With no guard depth, Panthers start converting


We mentioned the other day the extreme difficulty the Panthers are having keeping guards on the field.

After bringing back Geoff Hangartner for a third stint, they’re now shifting guys from the other side of the ball.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera told reporters they were moving defensive tackle Sione Fua to guard, to try to give themselves some degree of depth there.

Fua, a third-rounder from the 2011 draft, started 11 games as a rookie but was part of final cuts this year. They brought him back early in the season, but he’s well down the depth chart on defense.

There is no depth chart to speak of on offense. They’re looking to start another converted defensive player (Nate Chandler) at right guard this week after Chris Scott left with a knee injury and backup Jeff Byers went straight to IR with a season-ending foot injury last week. This is all after they cut Hangartner in training camp and the next two guys ended up on IR as well.

7 responses to “With no guard depth, Panthers start converting

  1. The 2011 draft was a perfect summary of the Marty Hurney era drafting – a home run on one pick, complete and utter garbage in all the other picks. Hopefully Fua can make the switch and make a decent career out of it. I think we’ll be fine. We have held up so far in spite of all the injuies.

  2. There have to be competent veteran guards in the free agent pool that would be better choices for a team in the playoff hunt.

  3. For those wondering, they have been shying away from veterans and really only bring in young guys or guys that they are familiar with. Just look at the defensive back depth chart, it is awful.

  4. OL is the team within the team. They work together as a unit which is why it is preferable to bring in a player that was recently cut or one that can switch sides. As least that player already has a relationship with the other members of the OL. It’s why the OL switch positions from G to T to C on a frequent basis on just about every team – rather than bring in a free agent. I know things are bad now, and can just hope this patchwork will hold together. This team has promise and a good OL unit is required to get to the top of the mountain. Go Panthers! Beat San Fran!

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