Chiefs activate Sanders Commings from injured reserve


The Chiefs have a date with the Broncos after their bye in Week 10 and they’ll have a different look in the secondary when they get there.

The team announced Tuesday that they have activated defensive back Sanders Commings off of injured reserve. Commings, a fifth-round pick this year, broke his collarbone at the team’s first practice of training camp and has been rehabbing ever since.

“All the indications are that he’s made really nice strides for the last couple of weeks,” Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey said, via Adam Teicher of “He’s physically held up. He’s moved around athletically. It’s the combination he gives to you in terms of being able to play safety, corner and special teams. He gives you a little bit more speed, gives you a little bit more length and size.”

The Chiefs waived safety Bradley McDougald to make room for Commings on the roster.

12 responses to “Chiefs activate Sanders Commings from injured reserve

  1. Sanders is a centerfielder, literally. Look for him to take playing time from Kendrick Lewis, whose poor tackling counteracts his excellent timing.

    With Peyton coming up twice, we need the help, unless of course San Diego smacks that collarbone. . .

  2. johninthewest says:
    Nov 5, 2013 9:19 PM
    Yep scraping the bottom of the barrel…

    Really, the best defense in the league activates one of their defensive draft picks once they are healthy enough to play. That is scrapping the bottom of the barrel? In that case every team in the league is scrapping the bottom of the barrel, because they all have activated a player of the IR.

    Did a member of the Chiefs take your lunch when you were a kid? Here is an idea, if your team suck so bad you can not be happy for them and be positive, then just be quiet. This hatred against a team that is winning just makes you look like a loser. Reminds me of that teenage boy that get turned down for a date, lashing out at any other guy that the girl date.

  3. hahaha…how sad is it that toronto joe is reduced to hoping upon all hopes that Denver finally does what joe’s been predicting for weeks…beats the Chiefs?

    Here’s a news flash…even if they do, it doesn’t prove anything. Any more than any other loss every other team has had this season. Teams lose at some point. This is the pros, not college.

    The other thing about it being the pros and not college…no one’s opinion about KC matters. What matters is what happens in the playoffs. So we’ll see soon enough.

    For me, all of this is cake anyway. KC had hardly held a lead at this point in the season last year. This season is already much more than I could have hoped for, and I’m just along for the ride.

    But Joe, continue your hate. At some point you’ll be right and the Chiefs will lose. THen your prediction record will finally have a “win” to go with all of those losses. Kind of like the team you root for.

  4. Joetrollonto made an appearance. Big surprise. Joe, maybe you should go back to your Raiders stories and chide them to do better. Even if the Raiders win this weekend they will still be 5 games out of first place. Most KC fans probably don’t care if they go undefeated as most football fans know it’s hard to win each and every game you play.

    KCNATIVE – You are correct. In the NFL, you play the schedule that was prepared for you by the NFL. You don’t get to pick the opponents you want to play. Going undefeated proves very little.

  5. @illinininer–I think if you put a player on PUP-IR you can’t bring them back at all during the season and might even release the player’s contract. I.E. Tony Moeaki.

    PUP list allows the player to be re-instated once able to perform. PUP-IR would signify putting a player on injured reserve vs unable to perform.

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