Dolphins haven’t placed Jonathan Martin on NFI list, yet


Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin remains away from the team, but he’s still getting paid.  Because he’s still on the active roster.

He’ll get paid for Week 10 because it’s Tuesday and he has yet to be shifted to the non-football illness list, per a source with knowledge of the situation.

Moving Martin to the NFI list would give the Dolphins an extra roster spot, along with the opportunity to not pay Martin.

The decision to keep Martin on the active roster through Tuesday suggests that, if/when he’s moved to the NFI list, he’ll still be paid.  And that would be a fair outcome, given that Martin ultimately left the team due to harassment from a teammate.

There’s also a chance (likely slim, but nevertheless a chance) that the league will decline to permit the Dolphins to place Martin on the NFI list, given that the illness arguably is football related.

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  1. I agree with Antrel Rolle on this one….Martin allowed it to happen….that doesn’t clear Incognito of anything, he was dead wrong….but this shows they were both about as insecure as it gets

  2. Time to suit up Jon, that maggot got what was coming to him, and he will never see the NFL again. Go back and play.

  3. “It’s not bullying – it’s tradition!”

    “`Redskins’ isn’t offensive – it’s tradition!”

    “Concussions are part of the game! It’s tradition!”

    Interesting non-sequitur: the political candidates backed by folks who generally think like this aren’t doing very well in elections lately…

  4. Clear Ingconito.
    the guy did nothing wrong, and players are even backing him up.

    Martin is just a delicate, soft, feminine, immature kid with low self esteem

  5. There has to be a better picture of Martin that you can use. One that doesn’t make him look special.

    Glad to hear he’s getting paid. Things continue to come up roses for Martin, like they should.

  6. Although it isn’t confirmed, the relationship between Martin and Incognito went south when Rich noticed Jon looking at him with that “50 year old parole officer disapproval look”. Incognito told him to wipe it off his face, not knowing that that was how Martin looked all the time.

  7. Don’t understand how this qualifies for the NFI list. Is Martin suffering post-traumatic stress? Has that been diagnosed by a mental-health professional? If removing Incognito from the locker room eliminates the bullying problem, then what’s preventing Martin from returning to work? Was Incognito acting alone?

    Clearly, we haven’t gotten the whole story yet.

  8. I guess my messages are being deleted since Martin is too soft to take the truth. Just stay home and I hope the Dolphins cut him after the season, too soft for the NFL. Im not saying he needed to fight Incognito but at least go to your coach first. I guess this is what happens when I weak person gets into the NFL. Look at his pictures he has no Muscle definition, no wonder he gets beat on power rushes. Just leave already.

  9. Hopefully phins cut them both. But if the phins would cut Martin,for handling the situation the way he did bringing bad attention to the organzation, most of you guys would take his defense and post how messed up it was you clowns.

  10. Martin has no tatoos. If I’m drafting him, I’ve got to wonder why. Oh yeah, he’s intelligent and does not want to conform.

    If that’s the case, then you wonder that he may not fit in because the neanderthals will find him. Hell, they are right next to him.

  11. Been a fan of NFL very many years. This issue is has cross the line of what the sport of football is all about. Too many attorneys/ media type involved! quit watching / attending baseball many seasons ago. College football followed. Sorry – better activities to do on Sunday / Monday/ Thursday Good luck Roger! You have created a monster that is going to bit you in the ass.

  12. To any who think Martin should have kept his mouth shut and kept it “in house,” I’m reminded of a situation not too far in our past. Would it have been alright for the Assistant Coach at Penn State to have kept his mouth shut and kept things “in House.” JoePa could still have his untarnished rep and Penn State could have been saved Millions of dollars. What a tragedy that would have been. Oh I know the situations aren’t the same. However, we have a society which has determined that we’re not supposed to “snitch.” Murderers go free because people refuse to tell what they know because they don’t want to be accused to being a snitch. There is nothing weak about telling the truth. When people say that Martin needed to “man up,” they’ve got it wrong. He DID “man up.” Being a man doesn’t always have to involve violence.

  13. Or, you know…..the organization could offer an apology for the situation existing, whether they had a part in it or not, and then they could ensure an environment of safety and comfort for the kid….

    That’s just, like….a damn whiny liberal idea though, so probably not.

  14. I agree cut both of them. Martin failed to handle it in house and went home to mommy and daddy, and Ingonito is dumbass meat head. Get rid of both of them and let them be someone else problem. Incognito might get another shot because he has proven he can be a solid guard. If the Phins don’t take Martin back he may never play in the NFL again. He lost his job to Big Mac because he was terrible and Tannehill was getting killed. Allot of NFL clubs don’t want a cry baby running to the media because someone hurt his feelings.

  15. There has to be more to this story than just bullying.

    I pray it does not, but If it has anything to do with sexual orientation this is going to be a nuclear bomb.

  16. smarterthanyou is in the sixth grade.

    What more to the story do you need after seeing one of many transcripts of Incognito being a psychopath?

  17. The world is a hard place, Martin had a good contract. I work hard all year long, put up with crap daily from my customers all for peanuts. Martin is a sissy, a panzy and that’s why he got teased. Get him out of the NFL and make him an Airline stewardess.

  18. Look, bullies are scum, got it. But this guy did not even tell his coach. He gave no one the opportunity to fix it. I was in the Army 22 years and sometimes guys get more than they can give back BUT YOU HAVE TO TELL SOMEONE OR THEY CAN’T HELP YOU!!!
    His selfish inaction has brought the Dolphins national embarrassment. Stay home with your mother Martin. It’s safe there.

  19. ________________________________________________________________________

    This being said about a guy (Martin) who chose to play football, which btw is violent!
    Ok I understand rookie hazing by teams, but remember Martin is not a rookie anymore…
    Point blank…there comes a time when you must stand up for yourself!

  20. The more I learn about the guy the more I dislike him. He just sounds like a wimp that couldn’t handle the normal back and forth of any make dominated profession. The other guys were probably like, “watch thus, I’ll threaten to kill hmm and this idiot will actually think I’m being serious.” The other Miami players sound like a-hole but Martin sounds like an idiot. Another Generation Glee “victim”.

  21. Get back in there, Martin! The sooner you do, the sooner you can put all this stuff behind you. If you don’t go back, you will never be able to put it behind you.

  22. Love how Antrel Rolle is concerned that Martin “let it happen” but keeps his mouth shut about Incognito calling Martin a “half-***”

  23. vegasjack1 says:
    Nov 5, 2013 6:26 PM
    To any who think Martin should have kept his mouth shut and kept it “in house,” I’m reminded of a situation not too far in our past. Would it have been alright for the Assistant Coach at Penn State to have kept his mouth shut and kept things “in House.” JoePa could still have his untarnished rep and Penn State could have been saved Millions of dollars.

    You are comparing a serial child molester to a 30-year-old “bully” who left a grotesque e-mail for one of his friends/teammates. Get real, buddy.

  24. Richie is not a racist, lets end that talk now, an idiot maybe.
    He has support from many of the African American players on the Dolphins who knew the type of language he used and were okay with it because they used it too.

  25. The day the NFL has to get involved and make a “BULLY FREE ZONE” rule in its locker rooms is a sad day in America…this is not a kindergarten class room. This supposed to be a room full of 53 of the baddest meanest men in America getting ready to go to battle with each other each and every week. The NFL is not for every body and Martin is just not cut out for it.

  26. The Dolphins can’t put Martin on NFI because there is no illness. There’s nothing wrong with him. He just refused to tolerate a jerk in his workplace that no one should have to tolerate. He spoke to the coaches about the problem, they did nothing. So he walked. And he’s got a legit grievance.

    This mentality that signing an NFL contract means you have to put up with threats and extortion from your own teammates is complete nonsense.

    And for the people defending Incognito, how exactly did his behavior create the pack mentality necessary for the Dolphin’s o-line to function as a unit? As leader of the offensive line, Incognito stunk. The Dolphin’s o-line is a joke. Based on their numbers, a middle school pop-warner team could sack Tannehill. As leader of the o-line, Incognito owns a good chunk of the blame for the 35 sacks his unit has given up.

    Incognito’s divisive and abusive behavior undermines the Dolphins both as a team and as a business organization. There’s nothing logical about defending that guy.

  27. Martin had all the leverage in the world to go to Incognito and put him in his place. Martin could of used those text as a means to tell Richie to calm it down before he leaks them but for some odd reason Martin did not do that.

    Football players are special, they are cut from a mold that most MEN would like to be cut from, every now and then you have a player that is big enough but can not cut the mustard skill wise…Martin appears to not be able to cut it mentally(nothing wrong with that), football takes an intense toll on your body and mind hence the enormous paychecks. Maybe Martin did not have it and that is fine. Football players are typically guys that you want with you in a bar fight, its the way AMERICA was taught to love football!

  28. I feel a bit bad for Martin, obviously his parents just did not hug him enough, same for Incognito. I think it is time to end the playoffs with a “Good Team Mate Lombardi” trophy awarded to all these little guys to reinforce that as long as they respect each other they are all winners.

  29. Martin won’t report and the dolphins won’t cut him because either move weakens their respective legal claim/defense.

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