Texans officially name Wade Phillips interim head coach


The Texans have made it official: While Gary Kubiak recovers after collapsing on the field at halftime of Sunday’s game, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips will serve as Houston’s interim head coach.

This is actually the third time in Phillips’ career that he has been an interim head coach: He took over for his father, Bum Phillips, for the final four games of the 1985 season in New Orleans, and he took over for Dan Reeves for the final three games of the 2003 season in Atlanta. Phillips has also been the full-time head coach of the Broncos, Bills and Cowboys.

Kubiak was released from the hospital on Tuesday, and indications are he will need a few weeks off. Phillips has been Kubiak’s defensive coordinator since 2011 and was the obvious choice to take over as interim head coach. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison is expected to take over the offensive play calling from Kubiak.

The Texans are at Arizona on Sunday.

15 responses to “Texans officially name Wade Phillips interim head coach

  1. How does he keep getting these chances, when the writing is on the wall that he WILL fail!? Can I have a chance, for half what Phillips makes? I can delegate extremely well.

  2. Wade Phillips is the perfect choice. Everywhere he has gone, he’s been universally beloved by his players – and he’s also a high quality coach that is very underrated. Wade may get this thing turned around for that team.

  3. Answer: Wade Phillips

    Question: We haven’t been inept enough this year, who can we get to fill in that will lead us back to less than mediocrity ?

  4. “ccjcsr says:
    Nov 6, 2013 12:16 PM
    You see what happened last time he was Head Coach in Dallas….not good!”

    I wouldn’t sell Wade short based on that. I firmly believe no coach can fulfill their potentional under Jerry. The micro-managemening and intrusive nature of Jerry’s ego about football gets in the coaches way and frankly gets in the way of Dallas ever being much more than eternally a .500 team.

    I think Wade will do fine at the least and perhaps even help them climb out of the hole they are sitting in now.

  5. If you want mediocrity, make Wade Phillips your head coach. One playoff appearance each with Denver, Buffalo, and Dallas with each ending in a loss. And I believe each of those playoff appearances happened in his first year with each team, meaning he was working with the previous coach’s players. After that first-year honeymoon, the shine wears off and the team is ridiculously mediocre. Good luck, Houston–you’re going to need it.

  6. The comments on this post make zero sense. Kubiak has not been fired and replaced by Wade. He is out for medical reasons and someone on the coaching staff has to named the head coach in his absence. Of course it would be Wade since he has prior experience as a head coach. Who else would it be? Schaub? He has nothing else to do.

  7. Anything is better than Kubiack. If Kubes coached a Texas high school team, he would have been fired a long time ago because parents don’t put up with his poor coaching and ability to lose. McNair is a different story. (That said, I hope Kubiack gets well soon. This is just a game.).

  8. As a Cards fan, one can only hope that by the fourth quarter when Wade has that permanent somebody-stole-my-dog frown on his face, he’ll put on a Cowboys hat, just for old times sake.

  9. AParsons says:
    Nov 6, 2013 1:03 PM
    So they have thrown in towel. Phillips is a solid defensive coordinator, but looks overwhelmed as a Head Coach.
    Um, no, the head coach suffered a mini-stroke, that’s why.

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