Ross thanks Goodell for appointing outside counsel


The Dolphins haven’t said much in the wake of tackle Jonathan Martin’s departure from the team.  Owner Stephen Ross hadn’t said anything.

On Wednesday night, Ross did.

“I want to thank Commissioner Goodell for moving quickly to appoint Ted Wells as special counsel on this matter,” Ross said in a statement issued by the team.  “He has an impeccable reputation and we look forward to fully cooperating with the review.  We take this situation seriously.  As the owner, I am committed to creating a professional environment for all of the members of the Dolphins family.  Once the review is completed and I have all of the facts, we will respond accordingly.”

Apart from what did or didn’t happen between Martin and guard Richie Incognito, Ross needs to worry that a “professional environment” currently doesn’t exist in relation to Martin, based on some of the things that his players said publicly on Wednesday.

It’ll be interesting to see what Ross ultimately does.  And it would be naive to assume that the team’s performance in the aftermath of this scandal won’t be a factor in any decisions Ross ultimately makes.

8 responses to “Ross thanks Goodell for appointing outside counsel

  1. Dolphins will survive this and it will galvanize the team, securing the futures of the HC and GM. Only to further piss off the Jeff Ireland haters.

  2. If the Dolphins wish to merge with the 49ers then I understand everything that is going on.

    But as such I don’t understand the point of doing all this mining here at the bottom of an endless abyss of rock. This is not the vision I had for a great Ed Harris sequel.

  3. I think its now pretty apparent that this story is a lot more involved than anyone knew….and that is why people, especially those in the media, need to learn ALL of the facts before crucifying a guy. Hopefully those who did just assume certain facts (while being totally ignorant of course) will never have to deal with the same thing that this Incognito has had to deal with up to this point.

    I want to hear from people who KNOW both of these guys and, even more, from people who are INSIDE the dolphins locker room. All of these other opinions are totally useless.

  4. Of course Ross is glad Goodell hired outside counsel so he wouldn’t have to foot the bill just like how he tried to get tax payers to pay for the stadium upgrades.

  5. I mean seriously, who is going to even help us lift this rock out of the chasm? It’s not like we have a pair of 300-pounders to help out with that. Hey Jeff, so what do you want us to do with this load boss, your orders sire?

  6. It will be a long time before Miami even gets a sniff of the Super Bowl. The NFL won’t have this revisited during the lead up to their premier event. No tax payer money for you Stevie Über Douche.

  7. If Philbin and Ross don’t know what’s going on inside their own organization, then the Dolphins are in a huge mess. Either that or the Fins are lying to everyone.

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