Shea McClellin wins NFC defensive player honors


Shea McClellin has had a bigger impact on the Packers than the Bears so far, but his big night did earn him an award.

McClellin was named NFC defensive player of the week after his 3.0-sack game against the Packers Monday night. According to the league, it was the first time a Bears player had that many sacks in a game at Green Bay.

That equaled the previous career total for sacks for last year’s first-rounder.

He also opened up the NFC North race when his hit on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers resulted in a broken collarbone which should sideline Rodgers for several weeks, an unfortunate footnote to a breakout performance.

19 responses to “Shea McClellin wins NFC defensive player honors

  1. He needs to develop another move besides the speed around or spin. He is not strong enough to bull rush. At least he’s on the field unlike Nick Perry

  2. @golforepar:

    McClellin’s hit on Rodgers was clean, with no intent to injure him. Quit whining.

  3. golforepar: it was an award for having a great game. he did not drive rodgers into the ground. it was a clean play just like the other 2 sacks he got. ask rodgers or any packers fan who saw the play. to bad he was injured but it was not the result of a dirty play or driving him into the ground.

  4. golforepar says:
    Nov 6, 2013 10:57 AM
    larrybooboo, Shea showed no respect for the MVP


    This is tackle football, not ballet.

  5. @golforepar:

    It’s been at least 40 years (since grammar school) since someone chose to poke fun of my name like you just did, which makes you sound either twelve, or really immature.

    And what form of respect should opposing defenders show A-Rod? To play hard against a worthy rival, or in your warped view of competition, maybe they should just throw up their hands in awe and let him carve up defenses with no resistance at all?

    Sorry, but you’re delusional AND immature.

  6. Your off your rocker Golforepar, it was a clean hit. Do not assume he speaks for any other Packer fans.

    It was a good game by Shea, I still think he would have been a much better 3-4 OLB than 4-3 DE but that’s beside the point.

  7. How cruel of Shea to use all of his 230 lbs. He is one of the smallest DE’s in the league (which is why he is terrible in run support) and is the same size as Rodgers

  8. I’m a Bears fan and I have nothing but respect for Rodgers. I think he is the best QB in the NFL. Never wish for anyone to get hurt. Unless it’s the Lions and that entire team is filled with D-bags including the coach. But the Shea hit on Rodgers was very clean. He didnt put his helmet into the chest and drive he just wrapped him up and put him on the ground. Not one GB player has even mentioned it being dirty. Now that I have stuck up for Shea I will be the first one to admit the dude sucks. He really is a 3-4 LB. No way he makes it as a full time DE in a 4-3. He gets run over like the rest of the small injured D-Line.

  9. larryboodry says:
    Nov 6, 2013 11:16 AM
    jazsrt, I’m still smh at golforepar’s logic.


    I would have at least said LarryBooby.

    ‘F’ for immature creativity.

  10. Bob McGinn the Packers beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal achieved some dubious notoriety for writing an article about the possibility of an injured Aaron Rodgers a couple days before the Bear game.

    Even worse, though, in his first paragraph of his preview of that game he had this to say about Shea McClellin –

    “McClellin stinks. Just not a football player. A lot of people say he should be in a 3-4. Let me tell you something. If the guy can rush the passer, the guy can rush the passer. He can’t rush the passer. I don’t care what scheme it is. He’s always a tad short. He doesn’t bring anything to the table. He might be a high-motor guy. He gets to the pile. Doesn’t make any plays.”

  11. I still think the guy is a complete and total bum who is further hampered playing out of position. As a Bears fan I hope he continues, but I’m not holding my breath.

  12. It’s nice to Shea breaking out (living up to his first round billing, actually), but like many others, I need to see some consistency before I get all warm & fuzzy about him.

    Now, what we REALLY need – is someone on the Bears to bully Chris Conte into leaving…

    Addition by subtraction.

  13. Does the league office determine who wins awards like this? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they do. If a Green Bay player had made a play like that, he would’ve been fined. But since McClellin sidelined the quarterback of a team with no individual owner, the league names him NFC defensive player of the week.

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