Okung, Giacomini expected to practice this week for Seahawks


Seattle Seahawks starting offensive tackles Russell Okung and Breno Giacomini have missed a combined 13 games already this season.

Okung sprained a ligament in his toe during Seattle’s Week 2 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Giacomini went down the following week with a knee injury that required surgery against the Jacksonville Jaguars. It’s forced the Seahawks to make-do with a patchwork unit for most of the season.

Both are expected to return to practice for the Seahawks on Wednesday.

Okung and Giacomini both had “really good workouts” prior to Seattle’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, according to head coach Pete Carroll.

Okung isn’t eligible to play for another week as he remains on the short-term injured reserve list. He can play Nov. 17 against the Minnesota Vikings if activated. Giacomini is able to play as soon as he is healthy enough to do so. However, having missed six weeks, Carroll doesn’t want to rush him back onto the field.

“It’s not likely that he’ll be ready, that’s a lot to ask him in one week’s time on the practice field,” Carroll said. “We’d like to take a couple of weeks, get him back, really get him solid, get his legs under him and see where he is. We have been really trying to be cautious in a sense to make sure we don’t hurry things up too much.”

The return of Okung and Giacomini will essentially return three starters to the lineup for Seattle as Paul McQuistan will be able to move back inside to his natural left guard position from left tackle. With their bye week following the Vikings’ game, Seattle should have their offensive line back to full strength for the final month of the regular season.

14 responses to “Okung, Giacomini expected to practice this week for Seahawks

  1. i hope russ has been taking these guys out to dinner with the rest of the o-line, he’s gotta be elated they’ll be back soon. hopefully unger isn’t out for long.
    and btw, where the hell is rog on this whole dolphins scandal??? london? la? smh.
    he’s worse than bettman in the nhl.

  2. ‘With their bye week following the Vikings’ game, Seattle should have their offensive line back to full strength for the final month of the regular season’…

    To major in kicking ass!

    Go Hawks!

  3. Breno is what makes this o-line go. He brings a play-to-the-whistle mentality. He’s tough, nasty, hardnosed, and now he’s getting smart. He understands just how far to push his opponent without crossing the line, but incensing the opponent to cross it. Some call it dirty, I call it savvy.

  4. Wilson is a tough sob, been running for his life and doesn’t appear hurt nor making excuses. Amazing to find a guy like that in round three.

  5. After watching Aaron Rogers go down because of bad protection from his RT makes me amazed Russell has stayed healthy and we sit 8-1.

    These injuries have allowed him to be pressured on 40 % of his passes which is the most in NFL. Okung, Unger are needed back in the worst way. Breno has improved last year, he run blocking is has been excellent and he started eliminating the personal foul penalties. He is still needs help pass protection.

    Tom Cable got praise from everyone as a great offensive line coach but I am not buying it anymore. I think the run blocking they are one of the top teams but in pass protection its been a guessing game of who is going to get a free run at Seahawks QB.

  6. Add Harvin to the mix, stir gently, produces instant nightmares for opposing defensive coordinators.

  7. What’s amazing is with this patchwork line for 7 weeks they’re still 8-1. That means good coaching (insert stupid Pete Carroll jabs here) and tough players.

  8. Luckily, the Hawks are 8-1 so they have the luxury of not having to rush these guys back right away, possibly before they’re ready. It hasn’t been pretty, but had some of those close wins been close losses, Carroll would have felt a little more pressure to push these guys a lot harder.

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