Pryor back to practice, McFadden sits

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As promised, Terrelle Pryor’s knee injury was not a big deal.

According to Scott Bair of, the Raiders quarterback was participating in the portion of practice open to the media Wednesday, showing no apparent signs of the problem that caused him to leave Sunday’s blowout loss to the Eagles.

Pryor said after the game he thought his departure was precautionary, and that has held up.

Running back Darren McFadden, on the other hand, was held out after a hamstring strain.

8 responses to “Pryor back to practice, McFadden sits

  1. Wow…what a relief. Now we get to watch him circle around like a chicken with his head cut off again and again after the DT blows by Lucas Nix and TP has to run for his life…again.

  2. It just hasn’t worked out with #20. He’ll probably go somewhere else and play 16 games and be a star, but it’s not happening in Oakland. The talent is there, but for whatever reason he’s not on the field enough to warrant big money.

  3. here comes all the dmc haters….all i can say is give this guy an o-line and he will get you some yards…if not both pryor and dmc will be running for their lives every play….

    and for all the ones who wanted to trade him….worse case scenario either we sign dmc next year for good value $ contract, or he leaves as a high paid ufa, will result in us getting a 3rd compensatory pick.

  4. I too think McFadden is done. In my opinion RBs should be gauged on how much abuse they took in college. Safe to say, there isn’t another RB that took the abuse that McFadden took in his days at Arkansas that can stay healthy in the NFL today. Played all 3 years in the SEC no less. Only player that took just as much abuse that comes off the top of my head is Ray Rice, and even he’s regressed and been hurt this season.

  5. DMC Haters? How is it that the other backs that fill in for the always injured DMC seem to find space? Last year in the ZBS, Reece ran pretty well when replacing McFadden. This year, Jennings has done the same thing.

    He hasn’t had many, but if you take out his few big runs over the last three seasons and he’s averaging under 3 yards a carry.

    I hear you that the line sucks, but the injuries have piled up and it’s been showing. He looks slow, and looks to not have the same power as before.

    I do think the fact they have failed to get him the ball in the air has hurt his overall game, but as he is being used now, he’s horrible. Would not be sad if he was out for the rest of the season and they fed Reece the ball. An argument could be made that Reece is their most talented offensive weapon, yet they continue to not use him at all.

    Olsen has done a decent job with the lack of talent, but not using Reece has really been a bad move on his part.

  6. I’m not a hater of McFadden, but if he can’t stay healthy, then why pay him top dollar? Get the facts straight after the season, show him and his agent just how many games he missed and adjust the proposal to him if he wants to stay with the Raiders. Otherwise, hit the bricks. I’m sure the Raiders can find a RB that may not be as fast, but can find one that doesn’t get hurt as often. Now it’s up to McFadden at the end of the season if offered a contract.

  7. I don’t hate McFragile, I just don’t want my team to sign him to anything ohter than the veteran minimum.
    And if the Raiders pay him any more than that they are wasting their money. But it is the Raiders so they probably will.

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