and simple. There hasn’t been glaring player mistakes (fumbles, penalties, missed FG’s, etc.) that have doomed this team at the end. It’s been the poor offensive and defensive play calling. EVERYBODY knows it, and now the players are finally talking out loud about it.

  13. Vikes coaches are not trying to Really win. My guess is Frazier has been told by team he will stay but coordinators must go. In order for
    Frazier to stay he must make sure team has a top 2 pick.

  14. The GM has done a horrible job of running this team. He seems more concerned with signing ex- Packers than anything else. He needs to rise above all that. Take a page out of Ted Thompson’s book- that’s how to build a team for the long haul.

  15. So, are you saying on a 3rd and 5 play for the opposition, we should NOT pass rush only three defensive lineman (while dropping your best pass rusher into coverage), while also playing the corners 10 yards off the line of scrimmage?

    Or, instead of taking a shot at the end zone on 2nd and 2 from the Cowboys 40, it’s NOT a good idea to take a deep drop into the end zone from your own 5 yard line?

    Man, this NFL coaching thing is hard and complicated!

  16. I’m 100% positive that the Vikings have already won too many games to get into the top two picks. Have you seen the Jaguars and Bucs play? Wow. WAY worse than the Vikings, if you can believe that.

    So, with the third pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select…

  17. I love Leslie Frazier, but he is not a head coach! He is a solid D-Coordinator, but is over matched most games! Bill Musgrave is terrible, Alan Williams has done nothing to prove he is a special coach. Oh ya, Rick Speilman is average at best as a GM, he set this team up for failure with Christian Ponder and Matt Cassell to start the season! New coach, new QB, New GM???

  18. Vikings are actually doing something smart. Tanks the games and get a high draft pick. Lots of good QBs coming out of the draft. If they throw in the flag this year, they can have mediocre success for years to come.

  19. These coaches lack creativity. They’re running old school schemes that are outdated. Tampa 2 cover 2, base west coast dink and dunk. Teams have been playing against these schemes for years, and they’ve figured out how to beat them. Find coaches who can bring the spread offense and a new aggressive defensive scheme to MN. We have to make a bigger change. DO NOT hire from within.

  20. The Minn secondary isn’t good and only thing blitzing will do is put then in islands. Especially when you have to double cover Dez. So its pretty much a catch 22 there, than again maybe relying on Dallas not seeing the blitz would work.
    On offense the franchise QB wasn’t thus it wont work well.

  21. What else did you expect? The HC/OC takes out the best RB in the league on 3rd down situations for a slow white guy, so why not neuter your DL when the game is on the line and you need a stop? It’s just par for the course with Frazier and staff. Second worst HC in the league (Schiano is first).

  22. It’s the old “prevent” defense.

    It prevents you from winning.

    I think John Madden said that.

  23. dadawg77 says:
    Nov 4, 2013 11:37 AM
    The Minn secondary isn’t good and only thing blitzing will do is put then in islands
    That much is true. However, what they are currently doing is not working. So, do you want to continue to allow these short, high percentage, completions, or take your chances with a harder to complete deep pass while the QB has a little bit of pressure on him? I’d rather the Vikings gave up a deep pass now and again than giving up 34 completions like yesterday.

  24. Embrace the suck! Just lose baby! That’s all I ask for! Watching them win another game would just ruin the season!

  25. In addition to the poor D play calling down the stretch, the play call for Ponder to drop back to pass in the end zone on 1st down showed incredibly bad judgement. That play call resulted in a TD. For the Dallas defense.

  26. I don’t want them to win any more games. I would like to see them have 1,2, or 3rd pick in this years draft.
    To win win now means nothing, I say tank it!

  27. What, everything looks like a well oiled machine to me. With a couple of easily correctable mistakes thing should turn quickly. Coach will look at the tape and make his needed changes.

    My easily correctable mistake that can’t be overturned. That Tommy Kramer Jersey when i was 5 that I never took off. I’m stuck now.

  28. Alan Williams seemed to do a decent job a year ago, but this year, his unit has just been awful. There is no good excuse for changing things up on that final drive yesterday.

    You already know your secondary is missing three starters, with the fourth starter being Josh “Toast” Robinson. Xavier Rhodes also went out earlier in the game and wasn’t available for the final drive. With all that knowledge, you would have that Williams would have realized that keeping the pass rush in Romo’s face would have been a priority.

    And what does Williams do? Decide to rush three men, which gave Romo enough time to pick that depleted secondary to pieces.

    How smart is that? Do you have to be professional football coach to figure that out?

  29. This is the problem with the Pro game…the Head Coach has to be more of an ambassador who can maneuver between overblown egos and players who believe their own press and less of a strategist and leader of men. Good players are looking for some feedback that will help them achieve a win while assistant coaches are being employed due to who they know or who they are protective of rather than having a new type of strategy that may be adaptable to current plays already in the playbook.

  30. I imagine pretty much everyone, including Viking fans, coaches and/or players, are angrily muttering right now.

  31. I think it’s obvious the coaches are tanking. A guy who can kick FG’s from 55+ yards almost automatically MISSES an extra point? He MUST have been coached to do that. Then we don’t go for it on that 4th down late in the game after A.P. gives it his ALL for that TD. That’s coaching. I’m glad the players are starting to grumble. I miss the ‘fire’ of a Chris Carter and, yes, Randy Moss yelling at people on the sideline.

  32. In Oakland they don’t call it prevent defense it’s situational football and it doesn’t work there either.

  33. Vikings coaches know virtually nothing about strategy, which is a big reason why this team struggles to win close games. They just don’t understand how the NFL works today.

    Case in point. Two big 4th down decisions the Vikings made.

    1) 4th and 1 on about the 20 in a close game. You kick that field goal. Even if you get the 1st down, you still most likely will have to settle for a field goal anyways. They went for it with a predictable run play against a defensive front that was meeting Peterson in the backfield. Horrendous decision, worst play call. Fail.

    2) Fast forward. 4 minutes left and they have a decision. Attempt a 54 yarder to go up by 6, punt, or go for it on 4th and 5. In this situation, you go for it. The punt on average will only gain you 20 yards of field position and the opponent needs a TD to beat you. The Vikings decide to punt, then follow that up with super loose defense that practically gives up the first 20 yards of the drive uncontested to avoid giving up the big play.

    So the Vikings basically traded away a chance to win the game right then and there for 20 yards of field position that they gave up uncontested with two plays over the middle of a vacated zone. So basically they traded away a chance to win the game to take off 45 seconds of time from the clock, which ultimately only went to prevent them from having a chance to score on their next possession.

    How a real coaching staff would approach that last situation? Go for it on 4th down. Then, play aggressive defense if you don’t get it so that you either stuff them or they score fast enough that you have time left to win at the end. You don’t poosh punt then play super loose defense. You are giving up the lead and the clock that way. Retarded. They have to go.

  34. I’d like to thank the team, the state, and all the Viking fans at this site for such a tremendously enjoyable season. You people really know how to make Packer fans happy.

  35. Maybe you guys should just put in an extra lineman and snap the ball right to AP. Cut out the middle man. Or perhaps give ol Tim Teebow a call, lol, hell at this point it couldn’t hurt.
    P.s. Allen its time to come on home, extra rushers on the outside to spell tamba and justin couldnt hurt next year. Just gotta change the label to OLB instead of DE.

  36. All this talk of tanking is only wishful thinking.

    Given their history do you think the vikings can really draft the right QB?

    Do you really think a rookie QB will have success in the NFL next year?

    If you change coaches and systems how many years will it take to get the right players to run the new system?

    Given the history of hiring head coaches, do you really think this ownership group will hire a good coach? Are good coaches even available on the open market?

    Embracing the suck now means you will also be embracing it in the future.

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