Fred Davis: People twisted my admission to sleeping in meetings


Washington tight end Fred Davis admitted last week that he falls asleep in meetings, and he’s not happy about how that admission was portrayed.

Asked about it on 106.7 The Fan, Davis said he thought the media made it sound like he was sleeping for entire team meetings, when he really just meant he snoozes a little bit during meetings.

“See, people take things and twist what I said,” David said, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “What I said was, you doze off sometimes in meetings. Sometimes you could be a little tired from the morning. A lot of people do it. You doze off. I’m not saying you sleep through a whole meeting. What you do is, you doze off a little bit, you stand up, make sure you’re good, go get a drink of water or something. You know what I mean? Just make sure you stay up. I’m not saying I just sit there and just sleep through a meeting. Some people take things – oh, you sleep through meetings. No.”

Davis said that after his previous admission, the coaches told him he shouldn’t say such things publicly. But he still felt the need to say on the radio that he doesn’t sleep all the way through a meeting.

“They didn’t know why I commented on it. Should have just left it alone,” Davis said of Washington’s coaches. “But I was like, but I was just being honest, I’m not gonna sit here and lie. I’ve dozed off before. Never slept through a meeting.”

So give Davis credit for his honesty about dozing off in meetings. If Davis wants to get in his coaches’ good graces, perhaps he should strive to reach the point where he can say honestly that he doesn’t doze off in meetings.