Antonio Brown understands why Tomlin benched him


As their best and most expensive offensive weapon, there’s a higher standard for Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

So he said he understands why coach Mike Tomlin benched him late in Sunday’s loss to the Patriots after a Ben Roethlisberger interception which was intended for him, and why it can’t happen again.

“Coach got me and Ben together [on the sideline] and talked about the execution of the play and what transpired,” Brown said, via By Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “From there, coach thought it was best I don’t go back in the game for the last series, so he came to me and told me we’re going to keep you out this series but just stay with me.

I can’t afford to be in miscommunication with Ben. I can’t afford to not have my depth and not be where I need to be. Being on this football team and being the No. 1 guy, I got to take responsibility to give the team my best, and Coach thought I wasn’t giving my best. Coach made the right decision.”

Brown leads the league with 61 catches, so it’s not as if he’s been malingering this season. And after Tomlin called him out for “quality execution from an assignment standpoint,” it seems obvious the Steelers coach is trying to push every button he can to try to salvage something from a season gone awry.

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  1. It’s great to see a rising player who shows the utmost respect for his coach, and team mates and abide by the standards to which they have set for him.

    Kids sometimes your coach pulls you out to look at things from another point of view or better understand what the coach is trying to have you accomplish as a team.

  2. I’m just sorry that taking away shuffleboard from the team gameroom didn’t seem to have its intended effect.

  3. As a Browns fan I hate the Steelers, but I have a ton of rspect for their coach. This season is nearly a wash, but you have to create and maintain training methods and standards to coach for next year.

    I can’t root for them still, but I respect their leader.

  4. Antonio Brown is just about the only Steeler who is actually performing at a quality level. Making him a scapegoat makes it look like the coaching staff just has no idea what’s wrong or how to fix it, but they need to give the impression that they’re doing SOMETHING.

  5. Just the attitude needed in Pittsburgh to get a Top 5 pick in the draft next year…

    And can we stop using Antonio Brown and ELITE in the same sentence..Yea he has an increase in numbers but its b/c hes the #1 receiver for a QB that is on pace for 600 passing attempts this season. Ben has barely thrown for 500 attempts in any season hes played and hes smashing that # by 100….


  6. I like it so long as he’s consistent. Clearly this one was on Brown and he had a great attitude about it.

    But if you’re going to call out Antonio Brown, then Big Ben should get the same treatment when its on him if its for missing a read or holding on to the ball too long.

  7. Good for Antonio for taking responsibility for his lack of concentration on a play that went down as an interception. Meanwhile, many people that have no clue merely blamed Ben for the interception. As I have said time and again, but what some “experts” who post on sports message boards have refused to acknowledge, while Ben can certainly play better, he is not the main problem with this team this year. He is not in the top 5 problems with the team this year:

    1. Poor OL play, inability to protect Ben, but certainly negatively impacted by injuries.
    2. Lack of a running game, they may have the worst rushing stats in their history this year when all is said and done.
    3. No rush on the opposing QB.
    4. Inability to stop the running game, once a mainstay of the defense.
    5. Terrible DB coverage overall, leading to big plays, more big plays than in any recent history.
    6. Questionable play calling and lack of preparation–this is on the coaches.
    7. Result of years of less than stellar drafting of stud players–this is on Colbert.

    Ben’s best trait is his ability to extend plays. He will never be the most accurate passer, but if he had a shred of protection and some semblance of a running game he would be a Super Bowl QB again. Good thing he is durable. Also, if he had the temperament of a Tom Brady (ie hot head), he would be bashing his OL a ton over the years, but he pretty much says nothing, to his credit.

  8. Glad for that clarification. Apparently Tomlin benched Brown only for a series, which could help a player settle down. That’s not as troublesome as sitting your best receiver for an indefinite period late in a losing game. Makes me feel there was more purpose to Tomlin’s decision than it seemed in the initial report.

    Not surprised by Brown’s attitude. He comes across as a pretty good guy. That’s a very different approach than the one Wallace took last season in blaming his many drops on having trouble remaining focused when the Steelers were running the ball.

  9. The turning point of last Sunday’s loss to the Patriots occurred when Roethlisberger overthrew an open Heath Miller on a third-down play in a 24-24 game.
    I would not expect Roethlisberger to yanked after that mistake anymore than I would expect a receiver to be yanked after running a wrong route, a running back after a fumble or a linebacker after a missed tackle.
    Brown has earned the right to make an occasional mistake.
    And yanking “selected” players from games sends a wrong message, one that says only the quarterback is allowed to screw up.

  10. To me, the turning point was the Steeler defense not being able to stop the Patriots, particularly in the second half. At all. Period. For the game they gave up 600 yards and 200 yards rushing. How many game will you win giving up that kind of offensive production? Sheesh. What game were some people watching??! Apparently not the same one I was watching. The game was tied and the defense went to sleep.

  11. Good point, bobzilla! If he pulled Brown for a series to help him settle down and collect himself–I’m okay with that. I’m not okay with pulling him as a punishment because he once ran the wrong route. Good grief, as you said, if that were applied equally, the bench would look like a never-ending round of musical chairs with Ben sitting every third series.

  12. “As their best and most expensive offensive weapon, there’s a higher standard for Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.”

    Move over Big Ben, huh?

  13. “Antonio Brown understands why Tomlin benched him”


    It’s pretty obvious why. Easy enough for even Steeler fans to understand.

    Tomlin didn’t want Brown playing…

  14. This team is so bad and yet so incredibly dangerous to competing for the division. They’ll probably pull off a run, best the ravens again on thanksgiving and be right behind Cincinnati at week 17.

  15. holeinone09 said:Nov 7, 2013 6:11 PM

    What game were some people watching??! Apparently not the same one I was watching. The game was tied and the defense went to sleep.


    The game I watched had the Offense not able to produce a first downs over and over again thus giving the Pats a series of short fields on which to operate thus putting extra pressure on the Defense. It is not like the qb on the other side was Ponder, this was Brady… give him a crack and he will make things happen… the Ofense gave him a gap….

  16. holeinone:
    A game’s “turning point” is a key moment when momentum changes and has nothing to do with the cause of either victory or defeat. Roethlisberger’s third-down overthrow most definitely deflated the Steelers’ momentum and was the “turning point.”
    But I agree with you: the Steelers’ porous defense caused the loss.
    Please try to keep in mind that any quarterback who has committed 14 turnovers in 8 games is far from being blameless for a 2-6 record. Until you get that through your head, you will never have even an ounce of credibility.

  17. WR is just one of many areas they gotta get stronger. Brown doesn’t scare teams. Sanders drops as many easy ones as he catches difficult ones. No weapons DC’s gotta plan for. We don’t know why Wheaton is nowhere. He can’t outperform Sanders? Dumb front office move, btw, to decline on NE’s 4th rd offer. Sanders could have been replaced in that draft, and this team absolutely needs picks.

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