Reid says calling Alex Smith a “game manager” is a compliment


Last month, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith said he doesn’t know what the term “game manager” means.  (So much for that Utah education.)

On Monday, Chiefs coach Andy Reid suggested that, if Smith knew what the term means, he’d be proud.

“I think it’s a tribute to him,” Reid told Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.  “I don’t know one great quarterback that hasn’t been a great game manager.  So I think it’s a heck of a compliment, and he does that, he’s taken the youngest offensive line in the National Football League and helped them become better.  One great thing about great quarterbacks is they make everyone around them a little better than what they are and he’s able to do that, including the head coach.”

It’s a brilliant response from Reid, taking a term that seems negative and making it a positive.  And it comes from a guy who has taken a team that had plenty of negatives after the 2012 season and turning everything positive.

The biggest difference on the field has been the quarterback/game manager, who has managed the Chiefs to the franchise’s first 9-0 start since 2003, and Reid’s first 9-0 start ever.

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31 responses to “Reid says calling Alex Smith a “game manager” is a compliment

  1. Undermines all the simpletons saying that the quarterback is everything. Chiefs are doing much better than the team that found Alex expendable a few months back.

  2. I agree. People use game manager like it’s a slight. There are more than a few teams that would take a “game manager.”

  3. Lets continue the Kansas City Chief aren’t that good discussion…..As a Bills fan your team was lucky to get out of town with the win. Your defense made plays when they needed to but they cant stop the run and the defensive backfield aint much better. You do however have a good pass rush even though you failed to sack the undrafted rookie starting his first game…as for offense…other than your running back who failed to get 100 yards….you have nothing….you may make the playoffs….but you aint going past the 1st round…oh and though I could not understand last year how your quarterback lost his job to Kapernick…I now understand fully why……

  4. The Chiefs have 4 victories against teams that were starting their backup quarterbacks. Hard to judge how good they are when they are playing against backups.

  5. Captain Checkdown is a winner. But he’s a game manager. He needs a good line, a good running game and a good defense. Get them outside of the comfort zone and we’ll see just how good KC is. They are good, but you can’t learn tons from beating Jeff Tuel and Case Keenum and Jason Campbell.

  6. If you want to speak in technical terms, then every QB that ever set foot on a football field is a game manager. Reid can spin this into a compliment for his guy, and that’s what a head coach should do, but NOBODY uses the term “game-manager” as a pure compliment to a player. When throwing that term at a quarterback, the critics are not simply praising that player’s ability to manage a game, they are implying that there are significant inadequacies about the quarterback’s ability…often a lack of arm strength.

    If Alex Smith claims to “not know” what people mean when they call him a game manager, that is purely him putting up his shield against criticism that will only divert his focus away from the task at hand. I’m sure continuing an undefeated effort is a lot more important to Alex Smith than addressing any criticism levied upon him.

  7. The biggest difference on the field has been the emergence of a dominating defense that stifles the opponent’s offense, sets up the offense on a very short field and scores points. It’s not the addition of a game manager of an anemic offense.

  8. Congratulations on 9 – 0. Let’s talk again around AFC Championship time and see how the team is doing then. Regular season games don’t prove much of anything.

  9. I forget what Smith’s record with the 9ers was but I know it was good. The guy is usually on the winning team; call it luck or game management or whatever. I call him a winner, which is the only adjective that actually matters to a QB…

  10. Andy is having some fun. But let’s keep it real. This team has beaten ONE team with a winning record. And that team is 5-4. Just saying…

  11. From 2-14 to 9-0. People who criticize the Chiefs come across as petty and more than a little silly.

  12. Oh Unclebluck you mad ?……It sounds like we have a sour Bill’s fan on our hands, 9-0 is 9-0. I know you’ll have nightmares about Sean Smiths 100 yard int return for years to come.

  13. First – I am no KC fan. Really don’t give them a thought any time other than when I see an article about them.

    Second – to those JERKS who are insulting and making stupid remarks against this team – get a friggin life! This team sucked last year – the fact that they are winning and continuing to do so is quite a statement – it is up to the opposing team to beat them – so if the Chiefs continue to win, that is more than half the NFL did that given Sunday.

    I hated the Philthydelphia Iggles and Reid was part of that – couldn’t stand him then – but I give him all the props and credit for getting a team to believe in themselves – and unlike the prima donna teams like Seattle which brag about how good they are (and they aren’t), KC just wins.

    I hope the Chiefs do win all the way to the Super Bowl. Nothing could be finer than smacking the Miami Hate Fish off their high horse.

  14. They call Alabama’s A.J. McCarron a game manager–and he has more championship rings than he has losses in his college career. I’ll happily take a game manager over someone who’s giving the ball away more than he’s scoring. I’m a Steelers fan, and yes, I am talking about the way our QB is playing right now.

  15. sirsupersouthern says:Nov 5, 2013 5:24 PM

    I forget what Smith’s record with the 9ers was but I know it was good.

    He was 38-36-1 as the 49ers starting QB. 19-31 prior to Harbaugh’s arrival.

  16. Where is TorontoTroll…

    Yes the chiefs have overachieved, they probably have won 3 more games than they should, much like the perennial laughing stock Raiders.

  17. Alex Smith is a class act, and I’m happy for his success. If you were watching the last couple of weeks, he showed he can throw the ball up the field with zip. And he is a good runner, always was, showed that when he played for Urban Meyer at Utah. Good for him, good for K.C. (from Niner fan)

  18. They will still draft a qb next year to replace him. Trend Dilfer of the ravens….who was a great game manager got replaced by Elvis G and did nothing.

  19. You’ve gotta wonder what Alex Smith’s career might have looked like if the guy hadn’t have had to adjust to 93 different offensive coordinators.

    He’s no Joe Montana, but he’s good enough that the ‘Niners may eventually conclude that they kicked themselves in the kaepernick.

  20. Oh my, I would hate to let facts get in the way of people trying to hate on another teams success but…..

    That game manager is 28-5-1 and has a Conference Title as the starter in the last 3 years.

    As for 4 back-up QBs, sorry too point this out but Gabbert and Schaub are healthy and backing up Campbell and Keenum. So obviously their coaches feel that Campbell and Keenum are the better QB’s and therefore are the starters. And seem to agree with them, since Campbell won this last week and if it had not been for Kubiack’s medical problems I think Keenum and the Texans would have continued their dominance of Indy into the second half.

    As for the records of the teams we played, like has been said before Denver has played the same teams as the Chiefs for the most part (actually the overall record of the the teams that the Chiefs have beat is better). But I do love to point out that a nasty side effect of beating a team is their record gets worst. IE the Chiefs are apart of the reasons that they have bad records. So if you look at the nine teams that the Chiefs have beat, 4 of them would have winning records if they had won their game against the Chiefs and a 5th team would be at .500

    Here is my prediction, in two weeks that post on here will all be about how lucky the Chiefs are that Manning had a bad game. If the Chief’s defense had not been so lucky as to have intercepted Manning (insert number) times and sacked him (insert number) times, then the Chiefs would have never have won. The Broncos will show us all how big of a fluke this win was in two week when they play again.

  21. “The biggest difference on the field has been the emergence of a dominating defense that stifles the opponent’s offense, sets up the offense on a very short field and scores points. It’s not the addition of a game manager of an anemic offense.”

    It’s a symbiotic relationship. Chiefs offense seems to be on the field a lot, even when they only come up with 3 or zero points. The defense takes advantage of the break and the resulting field position for the opposing offense. Offensive turnovers can be a real killer for your D. 2013 Chiefs look a hell of a lot like 2011 49ers. I think Broncos and Patriots are better but why not Chiefs over the Bengals and Ravens and similar teams?

    They’re also only half a year into a new offense. That applies to the OL, the receivers, and backs as well as Alex Smith. Smith looked a lot better in year 2 with Harbaugh/Roman before the concussion. Critics will keep looking the gift horse in the mouth regarding the 9-0 start and the game manager QB play but Chiefs are kicking ass and have a bright future.

  22. Tom Brady won 3 sb with a great running game and defense. So did terry Bradshaw, troy aikmen… This team was 2-14 last year. Andy reid had to horrible seasons even tho he had grade A talent.. Alex smith is the reason why this team is 9-0.. He’s playing with the all drops team, bowe, avery, and cluster drop morw passes then a lil bit, hell jamal Charles lead the league in drops for all rbs. Chiefs o line sucks, but yet there 9-0.. Charles had 1500 yards rushing last year, same weak ass o line but yet they were 2 -14 last year.. Let’s not kids ourselves Alex is the reason.. Yea that dynamic passing offense in sf is off the charts lol ranked dead last in passing…

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