Rams’ William Hayes smashes mirror in locker room, cuts arm


Rams defensive end William Hayes was upset after Sunday’s loss to the Titans. So he walked into the locker room and punched a mirror.

According to ESPN.com, broken glass and a pool of blood had to be cleaned up in the locker room before the media came in after the game, the result of Hayes taking his frustration out on the mirror. Rams coach Jeff Fisher had to calm Hayes down.

“We talked and settled him down. He was OK. Basically, he expressed how everybody felt and it hit him hard,” Fisher said. “This game was big for him. He played very well in the game and he was just disappointed.”

Fisher said he used Hayes’s cut as an example of why players need to keep their emotions in check.

“Use better judgment, you know, you don’t need to punch a mirror and risk cutting yourself, and he did,” Fisher said. “We addressed it today. To the extent of which he felt, the emotion that he felt — not that everybody else didn’t — I think that’s the good thing. But, you’ve got to draw the line and make sure you take care of yourself.”

Hayes reportedly needed a few stitches. He has not publicly addressed the incident.

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  1. First, many people were saying that this would finally be the year Bradford breaks out and the Rams have some success, potentially competing for a wild-card birth. “Tavon Austin will be unleashed” they said.

    Then, long after it becomes apparent that the playoffs aren’t in the cards, Bradford goes down for the season. No possible chance at beating Seattle now I thought, or anyone else for that matter.

    Then, inexplicitly, the Rams drive over 90 yards on Seattle’s defense to the 1 yard line. “The Rams are going to win!” I thought. Wrong. Clemens and Schottenheimer throw the game away.

    Now the only PFT article on the Rams since is about a player smashing a mirror in the locker room ala Amare Stoudemire.

    The St. Louis Rams: turning lemonade into lemons since 2002.

  2. I’m glad he left the Titans but apparently holds a grudge against them? He was more productive in Sundays game than close to his whole career with the Titans, how’s it feel to be beat by the team you left?

  3. thestrategyexpert says:Nov 6, 2013 1:53 PM

    That’s taking one for the team to shore up the draft position.


  4. He shoulda punched Fisher in the nose. Worst coach in the NFL. Makes Schiano and Philbin look good.

  5. “I’d be more worried about the 7 years of bad luck.”

    He signed a 7 year contract with the Rams?

    I meant for him.

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