Report: Coaches wanted Incognito to toughen up Martin

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When Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald visited PFT Live on Tuesday and we discussed the possibility that Dolphins guard Richie Incognito’s treatment of tackle Jonathan Martin came at the behest of a coaching staff hoping to make Martin tougher, Salguero predicted that, if that ends up being the case, a lot of people will be fired.

A lot of people apparently will be fired.

According to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Dolphins coaches asked Incognito “to toughen up” Martin after he missed a voluntary workout during the 2013 offseason.  Kelly cites “at least two” unnamed sources.

Per the unnamed sources, Incognito may have taken his orders too far.  Specifically, the sources tell Kelly that the racially-charged voice message from Incognito to Martin came after skipped two days of the team’s voluntary OTA program.

“Incognito was encouraged by his coaches to make a call that would ‘get [Martin] into the fold,'” Kelly reports.

Regardless of whether Incognito took his orders too far, those who gave the orders will be facing serious consequences, if the report is accurate.  Management-level employees can’t pull the rip cord on a reputed nut job and then throw their hands in the air and say “that was an overreaction” when the local enforcer is overly zealous with his methods of enforcement.

Apart from the fact that the report suggests a violation of the rules regarding voluntary workouts, the report indicates that the coaches set in motion the events that resulted in Martin leaving the team due to ongoing harassment by Incognito.  Even though Kelly’s report focuses specifically on communications occurring in the offseason, it’s quite possible that the effort to toughen up Martin was as extensive as the cinematic effort to “train” PFC William Santiago.

To summarize, one of the biggest messes in recent years is about to get a lot messier.  And if Kelly’s report is accurate, more people than Incognito will soon be former employees of the Dolphins.

291 responses to “Report: Coaches wanted Incognito to toughen up Martin

  1. We’ll in my opinion this is not Incognito’s fault. The Dolphins wanted Martin too toughen up or get out, Call them criminal for wanted a tough football player. Nothing in the NFL needs to change it’s just not a place for people like Martin….thats that now lets move on. Mike Pouncey is pretty much the same as Martin, Both African American offensive linemen from the same draft on the same team. So tell me, if Incognito is some crazy out of control racist why are him and Pouncey friends?…..Incognito was saying what ever he could to get Martin to say something back while the rest of the team laughed and instead of Martin reacting like a man he recorded all the calls and put the whole dolphins organization on blast…..I’d rather go to battle with Incognito then Martin any day and I’m sure everyone else on the dolphins feel that way too.

  2. And it looked like all eyes were on the Miami Dolphins organization already, they ain’t seen nothing yet….

  3. You know, this has really grown on me. At first like everyone was outraged! How could Incognito do this? What an idot! This guy is crazy I though. No question that Incognito is nuts and the racial slurs are disgusting. I am by no means justifying this……….HOWEVER myself being a member of the military witness the ribbing and joking of other people. If some people were to get ahold of some of the voicemails or text messages that sent between friends, well lets just say we’d in a world of SH*T!

    The fact that Martin could not address this issue with coaches can be looked at badly by both sides. At the very least bring it up to your coaches (like me reporting to my chain of command) and see if I get this nipped in the butt!

  4. What a loser franchise. Who’s the leader of the assistant coaches and players? The head coach. I would expect the NFL to suspend Philbin for at least a year.

  5. Ahh…you have to wonder the real reason Parcells left. Maybe the owner was garbage and Ireland won a power struggle. Regardless garbage like incognito and the knuckle heads who defend him like rolle and siragusa are still pathetic

  6. So Incognito’s plan to get Martin to show up to voluntary workouts was by telling him he wanted to s*** in his mouth?

  7. Funny how so many here on this blog & media types were jumping to conclusions about Martin’s character with such limited reporting thus far when as it is now turning out (if this is true) he basically had ‘No Where To Turn’ given that the orders were coming from above & that so called ‘family’ locker room didn’t correct the situation!!!

    Good for Martin!!! Give them all the screws!

    HA HA… You can’t make this stuff up! Stupid Stupid Fins….

  8. So what if the coaches wanted to toughen him up.

    It’s not their fault Incognito went about it the wrong way.

  9. So will Incognito be charged with conduct unbecoming of a football player? He was ordered to give Martin a Code Red.

  10. This is getting worse by the hour. Woke up to Incognito getting a new Ferrari, now management gave orders. Can’t wait to see what happens at the next coach’s presser.

  11. I hate the Dolphins, I’ve always thought Martin sucked, and I’ve always thought Incognito was a moron.

    But something inside me wants to see this end with Martin punching Incognito in the face, no one gets fired and life just moving on as normal.

  12. Want to be an NFL lineman? Step one: be thick-skinned. This game is dominated by incredible athletes, with volatile personalities, eager to attack even the slightest hint of weakness. Its not a game for everyone, only a privileged few.

    The opposing team is very motivated to do or say ANYTHING they can to make you question your ability, your manhood, your competitiveness. Anything that gives them a perceived edge is fair game.

    If you are susceptible to such abuse, that needs to be tested BEFORE gameday. Being athletically and physically gifted isn’t even close to enough, you need to have a mental tenacity that NO ONE can intimidate you. Not the other team, and certainly not any teammate.

    Fact: Martin lacked the mental resiliency to be an NFL player

    Fact: Incognito did the Fish a favor by revealing this. He’ll be castigated by the Fish apologists, who are the same PC morons who decry the Redskins name.

    But they are all morons. And they all deserve contempt, disgust and hatred.

  13. Trivia question… What NFL coach in the State of Florida will not lose his job before the Super Bowl?

    If you said the Coach of a 0-8 team that just lost their best player to a drug suspension…. you are correct.

  14. Attitude reflects leadership and we’ve seen this type of workplace behavior from Jeff Ireland in the past. Did we really think letting him put the rest of the leadership in place would be a good idea?

  15. Can anyone really say that they’re surprised? Maybe not that the order was given but that the “we had no idea this was going on” prepared statement was true?

    On Hard Knocks with the Jets a couple seasons ago the coaches explicitly told players to start a fight with (I think) Vernon Gholston. Lucky for then Gholston could take it — Martin could not.

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  17. Would the two “unnamed sources” be from the NFLPA by any chance? As stated inthe prior report, they got to be scrambling to find ways to pin this back on the league so they can defend both players. It is a player on player crime, sources will come from whoever wants to blame the league. Racism sucks, it should be stopped.

  18. This is very disturbing.

    This is worse than ‘Bountygate’ IMHO.

    What happened there was between the lines and the only ‘victim’ anyone can really point to (Brett Farve NFC Champ ’09) doesn’t even consider himself a ‘victim’ of anything nefarious. He said himself it was ‘just football’.
    Ask Martin if he feels like a victim. He does so much that so he went into hiding ffs.

    IF, IF, IF and let me stress that, IF this is true as stated, the Dolphins org and Philbin deserve at least the punishment the Saints org got.

  19. In an earlier post I said the head coach and the GM should be suspended. After reading this, they should be fired. You don’t give someone with anger issues permission to use their anger and intimidation skills to bring another player “into the fold.” You especially don’t pretend to be shocked when that person “takes it too far.” The people running this organization must not be too intelligent.

  20. I thought this may be the case. Incognito was claiming innocence and this was the only logical conclusion.

    I’ve been there. I was ordered to hit a member of our baseball team every chance I got when I was a freshman. Intra squad fall baseball. Perennial powerhouse, College WS team, good ole Florida baseball. Scholarship on the line or so I thought.

    I feel bad to this day because I ended the guys college career. The guy lived in my dorm too. Class act. I really do feel bad to this day.

    So many coaches are total Dbags, as was mine. He became famous but I hate the guy.

    I fking hate coaches to this day.

    Incognito may be a tool but he was a pawn.

    Goodbye Joe Philbin. Everyone felt bad you lost a son. Everyone thought it was weird you took the job. Maybe you’re not the nice guy we thought you were…

  21. don’t call me son…i am a lawyer and a officer of the united states navy… and your under arrest you S.O.B……

  22. I’ve felt from the beginning that at least the OL coach should be disciplined. How could he NOT know what was going on without being totally negligent? Now we find that not only did coaches know, they possibly ordered the harassment… well… that’s a paddlin’.

  23. To be fair to Incognito, he was never told by coaches NOT to threaten to kill the dudes family, or throw around racial slurs.

  24. I am curious what kind of miniscule, wrist-tickling “self-penalty” the team will give itself to avoid the wrath of the League – like the petty efforts of all the college teams who break as many rules as they can get away with every year.

    Give up 5 draft picks over the next 3 years? 2 year salary freeze for everyone?

    A 4-hour management seminar from some sleazy “buy my book and dvds” late night TV charlatan?

  25. If ever an organization needed to be exorcised and burned to the ground, this is the one.

    I sure am curious as to what it is that has to happen once and for all on Jeff Ireland’s watch that would actually cause Stephen Ross to fire him. He’s destroyed his organization and is still employed, so I guess at this point we have to assume he’ll keep him on as long as he owns the team…..

  26. Did they order a code red? So that would make Incognito: Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson. Is Martin gone for good too? Was everything still arranged neatly in his locker?

  27. You’re implying that Philbin ordered the code RED, which could be the very opposite if what actually happened. Team “enforcers” are encouraged to toughen up soft but promising players all the time. It doesn’t mean they’re being ordered to make racially charged death threats or threats against family members. Let’s set our liberal passion aside for a moment and understand that we’re talking about a football locker room here and not a corporate board room.

    Incognito made his bed with his choice of words on the voice mail and texts. No place for that anywhere. As for a safe workplace environment, we haven’t heard one piece of evidence to suggest Incognito crossed the line in the locker room or practice field, let alone whether he was instructed to do so by the coaches. He may have crossed the line. Or Martin may just have little patience for off the field grabass. He kept the vm for 7 months, so it’s obviously something he’s been harboring for awhile. His choice of time and place is a little peculiar.

    We can blame the coaches all we want, but for all we know, Philbin would have cut Incognito in February had Martin reported it then. Philbin was never give that opportunity.

  28. These stories are helping to paint football players as bullies and jerks. Alpha dog Guys who were always the biggest in their schools and neighborhoods and grew up bullying and intimidating everyone else around them.

    And the comments by some players and some fans – you’re not helping.

  29. Maybe they thought Incognito would become a more mature individual by giving him this task. That happens a lot with older family members who give their kid, grandkid, nephew, whatever a job or bit of responsibility especially if they have issues like a recovering drug addict/alcoholic. Sometimes many times it doesn’t work out though.

  30. Richie was trying to motivate Martin. Richie’s black teammates love him. The NFL locker room is not the same as your school or boardroom. Stop trying to equate bullying of children with that of professional football players.

    The voicemails were from six months ago during off season training. Richie was trying to get him to come to OTA’s. It sounds crazy, but Richie is crazy and his teammates love him for it.

    Martin, left the team not because he was assaulted, but because his teammates pulled a prank on him at lunch time by not sitting with him. He got mad and left.

    Martin has also been envolved in pranks as well this year with rookies.

  31. Incognito is lucky that nobody in Miami blew his brains out. I used to live there. With that attitude here in Vegas he would get buried in the desert in an unmarked grave. He never ever could have been a Raider . Art Shell Gene Upshaw and Otis Sistrunk would have kicked his ass. He is a loud mouth coward picking on a nice guy.

  32. Incognito is a moron. Now that that is out of the way, how sure are you that your favorite teams’ players don’t talk to each other in the same way? Look at the line of former players coming forward to say “yeah, this is how crazy life the NFL is”. It’s all fun, games and pitchforks until we find out a bunch of “role models” across the league also pull this same kind of garbage.

  33. If coaches encouraged a member of the leadership group elected by the players to have a word with a player who thy thought lacked commitment, that’s hardly justification for incognito’s behavior. Unless someone can show that the coaches new how abusive incognito was being, this news won’t change a thing.

  34. You had me at, “Management-level employees can’t pull the rip cord on a reputed nut job and then … “

  35. Nothing toughens up a guy like hurling racial slurs at him. Yeah, that will get him to show up at more voluntary team activities.

  36. Really? People are going to be fired over this? Martin is an expensive investment who hasn’t been earning his money in my opinion and yet he doesn’t think he needs to show up for OTA’s?

    Coaches can’t make him but obviously think he should be there so they ask players at his position (in this case offensive line) to try to shame or push or whatever it takes to get him to show up and earn his keep.

    And what did Incognito really do? He used some VERY inappropriate language and called him names. That’s it.

    Yes Martin shouldn’t have had to put up with it and Incognito is out of line but good lord this is getting blown way out of proportion.

  37. “Who ordered the Code Red???”

    I said it yesterday that this big oaf wasn’t alone in this, and now watch the “cover your butt” moves begin to happen by the agents for all those involved!

    At this point, it’s time to just clean house and start fresh.
    This makes New Orleans’ mess look like a walk in the park!

  38. Man – I called the Few Good Men analogy on this one early on – but I had no idea how close to the truth that actually was

    Did someone actually order a Code Red????

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  40. The biggest truth in all this is the fact that the teamates stand behind Incognito.

    If indeed he was under orders to do so, I have a newfound respect for Incognito, it shouldn’t mean his head, it should mean coaching staff.

    Bullying is one thing, mandated bullying is another.

  41. I’m totally against harrssment at work, but I’m having trouble understanding why Martin never went to upper management before and why he would save these communications between him and Incognito, and at the same time be seen in public places with having a beer and running pranks on other colleagues. Again, why come out now now and not before he was replaced with McKinney and was technically demoted.

    And it’s hard not to forget that he comes from a family loaded with lawyers. Again, something is fishy about this whole ordeal.

  42. I wonder if by trying to encourage Martin to attend voluntary OTA’s the coaching staff called out certain areas of interest like “Half N____R, and to Kill family members, ____, ____ face”?

    I mean honestly that is what a certain coach in the bayou got slammed for.

  43. i played OG for 8 seasons in the NFL and had to pay rookie dues weekly,keep the snack table up to par,pay for dinners,i had to pay my dues. Prove myself,which i did. if i played or had messages from my old teammates, the whole team would be guilty of bullying and threats. i paid a whole tab for the offense after a win and if i didnt i wouldve been fined more than the bill itself. i also was approached by several coaches at the team facility throughout my playing days to beat the crap out of soft d-lineman,[our OL was full of warriors]. the bottom line is the locker room is an entirely different place than normal society. we tell the media what were supposed to tell them. no one speaks the truth. you cant secretly tape a coach ,or a teammate to teammate conversation,imagine if you really heard the huddle,or the things said on the field. dont cast stones,and dont speak about things you dont know. nfl fans think because they play fantasy football and watch redzone,they know anything. Ha!

  44. And by the way, I think that all of FinsNation is guilty on this as we all agreed last year that Jonathan Martin needed to be toughen up. He was literally manhandled last year by most defenders he faced.

    If Philbin and/or Ireland get fired for this, then we should fire the rest of the coaches.

  45. Heads should roll. A GM who would sign Incognito shouldn’t be one – and a coach who would empower him to unleash on teammates shouldn’t be one, either.

  46. First off, nobody should ever be subjected to this type of treatment in the workplace (or really anywhere for that matter). That aside, what I don’t understand in particular is Jonathan Martin’s choice of action after this abuse occurred. I think he had 3 options in this situation:

    1. Man up and confront Incognito/challenge him to stop the abuse(This option could get ugly).
    3. Run away and hide in a hole…ensuring the issue becomes a big time story and distraction.

    *Obviously, I believe had Martin just stuck around and showed his coaches and various Dolphins staff the texts and E-mails that clearly show the abuse, than Incognito would have been punished and probably suspended for at least a game…while Martin could just continue about his job. I just think that there were actions that Martin could have taken outside of just running away from his problems…

  47. burm61 says:
    Nov 5, 2013 10:06 PM
    Somebody CALLED this yesterday. A commenter on here said it was going to end up like “A Few Good Men”


    I’m claiming credit for calling it first – lucky guess to be honest – but it did have all the hallmarks

    Friggen amazing that it appears that there’s a scandal emerging around someone actually calling a de facto Code Red!

  48. I’m in Psychoville and Finkle’s the Mayor. We’re talking paranoid, delusional psychosis. I saw the guy’s room, it’s cozy if you’re Hannibal Lecter

  49. I guess the Dolphins were all jelaous of the attention their in state NFL counterparts are getting. Schiano and Blackmon stealing all thier thunder, the Fins had to out do them both.

  50. This Incognito incident is like a smoldering bag of crap on someones doorstep, unaware that its full of crap it’s repeatedly stomped on and crap is every where!

  51. I want to know who trained these people. I understand trying to motivate a player. Trying to toughen him up. You do that on the field.

    But, mentally abusing a player who is already sensitive off the field is not a good way to go about it. They should have seen that through scouting and studying Martin.

    These guys need to learn a lesson in dealing with different people. Not everyone can be motivated the same way.

  52. If the coaches told Incognito to do all of this, it’s starting to make sense why he didn’t go to upper management and the coaches.

    I have a sense that they helped foster all of this. From the top all the way down.

    It’s not like all of this would be a secret. A lot of players would be bragging all over the place about this.

  53. Coach philbin. Did you order the toughening up of young johnathan martin ?

    You’re goddamn right I did!

  54. Now über douche Stephen Ross will look even more douchelike when he whines about needing tax money for his new playpen. No Super Bowl for you anytime soon, Über Douche.

  55. There’s got to be some Aaron Hernandez or Tim Tebow news we can deflect to isn’t there. Somebody has got to have a drug bust or DUI, something. How about some Crimsonskins news? Anything.

  56. Good timing for that fool commissioner to transfer the dolphins out of miami to London because for sure British people are begging for a nfl franchise over there. I am sure Londoners want thrash given to them.

  57. “zackattack006 says:
    Nov 5, 2013 10:54 PM
    I’m totally against harrssment at work, but I’m having trouble understanding why Martin never went to upper management before and why he would save these communications between him and Incognito, and at the same time be seen in public places with having a beer and running pranks on other colleagues. Again, why come out now now and not before he was replaced with McKinney and was technically demoted.

    And it’s hard not to forget that he comes from a family loaded with lawyers. Again, something is fishy about this whole ordeal.”

    I think Ricky Williams may be right. Martin wants out of the NFL and wants to make it seem like he was forced out. Possibly to get one more big payday through the courts.

  58. I’ve yet to figure out what the GM ireland has to do any of this; and you people who think lovie smith and freaking scott *I think Matt Cassel is a franchise QB* pioli would be an upgrade don’t know much about football.

  59. I see the Dolphins getting the same treatment the Saints did for the bounty scandal. I just hope Goodell has good evidence to warrant suspensions in case this too gets challenged in court.

  60. Welp. . . this just got even more serious. I’m glad the NFL is handling the investigation instead of the NFLPA. It seemed really weird that the Players Association would be investigating the players. Especially since I am pretty sure the NFLPA will be expected to rep any players involved.

    If the coaching staff had anything at all to do with this, they need to find new employment period.

    This may actually answer my biggest question if it is true. Why didn’t Martin go to the coaches? If they were in on it and he figured that out, then question answered quite satisfactorily.

  61. Martin is Stanford soft. Martin considered going to Harvard so he must be an intellectual of some sorts. Martin isn’t a hard worker like say, a Peyton Manning.

    Dolphins are stuck with a 2nd round washout who can’t be rehabilitated, and has about exactly zero trade ability.

    All that aside, bullying is bad m’kay no really it is.

    now for some hindsight 20/20

    Dolphins should have had an intellectual talk to Martin instead of hard nose, tough guy pro bowl Richie Incognito.

    Or traded Martin while he still had some trade value as a pro football player…

  62. Say what you want about Martin. Call him weak if you want but I feel that he handled the situation the way it should have been handled. Should he have confronted Incognito by fighting for his respect. What was that going to solve? Martin handled it like an adult. Instead of stooping to Incognito’s level, he decided the best way to make sure the harassment stops is taking a stand & walking away. By walking away, the Fins were forced to find out what was going on. It’s obvious he didn’t trust anyone in the organization. You say Martin was weak. No he was smart. Martin planned this. He compiled all the necessary info he needed to ensure that Incognito would have to face the music. Incognito was too dumb to think Martin was going to react in this manner. Well Richie, now what! Pretty humble now because you know Martin has the “goods” on you. Should have done your homework on the big “soft” guy you were picking on. Who’s laughing now? All your stupidity just cost you your livelihood. If you hit people where it will hurts “their pockets”, they stand up and take notice. Mr. Tough Guy Incognito, Karma just caught up with you. Kiss your career goodbye.

  63. Seriously, lovie smith?
    You think the Tampa 2 is viable in today’s nfl?
    Do you watch football?
    And Scott Pioli? Pioli got 6 starters out of 4 years of drafts with awesome draft picks. He had two top 5 picks. And he bet the farm on Cassel.
    If it wasn’t for Andy Reid and Carl Petersons 2008 draft the chiefs would be dog poop.

  64. It sounds like the last defense of someone who is caught and is scrambling around for others to pull down with him. I wonder if the people who disapprove of Martin for coming forward will disapprove of Incognito for ‘snitching’ on the coaches. It must be hard to spin your warped sense of morality around something like this if you are one of those who would ‘go to war’ with Incognito. Please, you’d want someone you could trust like Martin, not a sociopath like Incognito.

  65. Somebody CALLED this yesterday. A commenter on here said it was going to end up like “A Few Good Men”

    Somebody called in to Cowherd today saying the same thing.

    I thought he was nuts.

    Guess not.

  66. Now that the whole story is getting out, I hve to wonder about the context of Incognito’s voice mail. It was initially suggested Martin missed otas after the message. But now it seems this came after. So Martin may not have taken it that hard, after all he didn’t report it and he made it back to camp soon after the message.

    As for Martin, I don’t think we know the whole story. If he was just going to sit down at lunch with the linemen and threw a fit when they left the table … that sounds kind of bizarre. Why would that be the straw that broke the camel’s back? Nothing adds up here and everyone involved is looking bad.

  67. There are a lot of Dolphins fans calling for General Manager Jeff Ireland to be fired. Even when considering how many draft picks Ireland has missed on, this team is still 4-4 instead of 7-1 because of poor coaching, above everything else. This team has all the talent in the world, but coaching (most specifically offensive coordinator Mike Sherman) is holding us back. Poor play calling in the 3rd and 4th quarters has doomed us thus far. Why don’t we all take a step back and look at the Patriots’ spy gate scandal. Or what about the Saints and Bounty-Gate? There is questionable character all around the NFL, and coaches are not excluded. They are actually, in a lot of cases, the ones causing the most harm to their team. Someone (probably multiple people) high up in the Dolphins organization is allowing bad things to happen on and off of the field, but if you put biased opinion aside, and really look at the big picture, you’ll realize this kind of stuff is happening to some extent in all 32 locker rooms, not just one.

  68. Wow. BREAKING NEWS – NFL coach wants to toughen up an offensive lineman. I’m shocked!

  69. So his excuse is…the coaching staff TOLD met extort thousands of dollars for young players for trips to Vegas?


  70. The step-by-step setting up of a lawsuit. No one should be surprised. Both of Martin’s parents are Harvard law grads. I have no doubt they made sure he went into lawsuit mode as soon as he left the team.

  71. “A text from one of your football teammates? Oh, I’m glad to see you made friends at camp, Jonathan. We really must have him up for a weekend at the cottage some time. You two can pal around and do young men things together, your father and I will try to stay in the background…..”.

  72. Let’s see them buy their way out of this new mess. Just after the Marino scandal we were thinking thinking they were becoming reputable for once. This team is a ghetto project reject!

  73. Adam Shefter, the man who has blown every little thing out of proportion has acknowledged that the Martin didn’t inform the coaching staff of anything prior to the season.

    Most people are going to ignore this because it doesn’t help their arguments but Jonathan Martin is no victim here.
    The man quit on his team and did it at the worst of times. I bet the Dolphins are happy that this snitch has vanished.

  74. Florida is certainly not the place for racial public outbursts unless a white boy wants to end up disappearing Incognito style. What a brilliant move for a death wish! Good job! Green mile is a dead man walking!

  75. So we’ve gotten rid of kickoffs, pretended that bounty thing with the Saints was an isolated ‘scandal’, starting an anti-bullying campaign to help professional football players from getting their feelings hurt….sorry of this sounds ‘meathead’. But, why is it we can’t just come to terms with the fact that football players make a TON of money to be entertainers? Do we have a huge uproar every time some actress gets told she lost a part because she isn’t pretty enough or a model didn’t make a shoot because they’re too fat? Now is that ‘bullying’ or ‘crappy side of the business I chose’? Because at a normal job you sure as hell couldn’t get away with the things that go on in every other form of entertainment. Expecting an NFL locker room to be anything other than an NFL freaking locker room is just delusional Utopianism. Wake up. Professional athletics is a profession than isn’t and can’t be compared to other jobs. That’s just a reality.

  76. I am really surprised people are so shocked by this, this kind of talk goes on everywhere in all male workforces. Firefighters, police officers, the NFL you could tell by the message half serious half joking. You need to watch the interviews with the Dolphins players, the majority seem to be on Incognito’s side, also when you listen to former players and players on other teams they all know this goes on, and many of them put the majority of the blame on Martin. This is football people, if you say you want to sh*t in someone’s mouth that just a nice way of saying hello. The overreaction is just crazy, Incognito probably even considered Martin a friend.

  77. The Dolphins are going to beat the Bucs by 28 points on Monday and it’s going to be business as usual after that. Except for the meat heads that cry that the Dolphins are cheating.

  78. I seen on Hardknocks coaches using a player to push a player button to engage in a fight for mental strength; I wish I remembered which team and which player but it was years ago

  79. At this point, everybody in that Dolphins facility should feel lucky Martin didn’t show up to work with guns blazing.

    It still doesn’t get Incognito off the hook, but if these reports are true (which is still TBD), then I now understand why Martin didn’t report the harassment to someone responsible; there was no one who fit the bill..

  80. The really sad thing is, I hope this is true, I hope all of it is true and I hope there is a lot more really awful s**t that we haven’t heard yet that is true, because it appears as though this may finally be the way Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin and the rest of those incompetent scumbags finally get fired.

    Shame it came to this, but when you have ownership this bad, it apparently takes something of this magnitude to happen before simple changes are made.

    Why is the obvious so tough for billionaires to see when it comes to owning a football team?????

  81. Don’t get me wrong, I think incognito is a terrible human being who hopefully will not get another chance to play in the nfl and hopefully becomes another statistic of former nfl players who become broke. That being said, how Is a staff member supposed to know that incognito would go racist and harrass a player just by them telling him to make martin tougher? I know PFT and ESPN are looking for more people to pay the piper but I think this is mostly on that piece of **** richie.

  82. DonRSD says: Nov 5, 2013 10:52 PM

    The Dolphins once again prove why they are the worst franchise in all of professional sport
    Yawn……Grow up.

  83. Laugh at this one. First off Miami takes Mike Wallace for 60 MILLION…he is a FLOP thus far with I think what, 3-4 TD’s in 8 games? Now this guy? Clearly managment is not just bad in Tampa bay, it’s affecting Miami now too. Good luck Miami….Ever since Dan Mario left this place has gone to the crapper.

  84. Incognito is a piece of crap! Martin was right next to him “grabbing a weapon and standing his post!” so to speak.

    Incognito is a DUMBA–! Even in A Few Good Men no one other than that slimeball LT would thing the word N—-r would be appropriate!

  85. If this could somehow result in the firing of Dolphin haters, Omar Kelly and Armando Salguero, it will be worth it.

    “We discussed the possibility”. “Unnamed sources”? Really

    Apparently throwing wild accusations at the wall to see what sticks, is what passes for journalism these days.

  86. zackattack006 says: Nov 5, 2013 10:54 PM

    I’m totally against harrssment at work, but I’m having trouble understanding why Martin never went to upper management before and why he would save these communications between him and Incognito, and at the same time be seen in public places with having a beer and running pranks on other colleagues. Again, why come out now now and not before he was replaced with McKinney and was technically demoted.

    And it’s hard not to forget that he comes from a family loaded with lawyers. Again, something is fishy about this whole ordeal.

    Bingo! Why isn’t the media asking these questions? I mean after all, they could continue to hide behind unnamed sources like they do with every other allegation.

  87. I can’t wait to hear Philbin read from his prepared statement tomorrow.”On the advice of my attorney…”

  88. As usual… you follow the messed up situation up stream, and here we are at the same point we always are… Jeff Ireland’s messed up sensibilities and choices.
    At a certain point, the volume of non success, fumbled talent, penchant for troubled players becomes just too much to really even extend the benefit of the doubt on anymore.
    The guy is inept. Clearly Stephen Ross’ wealth has to lead you to conclude that he knows how to make investment decisions… but good grief Ireland needs to be shown the door immediately.

  89. 1rockyracoon says: Nov 5, 2013 10:08 PM

    What a loser franchise. Who’s the leader of the assistant coaches and players? The head coach. I would expect the NFL to suspend Philbin for at least a year.
    And with your continuous, childish rants, I expect that you live alone in your mom’s basement.

    You need to get out more.

  90. Damn looks like the NFL finally got its own version of the Penn State scandal. I’m half-expecting someone to come out and say Uncle Jerry was taking a shower with Incognito at this point!

  91. There’s a huge difference between asking a team leader to help get his teammate in for voluntary workouts and that “leader” then leaving threatening messages like that. Incognito is the one who did that. You can’t hold the team responsible for his behavior.

  92. Why would coaches be fired? You don’t think a coach has ever said to a supposed team leader to get highly drafted, under-performing players out to voluntary training or to toughen them up?
    Incognito’s way about it was obviously over the top but nobody knew that until recently. Richie is clearly a buffoon but Martin at the very least should have spoke to Incognito man to man and I think this could all have been avoided. He could have just said something like listen man I feel like you have over stepped a few boundaries and it is making me feel uncomfortable.
    Incognito is at fault don’t get me wrong I just think Martin handled this like a child would. In todays society everyone is a victim nobody learns to stand up for themselves or to laugh at their own expense anymore. Walking away and telling on bullies doesn’t work and never has for fellas. I’m not saying Martin had to hit Incognito I am saying he needed to address the problem like an adult and just be honest with Incognito. If that didn’t change Richie then take it to management.
    I am not saying this was what Richie was doing but in my experience mates on a football team or any team/ group of friends give a hard time to the lads they think highly of, the ones they would call friends. It is for shock factor and reaction you and your mates exchange words you do not really think or mean but it is all a part of male comradery. Ya give your mates a hard time. I could not be offended ever in any way by one of my mates because I can laugh at my own expense and because I know they are only looking a rise or reaction out of me and the same can be said for when I rile up my mates. When we strike a chord or show some reaction to something that is how you end up with terrible nicknames, etc. You cannot take things personally amongst mates. Again Richie took it too far but Martin needs to handle things like an adult and I think had he done that Richie would likely have changed his behaviour. I could be wrong, he didn’t handle it like an adult and now Richie must be cut from the Dolphins as a result of his own stupidity and the next generation of big kids.

  93. nice2meetumarco says:
    Nov 5, 2013 10:10 PM
    So Incognito’s plan to get Martin to show up to voluntary workouts was by telling him he wanted to s*** in his mouth?
    And half the team getting up when he sits down at the table? If that doesn’t send a message that we want you, nothing will.

  94. j0esixpack says:
    Nov 4, 2013 10:23 PM
    This all sounds vaguely familiar

    Oh yeah, it’s the plot to “A Few Good Men”
    Props to psychic joesixpack who wrote that comment the day before this report (see time stamp)

  95. Our country is made up of a bunch of babies (wanted to use a stronger word but we are oh so sensitive anymore). I don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow, orange or blue. Someone is going to offend you, it’s up to you what you do with it. I’m not saying you use an act of violence where someone can die or be seriously hurt but do you think Davinci would’ve achieved all of his greatness if he faltered to harassment. How about Martin Luther King Jr.? There’s a white man and a black man persecuted for who they were and what they believed in and still found courage and are now infamous. What do they have in common? Neither used violence or killed anyone. Martin is a football player for Jesus’s sake and instead of standing up for himself he acts like the rest of America. You people wouldn’t last 2 minutes in a POW camp. I don’t excuse the coaches or incognito but if Martin wanted something less tough he should’ve gotten into ballet or something. Shoot ballet might take this as an insult. I’m sick and tired of these stories cause all it sounds like is kids on a play ground. Be an adult stand up for

  96. I would like just to add that other countries around the globe aren’t giving as many handouts as this country does. People like Martin are what brings the rest of society down. I bet you martin’s great grand dad is rolling over in his grave cause he was probably persecuted and possibly even beaten for being black and probably stood taller and prouder than he’ll ever be. Martin probably just wants the American dream: get paid for doing nothing. Instead of welfare, he’ll have a Dolphin’s access card. What a joke, America=soft

  97. Rex parked the clown car with the keys in the ignition and the motor running and the Dolphins org. couldn’t help themselves.

  98. Everyone is forgetting the real key lines to “A Few Good Men,” that fits here..

    Colonel Jessep said
    he ordered the Code Red.
    – What did we do wrong?
    – It’s not that simple.
    – We did nothing wrong!
    – Yeah, we did.
    We’re supposed to fight for people
    who can’t fight for themselves.
    We were supposed to fight for Willy.

    Players that knew this was going on should have a hard time sleeping.

    And as Bart Scott said “Thank God he walked away. They’ve got to be thankful he didn’t bring a gun to work.”

  99. Armando Salguero and Omar Kelly are two of the worst reporters in the business, And this whole thing is media driven stupidity.

    Some guy got butthurt and couldn’t take the ribbing of a slightly offbase lunatic. These guys bash their heads together for lots of money. Martin should have just gone to the coaches so they could have cut him and started over. Richie should have known Martin was going to go all Mean Girls on him and not left the messages.

    In the end, Martin isn’t cut out to play professional football and Incognito is crazy, which we all knew. The rest is all hype created by the ADD addled world of twitter and ESPN. Grow up.

  100. When this started, I was full of disgust for Incognito, and with some mild and wary (“320 lbs and you let yourself get punked like? Really, Martin?”) sympathy for Martin. Now, my sympathy for Martin is eroding fast – dude’s not Ralphie from accounts receivable who shouldn’t be expected to “man up”, but a professional player in a sport where toughness is expected.

    Wuss 😀

  101. Isn’t this why they have the draft, trades and free-agency? To allow coaches and organizations to get the players with the characteristics and abilities they want. What’s next, ask the team Doctor to graft a better set of hands onto him? Fish rot from the head on down. If I am the owner, this is just the perfect excuse to start over.
    But he’d better get it right with the next GM and coach – don’t think the PhinFans will give another mulligan.

  102. Martin is just proving what his coaches (high school coach included) and teammates already knew. That he is a weak man. Who can not be trusted wen the heat is on.
    The team is counting the days until they can cut this guy without the public relations hit.

    Martin can’t be trusted and won’t be trusted ever again.

  103. How ironic. Using quotes from a movie “A Few Good Men”

    To describe a situation about a few bad men.

    Just when I was starting to lose faith in the pft universe and their ability to crack me up. You guys go and totally redeem yourselves!

  104. Clean house and send that incompetent GM, Jeff Ireland with the coaches. We need Eric DeCosta NOW!

  105. That is crazy but are they going to fire the whole team? He said the whole O Line walked away at the dinner table or something? Meaning, they were all in on it.

  106. As far as I’m concerned, it is very much like “A Few Good Men.” Incognito was wrong for the same reasons that the two Marines in the movie were wrong. Not that he is there to protect anyone, but that he shouldn’t visit that kind of behavior, that he had to know was wrong, on another person. He then compounded his error by lying about his involvement. He may not have acted alone or he may have even acted “under orders,” but he still acted as the instrument of the “training,” none the less. God, I feel like Bennet Brower with all the quotation marks. (RIP Chris Farley) As for the Dolphins “training” techniques, I find no difference in this case between a football team and an office environment. They are both workplaces and the source of income to players and workers alike. In an office environment that this happens in, the responsible members of management would be re-assigned or terminated and compensation would be made to the employee unless he had to sue over it, in which case he would make a mint in court. I do find it interesting that people make a correlation between playing football and going to war. I played football and even though I was never in the armed forces, I can say that the two are not comparable. The only thing at stake on a football field is your pride. There is a whole lot more at stake on a battlefield. By the way, if you are looking to toughen someone up psychologically, the last thing you do is subject them to treatment that alienates them. I can’t see how this builds a team atmosphere of mutual support. While Incognito is certainly complicit in this situation, most of the blame will certainly rest with the coaching staff and any front office personnel that may have been involved. This is not the kind of thing that happens in a vacuum on a team. I.e. the franchise is in real trouble long term.

  107. Bottom line:
    Incognito is the wrong man to give such orders to.
    Martin really is the wimp the coaching staff thought he was.

  108. If the coaching staff indeed needed Incognito to give Martin a kick in the pants in order to motivate him ala Joker and Gomer Pyle from ‘Full Metal Jacket’, they should look in the mirror. If Martin had been scouted more thoroughly and had the difficult questions asked during the interview process, they would have seen if he was vulnerable to verbal barbs and threatening behavior.

    Lets get this clear; the things that were said on the voicemail actually happen in games between opposing sides. If Martin couldn’t handle it, no harm no foul on him. If he lacked the ability to stand up for himself or had sensitivities in regards to aggressive behavior, he should not have been drafted as high and maybe going in the 5th or 6th round would have been motivation for him to put that chip on the shoulder pads and prove himself. It has happened in the past.

    If he felt threatened, he had a bunch of avenues to pursue, and I will not fault him about how this is playing out, but I think now, the PC police will be all over the place looking for stories about bullying while overlooking their pathetic, hypocritical way of justifying it when it comes to politics and business (unfairly leveraging others) whereas the standard is higher for the layman workers on lower ends of an industry.

  109. In high school or college the coaches can toughen up the players themselves. I get why in the pros, where the players often make more money than the coaches themselves, a coach would task this to one of the players.

    First I thought Martin was just soft. Then I read the texts/heard the voice message and thought Incognito took it WAY to far. And while he still did take it too far, it’s clear he was trying to get Martin to fight him, to release that ruthless side needed in the NFL that apparently he didn’t have. I don’t think the end justifies the means here, but I don’t know if Martin is cut out for the NFL either.

    Hopefully everyone can just get back to playing football.

  110. I’ll bet the folks in New Orleans will be paying real close attention to how the team is dealt with on this.

  111. Please stop cherry-picking the facts and trying to make the team look bad (yes, it does look bad because of the text messages and VM). Where is the blurb about Martin’s/Incognito’s 19 text messages the other day where Martin says he doesn’t blame anyone? Martin left the team because he was having emotional issues. He is not sure if football is for him. That is the second time he has done that. I am not saying that Incognito didn’t go too far, he did. What I am saying is that the reality does not fit the hyped up story here.

    Blaming the coaches for Incognito’s actions is just wrong. They didn’t tell him to get racial or to threaten Martin. If you place someone in charge of funds-raising and that person goes out and robs a bank should you be in trouble? No way.

  112. The NFL is not what people think……………

    drugs, PEDs, steroids, alchohol, suicides, criminals

    In 20 yrs this will all come home to roost

    all for the sake of just WIN.

    How bout WIN in the game of life?

  113. “Per the unnamed sources,,, predictions,,, where has responsible journalism gone !”

    A little scandal called “Watergate” was uncovered by information provided by an “unnamed source.” I’d consider Woodward and Bernstein “responsible journalists,” wouldn’t you?

  114. Looks to me like Martin wanted out after just 12 months on the job. This VM took place in April, 8 months ago. How many of you record and save messages 8 months old. What’s the motive? I will never believe he really thought his mother was going to be punched or he was in danger of his life. If he did, there is the problem.
    How do Ireland and Coach prevent him from looking like a 2nd round bust? Motivate him through other team member. Look thousands of players have passed through the doors of the NFL and it appears there were not too many Martin types. Now we have the NFL, Dolphins, & Union making concessions and designing how NFL life will look like in the future. If it and broke don’t fix it. Get rid f the Martin the cancer, and carry on.

  115. The next sound you hear will be the Dolphins team Imploding. Looks like there will be some more coaching vacancies, if not front office ones, down there.
    Either way, Incognito’s career is likely done. If he DID do this at the Instruction of the coaching staff, he likely will be singing his head off. If I were him, I would not be going down alone.

  116. If this is true its incredible but it gets Incog off the hook. Especially when he can say in his defense,’ I was given an order but no training on how to get this guy tougher or what to say in the call’.

    In any business, you never tell someone to do something they haven’t been trained to do or given complete instructions on how to do what you ask.

  117. I wonder how many ACLs were torn on the knee-jerk reactions to these reports? Too much speculation and most of it make little sense. Most people ignore the complete timeline and therefor lose any sense of context for the entire situation.

    Here is what most reports have shown:

    Incognito left racial and vile messages months ago and Martin did not bring it up with the coaching staff. (Incognito is a crass individual and probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but most of the people reporting on this are taking everything very literally and they shouldn’t)

    Martin was one (of many) targets of practical jokes. He was not singled out. He snapped on the lunch-table gag (not the messages from 7-8 months ago). The exact same lunch-table gag that Martin was part of the week prior. (Martin was one of the guys that got up and moved when Nate Garner sat down) That isn’t reported much because it detracts from the direction the story is being pushed.

    Martin left the team for emotional reasons. This is not the first time that has happened. The first time he left to figure out if he wanted to play football happened BEFORE the dumb messages, not after.

    Martin flipped out after a joke (same one he did the week prior). He told the coach (when contacted a couple days after he left without a word) that he didn’t have a problem with any players and he just needed time. The messages only came out AFTER Martin’s mental stability was questioned. Yes, they happened but they did not cause the breakdown. They were released (by his camp, not specifically by Martin) to shift the scrutiny away from Martin. Martin and Incognito had a lengthy text conversation about what was going on (before the messages were released) and Martin said he had no problem with anybody.

    The bottom line is Martin is struggling to fit in as a NFL player. He doesn’t seem to have the mental toughness to handle the job. Incognito stepped over the line months ago and that provided Martin with an excuse to save face.

  118. Everyone thinks Incognito is finished in this league and thats possible. I definatly think the line of owners, coaches, and players that want Martin on their team is a whole lot shorter than it was when this story broke.

  119. All the coaches who ordered the ‘Code Red’ should be fired. It is the coaches’ job to toughen up players. It is not their job to leave the toughening up to some immature, delusional nut job who then decides to bully and terrorize the player.

    The coaches got Incognito to do their dirty work? Why? Were they afraid of him too? Did they feel like he was going to be tougher on Martin then they ever could?

    This is an absolute mess of an organization. Is Philbin that clueless that he let this go on under his watch? The coaches should be fired, Incognito should be suspended, and you have to really wonder about the other players in the locker room who thought this was acceptable behavior. Hopefully Martin can come out of this with his reputation intact. As someone who was bullied in HS, he has my sympathy. Goodell needs to get involved pronto.

  120. kona8190 says:
    Nov 6, 2013 8:03 AM

    “How many of you record and save messages 8 months old.”

    ” Get rid Of the Martin the cancer, and carry on.”

    If someone left me a message like that, you bet I would save it! You wouldn’t? He was building proof because just as I suspected, the team was in on this too or at least did nothing when he tried to stop it. Martin’s the cancer? You can’t be serious. Was Martin threatening and extorting thousands of dollars from people? I didn’t think so.

  121. A couple of years ago, it was the New Orleans Saints under the gun for “bad culture”. This year it’s the Phins. I call it the “Reality TV” gossip, sensationalism effect.
    2 questions I have.
    1. Does extortion of $15 grandcountas “toughening up”? If so, organized crime may be able to use this as a defense.
    2. What exactly does “Volunteer” workouts mean in the NFL? Has Wikipedia changed the definition?

  122. The problem here is everyone talks about a football player having some nasty as a good thing. Then when he does the worl attacks him. Really the coaches were probably just trying to toughen Martin up, I didn;t see them say use racial slurs. Is it wrong to want your team mates to do better, no but the way they did thise is messed up.

    – Todd Charske

  123. What he said was over the line. But as another poster said, let’s not act like it has never happened. The racial stuff is bad, and Incognito could have gone about this different if he was indeed asked to toughen the kid up.

    But I have a REALLY hard time believing he is some racist psycho when he’s been spotted out in clubs with teammates of other races, and they’re all having a good time together. If he made these comments, truly meant them, and lives by what he says…how could anyone have him on a roster?

    There’s a lot more to this story, and it keeps gaining legs with every passing hour it seems.

  124. Anyone old enough to remember the old adage “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”? Of course that was before the feminista liberali made the Earth shaking discovery that we have feelings and saved us from ourselves.

  125. The Miami Dolphins and the NFL are not exempt from Federal and State Dept. of Labor laws that guide acceptable workplace conditions. If Incognito was harassing a female trainer or this was happening between two people who worked in the Dolphins marketing department no one would say it was acceptable. Unfortunately for the Dolphins that’s they way the State of Florida and DOL will look at it. There are not separate employment rules depending in which department of the company you work for. Players have to abide by the same set of employment regulations as people in any other department of the Miami Dolphins corporation. The fact that “this goes on all of the time” is not only not an excuse but is not something you want to try and use as defense.

  126. Not only was this situation known by the coaching staff, but they initiated and encouraged it. I will fault Incognito’s methods, but he should never have been placed in that situation. Isn’t that the coaches job. This situation is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Without question, the coaching staff is gone. This is dispicable. The only question is whether Martin will ever come back. If the same staff is in place, I would not come back. If the coaching staff is changed out, maybe that would convince him to come back. He would be walking away from a lot of money, but being a Stanford graduate, I doubt him having any difficulty making a living outside of the NFL.

  127. bostoncommon says:
    Nov 6, 2013 7:56 AM
    “Per the unnamed sources,,, predictions,,, where has responsible journalism gone !”

    A little scandal called “Watergate” was uncovered by information provided by an “unnamed source.” I’d consider Woodward and Bernstein “responsible journalists,” wouldn’t you?
    That is a very good point, however, Woodward and Bernstein didn’t add any half-baked speculation and innuendo to steer the story beyond what it was.

  128. If this is true the coach is a dumb person he must have been a bully when growing up. We are trying to get away from bullying and here are grown men doing the opposite.
    they should be fined and the money go to a charity to help others and also be fired and never work in the NFL.

  129. Apart from anything else, in today’s racial atmosphere why would a coach ask a white player to “toughen up” a black player, especially a white player with Incognito’s history of “character issues?”

  130. Maybe the reason he didn’t participate in “Volunteer workouts” was because he didn’t want to subject himself to additional unwarrented harrassment of teammates who weren’t bonding with him.

    Also, since he was a 2nd year player, why were they subjecting him to rookie hazing?

  131. Don’t people realize this is not the good old days when people figured out ways to solve their problems on their own. Men learned to be men by standing up for themselves, now our society is overrun by litigation, over the top political correctness, micromanagement in every aspect of our lives. Not giving this Incognito bonehead a free pass, but I’m sure this was in his thick skull just a form of hazing, jokingly choosing to call him very wrong names, that most fellow players who know incognito would probably laugh off as him just being a jacka$$. I really doubt Incognito ever had any intention of doing martin or his family any physical harm. Bullying by kids against kids is one thing, 300 lb grown men against 300lb grown men is another,

  132. Always a rush to judgement in this country. It’s funny watching the sheeple run around in their groupthink. Incognito might not be a choir boy, but he was told to do what he did. All of you idiots that eat up the race card and then lick your plate…rotfl at all of you clowns

  133. Wow. Lots of really tough guys on this thread.
    I’ll respect the opinions of guys like London Fletcher, or Larry Foote—guys who are you know, actual football players.

    Fletcher says this is just a lack of veteran leadership in that locker room because this sort of thing shouldn’t happen. Foote said that it was stupid to expect Martin to start a fight because all young guys are trying to do their jobs and not make waves.

    All the stuff that Incognito was told to do? Not a part of pro football. At least that’s what the actual players are saying.

    Anyway, have at it internet tough guys.

  134. I swear some of you are just looking for someone to blame. This information is not earth shattering. Its common for a coach to go to one of his leaders to get the best out of a player. Yes, whether you guys want to objectively look at the term “toughin up” that is what it implies. To get him meaner, more aggressive and not passive. So, now everyone is jumping on the coaching staff for telling a player to help get the most out of a player. O please!!! Now, if some information comes out where the coach tells Incognito “toughen him up by any means necessary”, then we have a problem. Reading some of your comments is exhausting.

  135. Watch chris carter on SC racial slurs were ok in dolphins locker room. I don’t think it’s right but it does clear Richie and proved that Martin will never play in the nfl again. Richie will be playing for the Phins soon maybe Monday night

  136. Let me get this straight, Incognito made a harsh phone call saying bad things and made him pay for dinner?

    This guy should be put in front of a firing squad along with all the ones invovled. I’ve heard of players beating their girlfriends and killing people while drunk driving but this is by far the worse I have EVER heard.

    Not agreeing with anything about this but wow talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  137. “jimmyt says:
    Nov 6, 2013 10:00 AM
    Anyone old enough to remember the old adage “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”? Of course that was before the feminista liberali made the Earth shaking discovery that we have feelings and saved us from ourselves.”

    Victims of verbal, emotional, and mental abuse can tell you that words DO hurt, and they can do as much or more damage than fists. A lot of people have committed suicide after being bullied. Even if you survive that kind of abuse, it stays with you.

  138. Wow the Incognito apologists are spamming this board. Probably the same guy with a bunch of accounts.

  139. Merely a day ago 90% of you were calling for the imprisonment and some for the execution of Richie Incognito. Pathetic, overreacting,and sheep are a few words that come to mind. Look at you all now with the latest news,calling for the heads of the staff… idiots.

  140. Wow, ‘management-level people; Well it’s about time the Dolphins unloaded GM Jeff Ireland. If Ireland or Philbin in any way gave direction to ‘toughen’ Martin up they both should be fired. Florio do not sugar coat the truth this team has been poorly managed with the decision makers changing every other year. The Miami Dolphins are a mess and Ireland should take the blame. The OL was his mess; not signing Jake Long or getting a left tackle that could play the position. Martin was known not to be strong enough coming out of college. So what does Ireland do. Set up a situation where Martin is expected to play the position. Jeff Ireland needs to be fired for many reasons.

  141. “bensstinkyfingers says:
    Nov 6, 2013 10:53 AM
    Don’t people realize this is not the good old days when people figured out ways to solve their problems on their own. ”

    You mean the good old days when they settled the issue with dueling pistols? How about a guy snaps and uses the Conservative “stand your ground” law and shoots Richie along with dozens of other people at the facility? Hey, at least he”manned up” now!

  142. huskersrock1 says: Nov 5, 2013 10:24 PM

    “You see I’m not the worst guy in the world” Richie Incognito
    Who knows….but the method he used was very repugnant!

  143. My guess, O-Line coach will be suspended maybe fired, Philbin probably fined/probation, followed by apologies from Incognito and a possible hug it out on TV… can’t script it better

  144. Let me get this straight, Incognito made a harsh phone call saying bad things and made him pay for dinner?

    This guy should be put in front of a firing squad along with all the ones invovled. I’ve heard of players beating their girlfriends and killing people while drunk driving but this is by far the worse I have EVER heard.

    Not agreeing with anything about this but wow talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.


    You sir, have clearly not read the transcript of the message that was left. I would suggest you search around for it and then re-read what you wrote… in particular the “saying bad things” part. Talk about making a mountain INTO a mole hill.. you’ve done so (see what I did there).

  145. I have football player sons and if they ever made it to the NFL I expect them to be safe and unharmed by other men that think just because they are big and in the NFL that they can do whatever they want to others. If the coaches recommend what it states above, they have to go. The idiot player that chose to follow them needs to be banned from the NFL and should have never even gotten in the league after playing for Nebraska, my homestate. He’s out of control and always has been. He truly is a jerk for acting like this. I bet his parents are truly disgraced, or maybe not since this has been going on for quite some time, they obviously never had control of the big fat ass brat since childhood. not cool…I’d like to kick his fat ass, what a chump….

  146. If this is true, then Martin’s gripe will not be with Incognito but with the team and lawsuit city. Whoever instructed Incog gets the boot, the team pays up bigtime to settle and Martin is given his immediate release. Incog gets very little since he can say he was following orders.

  147. So let me get this straight… Its ok to say and do every nasty thing on the field (if those things were said and done by anyone in normal circumstances it would be harassment and more than likely police would be called and charges pressed) but you cant as soon as you step off the field. Where do we draw the line? acceptable on the field for the whole world to see/not acceptable off the field.

  148. So let me get this straight… Its ok to say and do every nasty thing on the field (if those things were said and done by anyone in normal circumstances it would be harassment and more than likely police would be called and charges pressed) but you cant as soon as you step off the field. Where do we draw the line? acceptable on the field for the whole world to see/not acceptable off the field. It just seems that Pandora’s box has now been opened

  149. @huskergal: The entitlement mentality starts at home. If a football player has a parent who was giving him a much-needed kick in the pants from time to time, he isn’t acting like this.

  150. Maybe everyone should take a step back, take a deep breath and listen to what Chris Carter had to say on the matter. He is the only one who has made any reasonable comments about it and since he went through the same thing, he knows what he is talking about.

    The NFL fraternity is a tough one to get into and if you are not tough, they will literally run you out of the NFL. Think about this, if Ray Lewis had done the same thing to Williams, think there would have been the same uproar.

    Not defending bullying but this is the NFL, not the first grade.

  151. Makes me wonder about Foles and the Dallas game . He might have been off but a lot of receivers were not catching his balls .

  152. Mr. Martin:
    You don’t have to worry anymore with the ignorance of that fat tub of lard and the ignorance of the coaching staff. After you’ve won your lawsuit, you will OWN the Miami Dolphins!! Now, all of you low-life, prejudice bastards can eat Mr. Martin’s s—!!!

  153. im interested to hear a reaction from Luck or Decastro. I know they have no dog in this fight, but I would be interested to hear how Martin was in college and whether or not they could see something like this happening. Again, i know it has nothing to do with it, but maybe it provides more insight into the type of person that Martin is, because we dont know right now, other than people making assumptions about him “not being a man.”

  154. For everyone who thinks incognito was just trying to “toughen up” Martin at the coach’s request, give it some REAL thought. A mentor would take him aside and give him the old “it’s a privilege to play in the NFL, do you best” talk. Instead he gave him the the old “I’m gonna s*** in your mouth, slap your mother’s mouth and kill you” talk. Not funny, not a prank, not team building, just hate. This is only excusable if you are a back woods idiot.

  155. I don’t see why the wheels are falling off the bus. The NFL can’t start today to try to be something it’s not. It’s employees are like inmates that make millions. Just imagine.
    Where do you start if your the NFL and want to make a workplace like the rest of corporate America???? Dream on!
    If this were a game, and the exact same words were said, it would be a 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct and you know worst stuff is said in the heat of the moment. Now it’s at the forefront of policy change.
    This is all about money and image, Martin gets the money and a regular job with his law suit golden parachute money, the NFL pretends it cares.
    Total BS

  156. So the coach who took out “bounties” for injured players got suspended for what, a season? So the phone call thing? That’s like a 5 minute time out, right? Oh, I forgot, this involved RACE. So a bounty for injured players is a season-long suspension for Sean Payton, but not a firing, because it was an equal-opportunity contract, but for the phone messages the coaches should be drawn and quartered. Oh right, Sean Payton is a better coach too, so that matters. Just out of curiosity, did the coaches for Miami actually tell Incognito (who obviously doesn’t understand the word) to use racial aggression?

  157. really, with all the problems in the world, we are spending this much time discussing what is basically sticks and stones….whatever happened to committing an actual crime….or intent…let’s criminalize language or just hang meanies…why don’t we start by killing incognito and paula deen as well….

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