Desmond Trufant touched by Steve Smith’s show of respect

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After Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins tried to get in Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith’s head by injecting some personal commentary into their on-field duel, Smith turned it back on him.

So when Smith squared off against rookie cornerback Desmond Trufant last week, what nefarious tactic of mental warfare did Smith employ?

He made it clear to Trufant he admired the way he and his family did their work.

I told him early in the game that I respected his brothers and I respected him,” Smith said, via Vaughn McClure of “The Trufants are always good. You can tell [Desmond’s] brothers have taught him a lot of stuff. He’s patient. Getting in and out of breaks, he’s very fluid.

“When you have an opportunity like that with your brothers, I think that’s pretty cool. I don’t care how old you are, what your statistics are or all that type of stuff, that’s always really cool that you have your family’s legacy and you’re part of that and you’re seeing it unfold.”

The Falcons rookie appreciated the kind words for himself and his brothers Marcus and Isaiah.

“That’s what the game is all about: respect,” Trufant said. “That’s what we play for. It’s humbling because I’ve been watching him since I was young. He and my brother [Marcus] used to go at it all the time. That’s just very humbling.”

Trufant did have a little on-field dust-up with Panthers wideout Domenik Hixon, but there were no such fireworks as when Jenkins tried to challenge Smith two weeks ago.

21 responses to “Desmond Trufant touched by Steve Smith’s show of respect

  1. Steve Smith is a man’s man.
    This dude is nothing but classy, even when he is dogging people.

    If some of the physical giants in the league had his heart, the game would be revolutionized

  2. myeaglescantwin says:
    Nov 5, 2013 11:14 AM
    Steve Smith is a man’s man.
    This dude is nothing but classy, even when he is dogging people.

    Is he classy when he is sending his team mates to the hospital by assaulting them in team meetings. Two broken noses and a fractured orbital bone that ended another players’ career and led to Smith’s arrest speak to his endless “classiness”.

  3. The only way I know Hixon was active was when I saw him and Trufant shoving each other in garbage time of a 34-10 game. Hixon is Gettleman’s one very bad move so far.

    Trufant does have potential; he did fairly well against Smith. Fortunately for us, the Falcons LBs had no idea how to cover Greg Olsen, so Smith playing a smaller role didn’t hurt us.

  4. myeaglescantwin says:
    Nov 5, 2013 11:14 AM
    Steve Smith is a man’s man.
    This dude is nothing but classy, even when he is dogging people.

    I wonder if the three team mates he assaulted in meeting rooms and practice fields, two of whom suffered broken noses and one of whom suffered a fractured orbital bone, think Steve Smith is “nothing but classy”.

  5. myeaglescantwin says:

    Steve Smith is a man’s man.
    This dude is nothing but classy, even when he is dogging people.

    A punk’s punk is more like it. Sucker punching multiple teammates in the locker room breaking the jaw of one of them ending a rookie’s career before it ever got started.

    Yeah, real “classy” all right.

  6. Steve Smith may be a bit of a hot-head, but I think most any football fan would love to have him on their team. Kind of footballs’ John McEnroe. Tons of energy, lots of talk, lots of results and a few moments where you just cringe. Always entertaining.

  7. Thank you realitypolice. Steve Smith is a punk, always has been. One friendly comment about an opponent doesn’t erase his many past indiscretions.

  8. Smith had some anger issues early in his career, but he’s clearly matured a lot and has respect for the game. However, a young loud-mouthed punk like Jenkins needs to be put in his place every once in a while.

  9. Despite size Steve Smith and Earl Simmons (DMX) are two men I’d never want to face in a fight. They have a lot of soul and dog in them. They make mistakes but you can see it in their eyes.

  10. You bums that keep bringing up his past haven’t looked at who Steve Smith is now. I know for a fact that nobody on this website grew up at 5’8 in Compton.

    Yall should look up all the good things he does in the communities he has ties to, (LA and Charlotte), charities, shoes for poor, etc…

    not to mention, a huge donation for each family effected in the Aurara Colorado shooting.

    Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

    89 HOF

  11. #89 will admit his mistakes. He will also tell you how those mistakes made him a better man. We all deserve a chance to change, Steve did and came out a better person. But haters gonna hate…KEEP POUNDING

  12. Steve Smith is right on the money this time. The Trufants are classy guys who work hard. They represent their city and their family well. Good job parents.

  13. shocked so few have pointed this out. this is an obvious shot at Janoris Jenkins, another young corner, just who he happens to have no respect for

    then the next week, smith is talking about how much he respects a young corner in the same division? yeah. I am totally good with it, but smith is trolling jenkins

  14. Good to see some mutual respect between competitors in light of the despicable behavior of some NFL players lately…..good to see Smith and the Panthers finally putting it together, and Trufant has been one of the few bright spots of a tough year in the ATL…..

  15. lol at all those cutting down Smith because he is who he is & if he don’t like you you’ll know it he don’t ly to your face
    AS for his punching 2 of his teammates he has owned up to that & put it behind him unlike other TOP WR’s he’s never made up excuses about himself or the Panthers win lose record he’s never said if i had a good QB or if i had help we would have won the Super Bowl he has said the toughest part of screwing up was facing his Wife & Kids about him losing his cool & yea he is a Family man

  16. Steve Smith is the man. I find it hilarious these idiots bringing up him punching a teammate years ago. How bout you actually do a lol research before you comment on one news article you read in 2005. Haters keep hating…Smitty keeps POUNDING;

  17. Well he may not be the classiest, but at least he didn’t punch his own mom. Not to mention backing it up on the field for years, and no, i’m not a Panthers fan.

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