Del Rio says he’ll have “very little” input on Broncos’ offense


Broncos interim head coach Jack Del Rio doesn’t plan on putting his newfound authority to use on the team’s offense.

Del Rio, who has already stressed that he still views the Broncos as John Fox’s team, said that while he fills in for the recuperating Fox he will have “very little” to do with the team’s offense.

Although Del Rio is ultimately in charge of the team, he said he will still do all his normal work as defensive coordinator and delegate to the offensive and special teams coaches for the other phases of the game.

I’m not going in and tinkering on anything on special teams or offense,” Del Rio said, via “We have good people there, they’re doing their job and again I’ll be in charge of game-day decisions and that type of stuff, but beyond that, no I’m not going to go in and say ‘we’re going to go out this week with a brand new punt team approach, we’re going to do rugby style and run all over, [that] I’ve had these ideas in my mind for a long time so here they come’.”

Del Rio is smart enough to know that the Broncos’ offense and special teams have been better than their defense this season, and it would be foolish of him to take his focus away from shoring up the defense. The Broncos have an offensive coordinator in Adam Gase, and an offensive coordinator on the field in Peyton Manning, and Del Rio will let them continue to do their jobs.