John Harbaugh stands up for Ravens offensive line


The Ravens allowed five sacks against the Browns last weekend and saw their running backs run 18 times for 30 yards, a pair of developments that would seem to point to troubles on the offensive line.

Coach John Harbaugh doesn’t see things quite that way, however. Harbaugh said Tuesday that a review of the tape found “a lot of really good blocks” by the linemen and that the blame for the failures in both phases of the offense should be spread over several positions. Quarterback Joe Flacco was among those that Harbaugh pointed to as needing to do a better job.

“The quarterbacks have got to get the ball out, and they’ve got to find ways to protect themselves with ‘hot’ throws and things like that, too,” Harbaugh said, via the Baltimore Sun. “Joe does a good job of that. To get to your question, yes, we need Joe to take fewer hits, and we’re going to continue to chase that. We’ll do that by getting the ball out quickly, continuing to work on our technique in pass protection, and picking up blitzes.”

Harbaugh’s definitely right about the problems with the Ravens offense going beyond the offensive line, but there’s not much solace to be found in saying that everyone has been playing poorly. The issues with the Ravens offense appear to be so deeply rooted that fixing them will take schematic and personnel changes that are difficult to pull off in the middle of a season.

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  1. “ELITE” joe flacco holds onto the ball too long.

    The ravens should upgraded by signing Josh Freeman.

  2. It’s especially hard to fix when you don’t admit the problem exists! A very good O-Line from last year goes to one of the worst this year. Lost Birk, but the rest were the same early, only a coaching change. Hmmm.

  3. The Offensive line is to blame for the running game and some of the sacks, but the O-line don’t throw passes behind receivers backs, nor do they throw up punt like passes.

  4. The offensive line is definitely a lot worse than last year. However, Joe Flacco does hold on to the ball a long time. I watched the Ravens/Browns games and saw at least 2 sacks that I’d put on Flacco.

    Hard to just blame Flacco though when the Ravens are only running for 71 yards/game and ranked 29th in rushing.

    Definitely a problem with the entire offense. I don’t see them fixing it overnight though.

  5. the main prob is the center,needs to learn faster and get bigger.ravens will be around in the end,might not make playoffs but they will have a say in who does.lots of you people on here wish you had team like Ravens……[maybe i’ll save a little money this year .last 5 have been expensive]

  6. If “a lot of really good blocks” gets you 18 for 30yds, hate to see what bad blocking looks like.

  7. My Browns pounded the Ravens, and they were just one safety erroraway from not even having it respectable. Our FS was caught looking at a hot brunette in the stands and Torrey Smith was left wide open allowing them to score a TD before halftime.

    I wonder is NOW Flacco misses Ray Lewis’ antics.

    Either way, it doesn’t matter. My Browns are currently in 2nd place in the division with a chance at creaping closer with a win in 2 weeks vs the Bengals.

  8. godofwine330 says:
    Nov 6, 2013 10:10 AM
    My Browns pounded the Ravens,
    OMG, 1 win in the last 12 meetings and I knew some fool would be on here talking smack. And Crown, the numbers 18 for 30 do suck; here’s a number for you….55!

  9. Ohh there you are Browns fans! Finally after 20 years you can say you have a winning record after a half season! Go ahead, puff out you’re chests and do some big boy talk. Now, take a deep breath and look in the mirror…yep, your STILL the Cleveland Browns! Sorry! And i’m not even a Ravens fan.

  10. Here’s a fun game to play doctor rust belt, ask yourself and all your friends if they were born after January 6, 1990. If they were then they’ve NEVER WITNESSED A BENGALS PLAYOFF WIN. Also lifetime the Bengals are 5-11 in the playoffs over a 44 year span. Joe is 9-4 in 5.

  11. doctorrustbelt says:
    I see raven-ator , joemontanna, has changed is name again? next one should be “AlwaysaClown”

  12. Just goes to show you how mediocre Flacco is. Oz had to trade or release AB and others, who were the reason for last season’s success, just to keep Mr. Mediocrity. And for those Ratbird fans who will say that Boldin and the other were not a huge factors last season, stop kidding yourselves because you ALL are missing them about now, especially AB. Balt. had a guy with GREAT hands who went up and TOOK the ball with Flacco’s Hail Mary type passes (then the QB got the credit) and then let him go to Coach Crybaby’s brother in SF for basically nothing. Oz, what were you thinking and look where it got you? The bottom line is the Browns’ Defense smoked them and made Mr. Mediocrty look worse than Weeden.

    And before I forget, Art Model, may your soul rot in hell.

  13. hakunamangata, the ravens are 9-4 in 5 years with Flacco. Besides last year Flacco didn’t play lights out in the playoffs, the whole team put together those wins.

  14. Line changes, line calls, knowledge, ability to block, leadership. All things that Matt Birk was top notch at and not one thing that Gino Gradkowski can perform.

    The picture above is a perfect look at the season, Joe gets pressured/sacked/hit/ anything right up the middle and Gino is looking at the guy blow past him. He’s not the only problem, but he’s a big part of it. The dude sucks. Bad.

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