Tyson Clabo on Jonathan Martin: He needs to stand up and be a man


Quarterback Ryan Tannehill isn’t the only member of the Dolphins who addressed the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin situation on Wednesday and his comment that the two men were close friends is far from the only thing said that serves to make the whole thing harder to wrap your head around.

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post has comments from both wide receiver Brian Hartline and tackle Tyson Clabo that offer a different viewpoint as to what’s been going on in the team’s locker room. Hartline said that Martin passed around the infamous voicemail that Incognito left on his phone while laughing about it. Hubbuch described Hartline, who also said that the truth would come out, as “outraged.”

Hartline also said that it’s ridiculous to call Incognito racist, which Clabo agreed with while also training his sights on Martin. Clabo said that Martin “needs to stand up and be a man. I don’t know why he’s doing this.”

There’s more on Hubbuch’s timeline in a similar vein from both players, all of which makes for a much more complex picture of the Dolphins workplace than we had before. That’s only going to lead to a desire to find out more, which means that any hopes the Dolphins had of putting a cork in the story popped on Wednesday.

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  1. I don’t like what was done to Martin but it sure looks to me that he has been following the steps of “setting up your lawsuit 101.” He went from them playing a cafeteria prank directly to the hospital? Please. he was put up to that. I am an attorney (like both Martin’s parents) and see it all the time. Since he left the team, information has leaked in a systematic and coordinated manner, and they are slowly setting up an intentional tort against the team management in order to get out of the worker’s compensation system. The way I see it, Martin will eventually play the victim card way too far and lose sympathy from everyone.

  2. Ok well if what Hartline said is true, then Martin probably wasn’t actually bothered by the voicemail. But then again, that was April. It’s now November. Clearly much more has happened since then.

  3. It’s risky to make comments that include within those comments a statement that you “don’t know” what is going on. That is if you are going to take a firm position in favor or against somebody.

    It’s clear the Dolphins still have no idea how to even begin getting this problem under control. People, only 1/2 of the season is over, how many more OLs will they lose in Part 2 of this tragedy?

    Clabo’s trying to get this half to a faster start than the last half.

  4. Brian Hartline is on record as saying Martin played the voicemail for everyone, and laughed about it when it happened a year ago.

  5. If this was pittsburgh…. the steelers would cut Martin and make him live under a highway overpass (like they did Mike Webster).

  6. If Brian Hartline is telling the truth, that Jonathan Martin passed around that voicemail and laughing about it months ago, then story over as far as I am concerned. The more I think about it, the guy doesn’t like football, but likes the money, and setting up a lawsuit is a better and less painful way to get paid.

  7. The reason he probably didn’t react with violence is because he didn’t want to face suspension by the team or the league. Or charges of assault.

  8. Hartline says that Martin himself passed the voicemail around the locker room as a joke..

    But Ryan Tannehill says he’d never heard of the voicemail… so there goes that.

    Then Tannehill says that Incognito told HIM that Martin was like a little brother to him.. but is that how Martin felt too?

    I think the Dolphins are trying to close ranks and protect a teammate… but Incognito has crossed the line and needs to be punished.

  9. Given that the coaching staff asked Incognito to perform a code red on him and the lack of support shown by Martin’s teammates, I can see why he would have been afraid to lodge a complaint with anyone connected with the team.

  10. It certainly seems like Martin had no friends on the team, no one he could turn to in a time of crisis, not even the coaches. Is it any wonder he snapped and wanted to get back at everybody who wronged him?

    And all because he wasn’t perceived as ‘tough enough’ to play football? Why, because he went to Stanford and true manly football players don’t go to Stanford??

    It’s clear everyone was afraid of Incognito and he turned the whole team against Martin. This is the type of juvenile stuff you expect to see in high school, not a professional NFL team. All the players and coaches on the Dolphins have a lot of growing up to do. I pity the fans down there forking over their cash to watch these petty disputes play out.

  11. Martin also lost his position at LT to McKennie 2 weeks ago. Football players are not actors the dolphins all looked shocked about the entire thing

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