Sources: Ireland suggested that Martin confront Incognito physically


The strange, bizarre saga of Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito continues to unfold, with a name that previously hasn’t been mentioned now thrust into the middle of the burgeoning mess.

Per multiple league sources, Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland received a call from one of Martin’s agent, Kenny Zuckerman, after Martin left the team on October 28. Zukerman complained to Ireland about the manner in which Incognito was treating Martin.

Ireland, according to the sources, suggested to Zuckerman that Martin physically confront Incognito. Ireland specifically mentioned that Martin should “punch” Incognito.

Reached for comment by phone on Wednesday night, Dolphins senior V.P. of media relations Harvey Greene reiterated to PFT the position that there will be no public comment from the team on any aspect of the situation, given the league’s pending review.

Throughout the past few days, it’s become clear that too many people in and around football believe that locker-room bullying should be met with violence. That fact that Ireland suggested that Martin should physically confront Incognito is, frankly, alarming.

Ireland’s comments to Zuckerman, coupled with Wednesday’s comments from multiple players, also supports Martin’s eventual conclusion that the team wasn’t inclined to do anything about the situation without Martin taking a stand — not by fighting Incognito but by walking out.

UPDATE 11:04 a.m. ET 11/7/13:  A prior version of this story identified the agent as Rick Smith.  It was Kenny Zuckerman, who works with Smith at the same firm.  Also, a prior version of this story characterized the call as happening before Martin left the team.  The call happened after Martin left.

80 responses to “Sources: Ireland suggested that Martin confront Incognito physically

  1. Was his first suggestion that Martin question Incognito’s mother’s profession?

    Seriously, how does this guy have a job? And I don’t even mean in the NFL. I don’t even understand how he could hold down a minimum wage position throwing sawdust on vomit.

  2. “Ireland’s comments to Smith, coupled with Wednesday’s comments from multiple players, also supports Martin’s eventual conclusion that the team wasn’t inclined to do anything about the situation without Martin taking a stand — not by fighting Incognito but by walking out.”

    I see little evidence thus far that “the team” wanted Martin to walk out. There’s been lots of support and surprise.

    If this is true, Ireland is screwed. Which is good, so be it, and let’s move on.

  3. sounds more like smoke and mirrors coming from Martins camp in response to the players statements today. Still, all speculation until the facts come out.

  4. Good God this is becoming a muddled mess. And despite it all, as much as I was automatically against Incognito, I’m starting to look at the team as complicit, and wonder if Martin isn’t just the product of litigious parents acting in sniveling fashion here.

  5. So what life lessons should we draw from this situation, that when we have people stress us out we should punch them in the face. I take it law enforcement will turn a blind eye to this sort of behavior!

    We go on about players being role models for kids but so many people have come out and said that Jonathan Martin is in the wrong here, no wonder so kids today are so confused!!!

  6. Wow. What a horrible week to be a Dolphin fan. The ONLY thing left for us is the relief that we are not nor ever will be Jet fans.

    Short of that…the glass is officially all empty.

  7. After all of the other shenanigans he’s been responsible for down there, this should be the final nail in the coffin.

    So long, Jeff.

  8. That Dolphin owner Ross re-signed a man like Ireland to be GM of his franchise says a lot about Ross himself and gives us a glimpse as to why the Miami locker room is in disarray.

    That $#it rolls down hill.

  9. Five miserable, awful, embarrassing, pathetic years.

    Hopefully, the Jeff Ireland Error is rapidly coming to a conclusion.

  10. I suggested the same thing last week and got more thumbs down than ever before so I don’t really think there are many people “around” football that agree with the fire with fire mentality.

  11. To take back the spotlight, Greg Schiano is renting a charter boat for the team so they can go poach Dolphins. Team building excercise…

  12. Ireland wanted to see Martin take a step towards toughening up, big deal. Cry, media, cry.

  13. The Dolphins are a dysfunctional organization from top to bottom. Man im glad to be a Raiders fan!

  14. just like everything in this country goes. the more money involved the more controversy comes with it. its eventually going to ruin the product

  15. I continue to be amazed by the amount of people that are holding onto every word from anonymous sources. Wait and digest the information that comes out as this process actually happens.

    Here’s to hoping Miami can band together against the public bullying and make a playoff run.

  16. My HR department told me to do the same about the co-worker who never re-fills the paper trays on the printer.

    60% of the time, it works every time.

  17. I’m not saying Martin should’ve punched Incognito but he could have a least put his big boy pants on and told him face to face to cut it out.

  18. Stupid move on Ireland’s part, but if Martin was the kind of guy you’d want in the trenches with you, he’d have done it without an idiot GM telling him he should.

  19. the tough guy thing is kind of sad. You do know that the brains of world control right? They’ve come up with all manner of weapons like Nuclear Bombs for instance, that make individual strength pointless.

    Being the biggest baddest toughest guy gets you a career as a high paid circus act, but you are just that, an act for the amusement of all and working for the nerdy brain guys.

  20. This is all so strange. Let Jonathon Martin stay with Mummy and Daddy in California, he maybe safe there.
    Good on the locker room speaking up yesterday, now let the NFL figure it all out. Wait for the lawsuit
    from the Martin parents. He left the team, so stay away for ever.

  21. The Jaguars are an awful team, but at least they’re not the Dolphins. The Vikings can’t seem to do anything right this year, but at least they’re not the Dolphins. Even Tampa Bay is more respectable than the Dolphins. The entire franchise is clueless and classless. The great part is that they think they can weather the storm and rally around the team. Nobody on that team is bright enough to outsmart any investigation the NFL does. As the truth leaks out the team looks worse and worse.

  22. Every year the OL pays for a trip to go to Las Vegas. Martin agreed to chip in for it. The rest of the O lineman set up the trip and paid for it. And when they asked Martin to pay his part,he backed out.

  23. Ireland’s was basicially just telling the agent to have Martin start to stick up for himself. The players have spoken loud and clear they are supporting Incognito. I would be surprised to see Martin playing again in the NFL. It is his own fault for being a baby and a rat.

  24. Of course all those players came out yesterday supporting Incognito. Would YOU want to be on the wrong side of him? You never know, could be another Hernandez in the making.

  25. Of course he should have punched him, but Ireland has to know he can’t say that.

    This is a complete set up by Martin.

    Clearly he doesn’t want to play football – and he has set up all the pieces to win a lawsuit and make nfl money without the nfl job.

  26. From Director of Scouting (Cowboys) to GM with the Dolphins, obviously this guy is better suited behind the scenes as he doesn;t use the best judgement when the spotlight is on him.


  27. I agree with Ditka. Punch him the face, you might get your arse kicked but it would have stopped right then and there.

  28. Ritchie C. is the one not getting treated fairly. Everyone close to the team knows it especially the players and they don’t like it. Time bring him back and lets play some football.

  29. The timing of that suggestion is a pretty huge deal, but of course you barely acknowledged your mistake.

  30. So this nation is coming down to this:

    If my son gets picked on during a school bus trip… I should SUE????

    I remember the old days of my dad saying punch the bully in the mouth.

  31. First, the time to come to the GM for help is BEFORE your client walks out, not after, moron. Not that it would have helped anyway, with this idiot GM.
    Ireland should be fired for incompetence and/or poor judgement.
    If a member of the coaching staff ordered Incognito to “toughen up Martin” he should be fired.
    If the head coach knew about this, he should be fired as well.
    Time to clean house in Miami and start over. This kind of conduct by managers, coaches, and players is unacceptable.

  32. The best way to handle bullying is to stand up to them, no matter who you are. Bullies usually will go pick on someone who will not fight back. Best bet is to catch them with a surprise punch, quick and hard, to the face. If they think you will fight back they will usually stop bullying you. I see it all the time and it worked for me.

  33. With Florida having their ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, I wonder if there’s a point where bullying will trigger an SYG response…

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