Pagano says NFL admitted ref got fumble call wrong

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During Sunday night’s Colts-Texans game, a strange call occurred when Houston kickoff returner Keshawn Martin fumbled and the officials ruled on the field that Indianapolis recovered, only to have the referee look at the replay and rule that the Texans would keep the ball because the Colts’ LaVon Brazill touched the ball when he was out of bounds.

Now the Colts say the NFL has admitted the call was wrong. Colts coach Chuck Pagano said today that the NFL informed him that the ruling on the field should not have been overturned.

If the NFL has, in fact, informed the Colts that the call was wrong, the NFL should also come forward publicly and inform the fans that the call was wrong. That was a confusing play, and although referee Bill Vinovich claimed the ball touched Brazill’s foot while Brazill’s arm was out of bounds, the replay didn’t appear to show that conclusively. The fans’ frustration with NFL officiating is only compounded by a sense that the league doesn’t always fess up publicly when the officials get it wrong.

That was one of two bad calls relating to a player touching the ball that went against the Colts on Sunday night. Indianapolis was also on the wrong end of a non-call of roughing the punter, a penalty that should have been called on Houston’s Bryan Braman but wasn’t because the officials wrongly believed that Braman touched the ball before he hit Colts punter Pat McAfee.

The two blown calls were both followed by Texans touchdowns, which means the Colts could legitimately say the officials handed the Texans 14 points in the first half. The Colts ended up coming back and winning the game, and so the bad calls haven’t been discussed much this week. But if the Colts’ comeback had come up short, those two bad calls would loom very large.

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  1. Not too mention that Pagano was told by the refs that he couldn’t review the Bryan Braman play, when in fact the rules say he could. At what point do you say the refs were horribly incompetent, reminiscent of the replacement refs…

  2. Accountability for officiating? The league is too busy handing out fines for uniform violations and reducing suspensions for headhunters

  3. what about the Andre Johnson catch that was ruled incomplete? another mistake during the game…

  4. what about the other missed call in the game that went against Houston? A. Johnson had possession of the ball on the ground, slid out of bounds, and then the DB pushed the ball out. They blew that one too. Terribly officiated game all around (including penalty calls against both sides)!

  5. I was watching the game and they actually did show Brazil touch out of bounds and also his hand (not foot) touching the ball at the same time, making it the correct call. So I’m not understanding the confusion.

  6. So what exactly is the point of Instant Replay? Every week there are a few calls that the refs on the field get wrong after using instant replay. 2 million people on their couches see the same replays and they get the call right, but the 1 guy under the hood cant seem to figure it out. Obviously there are the fools that will claim a call is bad simply because it goes against them (when the call was in fact right), and there are others that will view a call as good because it goes in their favor (when the call was bad). But, I am confident that 99.9% of fans that had no bias toward this game, had the call correct based on television replays (and none of those fans have ever been trained to get the call correct, and none of them are supposed to know the rule book)

  7. Are you kidding me? The refs have helped the Colts in almost every game this year to the point where it’s nauseating. BTW, Andre Johnson made that catch on the sideline.

    Now the league goes as far to tell them any call against the they missed is wrong. The dude doesn’t have cancer anymore, you don’t have to give them sympathy points.

    We know Luck is the chosen one. But guess what, he’s good enough where he doesn’t need the constant help and apologies.

  8. As others have said, they screwed up two challenged calls (the fumble and the Andre Johnson catch going out of bounds). It’s one thing to miss something watching the game live, but it’s quite another to watch in slow motion, rewind, watch again, and still get it wrong.

  9. The officials handed the Texans 14 points they didn’t deserve? Welcome to the Seahawks world. That kind of stuff happens them every week.

    And they still win…

  10. sportsfan18 says:
    Nov 6, 2013 1:27 PM

    Didn’t you recently post something about the tear the Steelers were going to go on?

    Then they went out and gave up the MOST points in team history…

    I’d say you have the pulse of the team alright.

    We said they were going to go 10-2 after our poor start. After two other losses, we are now going to finish 8-0. Keep hating.

  11. Almost as much double talk and lies come from the league office regarding officiating as comes out of Washington about how great a job congress is actually doing.

  12. When is the league going to admit that the Bush hit on Drew Breese in his mid-section was a completely legal hit & not the personal foul that was called?

    That could have impacted the outcome of the game given it was 3rd down & gave the Saints a 1st & 10!!!

    It sucks so much as a fan to have bad calls like these & then even after they look at it 100 times in slow motion not to get it right!!!

    I get it that its hard to get everything right in real time, but if every official abided by the actual rule book it would make things a lot better! So frustrating!!!

  13. dodohead418 says: Nov 6, 2013 1:10 PM

    Refs don’t know the rules anymore.
    I didn’t se the play so I don’t know how easy or difficult the call was to make.

    Refs have a hard time with the rules in part because there are too many rules in the book.

  14. And despite those two bad calls, the refs still favored the colts by far. The two calls were make ups for obviously wrong calls in favor of the colts on the immediately preceding drives.

  15. osiris33 says:Nov 6, 2013 1:36 PM

    The officials handed the Texans 14 points they didn’t deserve? Welcome to the Seahawks world. That kind of stuff happens them every week.

    And they still win…

    It happened in the game they played against Seattle…lol

    That blocked punt was a td all day long. No different than the play Pagano is whining about at all…with the exception that it cost the Seahawks 5 points and they lost by 3…go figure.

  16. puckthefatriots says:
    Nov 6, 2013 1:26 PM
    Anyone know the address to Reliant Stadium? I have a large box of tissue paper I would like to donate to all of the crying Texans fans.
    We’re only crying because this season has gone horribly wrong. It was the Colts crying over those referee calls, not us.

  17. Where’s the outrage? Where’s are the media blowhard (like Peter King) calling for the officials to be replaced? If this happened when the replacement officials were on the job, it would be getting more coverage than the Incognito/Martin affair. But since it’s the “sainted” regular officials, nothing.

    The NFL should publically fine/suspend officials for incorrect potentially game changing calls. Enough coddling these incompetent buffoons. Time to drive the Winters and Hoculis into retirement.

  18. Refs screwed up, but that’s still not as bad as
    cheating the 49ers out of another Super Bowl win by the non-called tackles of Crabtree and Davis on the final play and the tackling of half the Niner team on the Jerkoby Jones kickoff return.

    Pathetic officiating is ruining the almighty NFL

  19. You just cant help but be suspicious about corruptness when that call was so obviously wrong. It is supposed to be CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE to overturn. We were nowhere near conclusive.

    Also that running into the kicker being ignored was a mystery too.

    Makes you wonder.

  20. how many games are being decided by ticky tack pass interference, or incorrect hits on a defenseless player? the game is too fast and too many rules for the refs. on top of that, look at how old the refs are, and the league thinks that there wont be tons of mistakes every game? all of these rules are making fottball unbearable to watch any more.

  21. Did he also admit the refs got the phantom roughing the passer call wrong that kept the Clots drive alive? Doubt it.

  22. It was the right call! Look at the replay one hand is clearly touching the ball, the other is clearly touching out of bounds. It is obvious, and I’m a fan of neither team.

  23. While the rule sucks, the Andre Johnson call was correct. I agree it is a stupid rule, but as it is written, that is the correct call. The same exact play happened earlier in the day in the Bills Chiefs game. Bills receiver Marquise Goodwin caught the ball, went to the ground, was laying on the ground and touched to be down, ball was then knocked away.

  24. Maybe the ref got his training in the MAC college conference. Now, THAT was some bad officiating last night.

  25. After the debacle that was Texans/Colts in 2011, where Jerome “How am I still employed” Boger literally walked the Colts downfield to victory via phantom penalties so blatantly phony even the TV announce crew was calling BS, you have no room whatsoever to start whining about bad ref calls.

  26. You could tell by the reply the ball never went out of bounds yet the refs still got it wrong anyways. Something’s not right about it. Maybe this whole instant reply farce is a joke!!!

  27. The NFL needs an instant replay system specifically for their rules and officials’ calls, it seems.

    Make it a black and white challenge flag. Then the refs or some official would have to actually consult the NFL rule book to defend their call.

    Yes, this is a ridiculous idea. But it’s less ridiculous than the officials not knowing the rules.

  28. Vinovich proved in last year’s Broncos-Ravens Playoff game that he doesn’t deserve to be an NFL official. This only adds more evidence.

  29. Stuff like this has been happening more and more over the past few years. It is the reason why I have stopped watching football now.
    Either these guys are on the take or they are incompetent at the job they do or possibly both.
    In any case, it makes the game impossible to watch anymore. I’m done with it….

  30. Refs are human and can make mistakes. When they do, they need to accept responsibility and apologize publicly to the team they shafted. When the TV analysts are showing it over and over, we all see the mistake. Be man enough to admit it, refs.

  31. The phantom pass interference call in the Redskins/Chargers game against Keenan Allen was worse. He was literally two yards from the defender not coming close to touching him and was flagged for offensive pass interference

  32. These dam replacement refs! When is Goodell going to get the regular refs back?! That’ll fix everything!

  33. pftwstbshmc says:
    Nov 6, 2013 2:29 PM

    “Stuff like this has been happening more and more over the past few years. It is the reason why I have stopped watching football now”

    I don’t know how to tell you this, but you are on a football website. That means they talk about football on here. So you don’t mind discussing football, just not watching it.

  34. robert831 says:
    Nov 6, 2013 2:11 PM
    It was the right call! Look at the replay one hand is clearly touching the ball, the other is clearly touching out of bounds. It is obvious, and I’m a fan of neither team.


    Uhhhh…..if it was the “right call”, why did the NFL just inform Pagano that the official got the call wrong (which it was)? SMH…….

  35. That was a horribly officiated game. They took a catch away from Andre Johnson via replay incorrectly and in the explanation the ref sounded like he’d viewed a totally different tape than everybody else.

  36. “cornerstone2001 says:
    Nov 6, 2013 2:03 PM
    that’s still not as bad as
    cheating the 49ers out of another Super Bowl win by the non-called tackles of Crabtree and Davis on the final play.”

    Interesting that the “final play” occurred with 1:46 remaining on the clock.

  37. The ball did not appear to touch his foot. It did appear on the still-frame that he was still in contact with the ball (fingers) when his other arm hit the turf out of bounds. The referee saying “foot” whether he misspoke or not is what has lead to the controversy. When they showed the replays I didn’t see anything that would overturn the call until they stopped the video and showed that he was both touching the ball and out of bounds. It was quick but the still-frame clearly shows that

  38. Its amazing how all you Texans fans say it was clearly the right call cause you can see what didn’t exist. Believe me, if it was even remotely close, the NFL would not admit the officials screwed up. So my advice to you sore losers is to suck it up and change your panties. Even after the officials tried to hand you the game @ Houston, you still lost.

  39. Well the refs also got the call wrong when the ruled that Johnson had fumbled the ball on a catch when in fact he had caught the ball slide out of bounds and then the defender had stripped the ball out meaning the Texans should have kept the ball and scored and won the game.

  40. I remember the last several years when Raider fans complain about ridiculous calls going against them, and determining the outcome of games… that everyone would say to “stop bitching”.

    Looks like other teams’ fans are finally seeing what we’ve been dealing with for a long time now – the NFL referees have complete control over the outcome of each game and there is NO accountability for them.

    Hell even this year in the Raiders-Colts game there was an obvious holding on Luck’s TD run that won the game. And look at the phantom offensive PI call against the Chargers this week. That probably determined the outcome.

  41. The nfl is slowly being exposed as rigged as pro wrestling with nfl officials and refs involved – there is no other explanation for such blatantly wrong calls in such close and important games at such critical points in the game while the nfl either looks the other way or casually slaps a refs hand – meanwhile games are thrown and millions are made by those who throw them. Look at KC Denver game 3 min left in 4 th quarter game critical 3rd down for chiefs and chiefs receiver bowe gets wrapped up about 12 feet before the ball gets there – the ref looking RIGHT at the play – does nothing. 2nd blatant no call pass denver def pass interference against bowe on critical down that was ignored. First time kc head coach ripped the ref. Blatant no call cheating and the fact the nfl repeatedly week after week allows close critical games to not be decided by the players but by cheating refs proves they are in on it at high levels. This is a serious legal issue! But anyone with half a brain can see clearly what is going on. time after time game after game year after year – it’s time we put a stop to it fans!

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