Carroll: Not counting on Percy Harvin to play this week


The Seattle Seahawks dialed back the schedule for receiver Percy Harvin last week in his recovery from hip surgery in August.

After returning to practice for a couple of days two weeks ago, Harvin’s progress has been slowed after developing soreness in his hip. Harvin underwent a follow-up MRI last week to make sure Harvin wasn’t experiencing any complications from the surgery. Head coach Pete Carroll said Monday that Harvin is still day-to-day.

“We’re still working to bring him on back,” Carroll said. “I know he had a good rehab today so we’ll see how he does tomorrow.”

Carroll said he still doesn’t know if Harvin has a chance to play this week against the Atlanta Falcons but added “I’m not counting on that.”

This is the final week Harvin can practice while still on the physically unable to perform list. The team has until next Tuesday, Nov. 12, to place Harvin on their active roster or lose him for the remainder of the season. The latter seems incredibly unlikely as Carroll said last week they are willing to carry Harvin on their 53-man roster as a weekly inactive if he’s still not ready to play.

Harvin could ultimately make his Seattle debut against his former team next week as the Minnesota Vikings come to town.


12 responses to “Carroll: Not counting on Percy Harvin to play this week

  1. Thanks, Seattle! The Vikings may stink, but at least they are not paying that malcontent to NOT play!

  2. So, out for this Sunday…at this point, might as well keep him out against Minnesota, too, and have him come back against the Saints on December 2nd. That gives him another full month before live action.

    Versus the Saints and at the Niners in six days…that’s the time of the regular season he will be the most needed. The less tape they have to watch, the better.

  3. skolvikesskol says: Nov 5, 2013 8:45 AM

    So that’s what 3 draft picks gets you these days.
    This from fans of a franchise that traded everything but the kitchen sink for Herschel Walker.

    Those Cowboys sure do appreciate you guys in Minnesota.

  4. Seattle is extremely cautious with everyone dealing with injuries. If anyone is really watching Seattle, they don’t need help at WR at the moment. Kearse, Baldwin, Tate are all playing well. The offensive struggles are all due to the lack of pass protection because of the injuries to offensive line.

    Starting RT/LT will start practicing Weds. Russel Okung will more than likely return Nov 17 vs the Vikings. Viking fans were in their glory when Harvin got hurt. I look forward to seeing him play against them in a few weeks as we tune up for the playoffs and they sit at the bottom of the NFL. The 25th pick you drafted a big CB that can’t stop anybody. Next year you get a 3rd round pick. Is 7th round pick still on their roster?

  5. albertmn says:Nov 5, 2013 6:21 AM

    Thanks, Seattle! The Vikings may stink, but at least they are not paying that malcontent to NOT play!


    That’s interesting. Why’d you get Josh Freeman again?

  6. pacificnw7722,

    1.You need a spark on offense? Welcome to our world.
    2. It was an interception.

    Signed, Packers fans.

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