Greenway joins list of players who question Thursday games

The NFL remains committed to playing games on Thursday nights.  Some players like it, some players don’t.

Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway, whose team hosts Washington on Thursday night, doesn’t.

“I think you’re taking away from what you’re saying a little bit as far as player safety goes,” Greenway said, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.  “Trying to get yourself ready for a game in four days is difficult.  I don’t care about what level you’re talking about.”

The league consistently points to the fact that the injury rate in Thursday games is no greater than it is in other games.  This overlooks the difficulty of getting players ready to play with only four days, whether their injuries be significant or trivial.

Regardless, plenty of players like playing on Thursday because they get a mini-bye on the back end; just last week, Ravens receiver Torrey Smith made that point on PFT Live.

And the debate is irrelevant because the NFLPA has agreed to permit a full slate of Thursday games.  Within the next couple of years, those Thursday games will generate significantly more revenue for the league and, in turn, for the players, when a chunk of the NFL Network package is likely sold to the highest bidder.

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  1. He’s just mad Morris and Helu will run over his defense with ease. Man up and earn those Millions Greenway. You don’t hear those on the Redskins complaining do you? #ItsaManssport

  2. Thanksgiving and the Season Opener are the only two weeks that should house Thursday Night Games.

  3. I hope the commish doesn’t kill the golden goose that is the NFL. He wants 18 games a year and a larger slate of Thursday games to generate more TV revenue. Also a team in London, which I do not think is going to fly.

  4. “Trying to get yourself ready for a game in four days is difficult. I don’t care about what level you’re talking about.”

    for the money they make they seriously need to stop whining about thurs night football. if you dont like it im pretty sure theres a guy on the practice squad that would love your roster spot

  5. money is more important. In fact safety is just code for more money! The fines that are doled out are ridiculous especially considering they let players play w/ broken ribs and other bones.

  6. Thursday night games in the eastern time zone suck (as do Monday games)….now Friday night games may be a different story.

  7. These complaints that try to create a contradiction between player safety and more work/more money completely miss the mark.

    When negotiating the CBA, both the owners and the players wanted more money. In order to get more money for both players and owners, the NFL wants/needs to create more product for TV viewing. This means, more Thursday night games, more meaningful games per season (18 regular season games) and more viewers (London).

    Making the game safer allows this to occur. It does not conflict with this goal. look at basketball and baseball, where they play 80 or 160 games. Obviously, those games are safer, so they can play more games. If the NFL is safer, they could also play more games.

    The trick is to make the game safer without taking away from what people like about the NFL.

  8. Over exposure will ruin football. To much of a good thing and it becomes not so unique. The concept of the Bucs on prime time twice in 3 weeks is crazy.

  9. jjbo811, Iagree, but there’s no way ANYONE can convince me that Tate was playing with four broken ribs. They must have mentioned it ten times. TOTAL B.S. Anything for a story I guess. For one thing it’s not hard to puncture a lung with broken ribs. My God that was stupid to keep that story going. I’ve had broken ribs several times and I DO know you’re NOT playing football with ’em. Sheesh for dumb.

  10. If/when the NFL sells it’s Thursday night games off to another network for big money, that’s when I’ll be dropping NFL Network. Thursday Night Football is the ONLY reason to pay for/ watch NFLN. Matt Millen: A Football Life doesn’t do it for me.

  11. God dell would have teams play double headers if it meant more money. 18 game season and at least two extra playoff teams coming down the pipe. Players will agree if it also means more money to them. Of course not guys already making millions.

  12. Up above someone said, “Goodell is killing the goose that lays the golden egg.”


    Has it occurred to anyone that the reason teams don’t have NFL quality QB’s might have something to do with watering the talent pool by the expansion to 32 teams.

    Greed, concussions and now the Dolphin scandal are not polishing the future of the NFL.

  13. The NFL would schedule games 5 days a week if they could get away with it. The owners care about money 1st, 2nd & 3rd. The integrity of the game & the players are at the back of the line. That said, it would be cool to only have the teams coming off their bye weeks play on Thursdays.

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