Bears clear the roster spot they needed for Ratliff


The Bears agreed to a deal with veteran defensive tackle Jay Ratliff last weekend, but they haven’t yet made his signing official.

They made a roster spot for him at least, by waiving defensive tackle Zach Minter, via the Chicago Tribune. The undrafted rookie only played in two games.

They also placed special teamer Joe Anderson on injured reserve with a groin injury, and may reach an injury settlement with him.

If they could get Ratliff onto the field soon, it would be a boost for a defense that hasn’t looked like itself since Henry Melton was lost for the season. But it’s unclear whether Ratliff is ready to roll.

7 responses to “Bears clear the roster spot they needed for Ratliff

  1. Ratliff, what a waste, a Franchise that stuck by you through all your mess and you don’t have the decency to communicate with them on your recovery. I hope you saved some of that money cause you will be paying it back.


  2. I would expect Haynesworth 2.0. He quit on the Cowboys, a team that took a chance on him in the 7th round of the draft and then gave him a monster contract. Why wouldnt he quit on a team that signed him to a short, minimum deal?

    He has the Heart of a Haynesworth.

  3. Why wouldnt he quit on a team that signed him to a short, minimum deal?

    If your argument is that he was only playing for money, then he has all the incentive in the world to play well for another one. If he goes out and sucks nobody will pay him next year.

  4. I am completely indifferent to this signing. If he plays well, great; the Bears got him for cheap. If he doesn’t, oh well; the Bears got him for cheap and are going to need to rebuild the Defense this off season anyway.

  5. He’s a quitter. He’ll be lucky to finish his career like Chris Canty. Cut in obscurity four years later. Only Ratliff won’t last that long because he’s already 32.

  6. Lot of butthurt Boys fans in here…you guys are starting to sound like all those bitter scorned ex-girlfriend Denver fans we’ve had to listen to the past few years.

    Ratliff will be an upgrade to the filler we’ve got on the d-line now, and if not – no real loss.

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