Report: Jonathan Martin wants to continue NFL career

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Despite leaving the Miami Dolphins last week amid issues with the treatment he was getting from teammates, Jonathan Martin plans to continue his professional football career.

According to Steven Wine of the Associated Press, Martin considered quitting the sport due to the mistreatment he felt he was receiving at the hands of his fellow offensive linemen, specifically Richie Incognito. Instead, Martin elected to leave the team to undergo counseling for emotional issues and plans to continue his career.

Whether the Dolphins or another team will want to have him back remains a question.

Dolphins’ players spoke in support of Incognito on Wednesday. Incognito had been suspended by the team earlier this week. The seemingly unanimous stance in support of Incognito could speak to Martin’s teammates being annoyed that he took a locker room issue into the public eye. If that’s the case, it could be difficult for Martin to walk back into the locker room.

Ultimately, just like Incognito ironically, if Martin is talented enough to play, he’ll find another opportunity at some point.

53 responses to “Report: Jonathan Martin wants to continue NFL career

  1. For the record I’d like to play in the NFL as well, and I’m a member of the “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me generation” so I should do OK in the locker room.

  2. Jonathan Martin=Ricky Williams. Seems to have the same type of Social Anxiety issues. Listening to the Dolphins players and what they said today it seems Martin came out of left field with these “problems” with Richie and the situation. Hope Martin gets the help he needs because I think this story might end up being a lot to do about nothing when the truth and facts come out.

  3. or…. they support Cog because of reality. They know they were friends as does tons of video and audio and pictures etc over months.

  4. The Patriots are always looking for smart players. Besides, Martin might be very motivated to elevate his game for the opportunity to kick Miami’s butt twice a year.

  5. come to Carolina Country! we currently have a DT playing on our offensive line, and you would be like the second coming! please?! we’d welcome you with Bojangles..

  6. Of course he will continue his career. He’ll be one of the few Dolphins left standing next year.

  7. I think we should all follow Martin’s example and show our boss how much we like our job by walking away from it at lunch and going awol.

  8. For team that hasn’t won anything and is .500 team at best, they sure are full of themselves down there.

  9. Incognito not getting fired is Martin’s only chance to rejoin that brotherhood…

  10. I’ll put it at even money that Incognito plays again before Martin.

    We have all seen the tranmscript of the voicemail Incognito left as released by Martin’s parents and agent. What happens if the inflection of the voice in the message is clearly joking?

    Players seem to say that Martin himself thought it was funny. Could we be in a place where Martin blew this and now he has no way out? It will be telling if Martin’s camp keeps using “he’s in therapy” to avoid responding to any inquiries.

  11. I can’t believe he would want to play again. He wasn’t very good, and he could walk out again if
    someone upset him. He needs mental health attention not football. Maybe he could have a baby sitter on the next team.

  12. I wouldn’t want him on my team.

    Regardless of what Incognito did, Martin comes off as a soft wimp that isn’t willing to put in the hard work. That’s not the kind of guy I want on my offensive line.

  13. Even if he did not want to continue in the NFL, he would say that he did want to to support a loss of income claim. A defense the Dolphins/NFL have against a lawsuit is that he voluntarily ended his career. This announcement sets up a counterargument to that defense.

  14. Trade him to the Vikings. OK, technically he would be out of pro football but that’s not the point. He would fit in that locker room of quitters and ne’er-do-wells.

  15. Yeah, that’s a guy I want protecting my blind side. “I don’t want to play anymore, the big meany in the other jersey called me a name!”

  16. Colts could be a landing spot. At Stanford, he blocked for Andrew Luck, played alongside Coby Fleener, and Griff Whalen. Add the fact that the Colts OC, Pep Hamilton, was the OC for Stanford as well during Martin’s tenure.

    On the other hand, the NFL isn’t a charity, its a business. The Colts line is average at best, so while there is a need to upgrade the line, not sure Martin would fit the bill the make the move.

  17. The Saints could use help on the O-Line to keep Brees upright. It seems to be their weakest link. If the kid is talented, we’ll take him. Think about it this way, Manti T’eo recovered and fit in with the Chargers.

  18. In the right locker room, Martin would be fine. One where the GM and coaching staff doesn’t think that developing players is done by insulting and demeaning them.

  19. Good luck with that. I know every coach in the NFL wants a player who, in their second year, decided to skip voluntary OTA’s.

  20. I doubt it. It seems to me like all this stuff is just the Harvard lawyers step by step plan to establish and protect a future lawsuit. He has said at different times that he isn’t sure if he wants to continue with football. The Dolphins gave him a leave of absences when he questioned himself this past spring.

  21. So many posts from guys who would be crying for their mama if they got one hit by a 200 lb safety, let alone a 350 lb nose tackle. The best coaches in the league know that the same approach on the motivation side is not the best approach for every player or the team. But the Dolphins over the last 5 years have shown their weakness all up and down the org.

  22. he dosn’t want to come back, this is a lawsuit driven contrived situation. mommy and daddy are behind this whole deal. they see a truckload of money for nothing. sad thing is they will probably get it.

  23. In most (but not all) cases — to play football — you need to bring some nasty. It is not a sport for the feint of heart – or people who are quick to get emotionally and psychologically overwhelmed.

    It’s hard for me to see Martin thriving in that kind of environment based on merit alone.

    But beyond that, is there a long list of teams looking for players who save voicemails and texts as their only defense to a situation like that alleged? It’s hard to imagine Joe Greene, Lawrence Taylor or Dick Butkus saving voicemails and text messages – and to then secretively submit them to build a case.

    Can’t see it. The NFL wants an entirely different personal make-up than that.

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