Kubiak released from hospital after stroke-like attack


The Texans have confirmed that head coach Gary Kubiak has been released from the hospital, as well as the reason he’s been there since Sunday night.

The team just sent out a statement saying that after multiple tests, it was discovered Kubiak suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA), a stroke-like condition.

According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, TIA’s do not cause permanent damage, though they can be warning signs of future strokes, with one in three patients eventually suffering one, and half within the first year.

The team reports that he’s “expected to make a full recovery,” though not timetable has been given for his return to work.

“I want to thank my family, the McNair family, the Texans organization, the doctors and staff at Houston Methodist and the entire Houston community for all the love and support we have received over the past three days,” Kubiak said in a statement provided by the team. “I’ve been through an ordeal and my focus now is to get back to good health. Doctors have told me I will make a full recovery but we have not determined when I will be cleared to return to the office. Again, thank you for the support and concern.”

While there was a report earlier that he could be back as soon as next week, it seems the team wants to dampen that enthusiasm a bit, and give Kubiak all the time he needs to recover fully.

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  1. Ran into this man years back in the morning as he was headed to Reliant. Nice man, football is an after thought take care of yourself!

  2. With those kind of odds of having a stroke that could be worse this might be a time to think about retiring or taking some extended time off to just focus on his health… As a Bronco fan I’m a huge Kubiak fan (when they’re not playing the Broncos of coarse.) but I would hate to see him disabled for the rest of his life because of the stressful nature of coaching… like others have said they’re are more important things in life. Get fully well soon!!!

  3. Very scary. I cannot imagine the stress these guys are under. I would retire if it were me, I am sure he is set money wise. Good luck Coach Kubiak and stay healthy.

  4. I don’t typically like to get in the business of telling people how to live their lives, but he should give some serious thought to getting into a different line of work.

    The doctors have basically told him that he has a 33% chance of having a stroke, possibly within the next year. One in three! That is a hugely greater risk than the general population. And those statistics certainly include people whose jobs are far less stressful than his.

    There’s no shame in moving into the front office or television. Anything he can do to lower that risk is at least worth considering.

  5. whitecastleisafoodgroup says:
    Nov 5, 2013 1:38 PM
    I had a TIA a couple years ago and it is a) scary as hell to have happen to you and b) a wake up call to take better care of yourself.
    If you are serious about eating at White Castle then it is no surprise that you got a TIA.
    What we eat, especially animal based “food,” does have a connection to our health.
    Eating a 100% plant based diet will decrease the risk for heart attacks and strokes tremendously.

  6. Get well soon coach. I think it is now undisputed that the best thing for you personally and this team is for you to retire. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with your family –you earned them.

  7. My mom had a TIA a few years ago. I know they aren’t supposed to cause permanent damage, but she has had severe memory problems ever since it happened, with no symptoms before. I hope things go well for Kubiak.

  8. The NFL, if they don’t already have a policy for this, should mandate annual health screenings for coaches. And mandate some into wellness programs. And publicize this stuff.

    I mean, I look at Andy Reid and wonder how he can be a role model for players, being obviously overweight. Maybe John Fox in that same category.

    And the stress of preparation and overpreparation for games is clearly a potential for problems.

    People joked about Dick Vermeil crying when he resigned from the eagles citing burnout, but I’m beginning to thing that he may have had apoint so many years ago…

  9. Gary is a bright man, a Family man. He will retire I think. He’s had a great experience in the football world, one that most would dream of. But he won’t be out of the game that much considering his sons still play. I am sure he will miss it, but I think a healthy life w/ your family is all that much important.

  10. This happened to a family member of mine a few years back, it’s scary as hell. What’s surprising is that Kubiak looks relatively fit. The annoying thing is that after something like this, you get everyone in the world telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat. Would not be surprised to see Arian Foster doing a hard sell on Kubiak, lol. On the bright side, Kubiak has among the best medical and nutrition resources in the world, right at his fingertips. I wish him the best.

  11. I’ve had several TIA’s with the first (and worst) instance almost 10 years ago at 41. The statement they cause no permanent damage is inaccurate.

    To this day I have numbness in my foot and also in the side of my face and mouth due to it. The symptoms come and go and can be quite scary. I also always feel head pressure when bending over to do any form of work.

    Unfortunately, coaching may prove too stressful for Kubiak going forward as a position with severe stress and long hours is about the worst thing he could possibly do.

    I truly feel sorry for him and wish him all the best .

  12. RealityPolice…
    Doesn’t seem to be much empirical evidence that stress causes strokes. It’s blood clots or narrowing of blood vessels. Kind of one of those long held beliefs of Folk wisdom.. “Calm down.. you’ll have a stroke”.. kind of things.
    But no evidence to suggest it is a CAUSE….

  13. Kubaik is a very good coach and a great person. He will get well soon and coach the team for its success. I don’t quite understand why the Texans fans hate this very good coach. Let me ask the Texans fans what were your team record prior to Kubaik. He brought the winning culture, even on the loosing time he had the team competing in late December and pushing for the playoff spot. He built a very good offense. People who criticized his play calling should know what happened the second half on the Colts game after he left. Come on Houston Fans!

  14. I wish Kubiak a very speedy recovery. I selfishly do not want him to retire because he has been a great coach, though I’ve questioned his play calling at times. But he has created an identity for the Texans, which was something they never had under Capers, except for maybe “doormat”. And he’s made them into a serious contender, obviously this year not so much.

    There is no need for him to rush back to the team though. The season is essentially over and now it’s time to evaluate if Keenum really is the guy to lead us or if we need to draft a QB high in the draft. Schaub is unfortunately done in Houston.

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