Cornwell shares more evidence of harassment of Martin

Regardless of whether agent Rick Smith told ESPN’s Mark Schwarz that Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin has issues with teammates other than Richie Incognito, it’s now clear that Martin does.

Martin’s lawyer, David Cornwell, has issued a statement detailing other evidence and allegations of harassment, extending the blame beyond Incognito.

“Jonathan Martin’s toughness is not at issue,” Cornwell said. “Jonathan has started every game with the Miami Dolphins since he was drafted in 2012. At Stanford, he was the anchor for Jim Harbaugh’s ‘smash mouth’ brand of football and he protected Andrew Luck’s blind side.”

Cornwell then addressed the treatment Martin allegedly experienced.

“Jonathan endured harassment that went far beyond the traditional locker room hazing,” Cornwell said.  “For the entire season-and-a-half that he was with the Dolphins, he attempted to befriend the same teammates who subjected him to the abuse with the hope that doing so would end the harassment. This is a textbook reaction of victims of bullying.  Despite these efforts, the taunting continued.  Beyond the well-publicized voice mail with its racial epithet, Jonathan endured a malicious physical attack on him by a teammate, and daily vulgar comments such as the quote at the bottom. These facts are not in dispute.”

No specific teammates were named in the statement.  Cornwell claims in the statement that an unnamed teammate said this to Martin:  “We are going to run train on your sister. . . . She loves me. I am going to f–k her without a condom and c** in her c***.”

“Eventually, Jonathan made a difficult choice,” Cornwell said. “Despite his love for football, Jonathan left the Dolphins. Jonathan looks forward to getting back to playing football. In the meantime, he will cooperate fully with the NFL investigation.”

Martin’s willingness to cooperate fully with the investigation conflicts with the idea that he’s planning a lawsuit and not return to the NFL.  If that were the goal, he’d likely say nothing to the NFL because anything he says can and will be used against him later in the litigation.

While a lawsuit surely remains an option, Martin’s goal seems to be returning to the football field.  It will be difficult for him to play for the Dolphins again, absent dramatic changes to the roster.  But if the investigation vindicates Martin, he possibly would find a home with another team.

There’s a chance another team will acquire Martin before then.  Even though the trading deadline has passed, the Dolphins could decide to release Martin, exposing him to waivers and, if not claimed, free agency.

132 responses to “Cornwell shares more evidence of harassment of Martin

  1. All I gotta say is it’s a real shame that I have to hear about all of this as well as the other Incognito report from PFT, and NOT somebody associated with the Dolphins. WOW. My mind is really… disappointed.

  2. So whats going to happen when The Dolphins and Incognito and other people dust off 2 years of video tapes/audio/pictures etc of Martin participating in the same crap to other players?

  3. Sorry Cornwell… to say that someone else said something nasty about Martin’s sister, whether true or not, still requires the burden of proof. No proof, no basis for fact…

  4. I’m surprised – for a moment I thought I might actually read evidence of harassment of Martin in this article. Perhaps by the end of this we’ll actually see some evidence, sure?

  5. This is why more and more coaches are putting their foot down about hazing. It builds a bad culture if not monitored. Sure there will be hazing no matter what, just not the type that ruins a team.

  6. What he did at Stanford in college & what he did for the Dolphins in the NFL are two different things. Funny how none of this bullying came to light until he lost his spot. Seems like he’s covering for being a bust…

  7. I consider Martin bold for exhibiting self-control. That crosses the line & that’s the kind of harassment that could cause a man to kill a bully. If someone said that about my sister, he wouldn’t be alive to say anything else.

  8. If he doesn’t plan to litigate, then why does he need a lawyer?

    This was the plan from the get-go. Soft kid that doesn’t have a passion for football and got his feelings hurt when he was benched. Now he’s looking to get a pay day as he exits the game he doesn’t want to play.

  9. Everyone defending the situation and trying to demonize Martin just ends up sounding like they also earn a living giving themselves brain damage.

  10. WOW! Dolphins are going to get some of Richie’s you-know-what you-know-where! And, well deserved, for all that has gone on in Dolphins land. A sad commentary on what is supposed to be a professional football team and players who are supposed to be setting an example to young men and boys who enjoy this sport. Play hard and play tough, but respect yourself, your teammates, and your opponent. When the person who is supposed to be the “smartest” player on the team thinks that these two (Incognito and Martin) were “best friends” something is wrong. Or else the QB isn’t the smartest player on the team. However one looks at this, it is a huge mess. My condolences to Mr. Ross and Dolphins fans everywhere!

  11. Sounds like friends/teammates talking chit to me. Little more graphic than buddies I talk smack to I don’t play a game for a living and make millions

  12. It sounds to me that they wanted this guy off the team by any means necessary.

    I can’t believe grown men act like this toward a person, that together, are trying toward the same goal…a championship.

  13. I wish Martin all the best. Listen, it’s one thing to tease somebody like how you would to a little sibling but it’s another thing to threaten violence or harm to the person or their family.

  14. Why is Mr Cornwell saying anything at all at the moment?? His client left the Dolphins in a hissy fit,
    and went back to Mummy and Daddy. Just stay there please. This is so childish.

  15. I don’t think Cornball realizes his client will never see the inside of an NFL locker room ever again !

  16. If you haven’t heard something close to “We are going to run train on your sister. . . . She loves me. I am going to f–k her without a condom and c** in her c***.” at some point during your football career, then you probably weren’t playing real football. This isn’t an office job folks. Football teams are a brotherhood. Why do you think his teammates are siding with Incognito?! He put the focus on him, not on the team! This should have been handled in house! Snitches get stitches! Wu-Tang!!!

  17. Martin also endured a malicious physical attack by every single defense he has played against this season.

    And how is him protecting Andrew Luck relevant?

  18. Dear Jonathan Martin,

    We are sympathetic to your plight, but could you please go away and come back another day…like after the season.


    Fans of the National Football League

  19. He had to do something to bring this on. He’s saying one thing the Dolphins are saying something else.

  20. Forgive Incognito, even though you may not mean it. Go back with your head held high…with Incognito. Come back as teammates. Show the world you’re cool with him, and you will both come out of this better than you went in.

  21. In response to the last two paragraphs. More than anything else, coaches & players will remember Martin as the guy who walked out on his team in the middle of the season. Why would any team add this guy to their ’14 roster when a new pool of players will be available via the draft or free agency?

  22. Nobody will sign this wasted draft pick.
    On the odd chance somebody does, it would be entertaining. Has anybody ever run off the field, during an NFL game, crying and screaming for his mommy?

  23. Where’s the evidence that Leads you to believe Martins goal is to return to the NFL? If he’s not planning a lawsuit, why won’t he start naming names? This is all pretty lame.

  24. I’ve heard a lot of speculation he was just not good at football, but these types of distractions can’t possibly help. Granted, a caveman might respond well to this kind of abuse, civilized people generally don’t. I’m sure that kind of thing is a lot easier to handle when coming from an opponent and not from supposed-family/teammates.

  25. Any reporter who thinks Martin is a liar because he is smiling in a picture with Richie, or that he voted for him for a leadership role is a fool.

    Oh look- they are smiling!

    Battered woman take plenty of smiling pictures with their abusive husbands. Bullies probably think the bullied are their best friends. Its deceiving.

    This episode has exposed as much a gaping hole in the conduct of the media and sports pundits as it has the players.

    Highly recommend Whitlocks article on the subject.

  26. “Martin’s willingness to cooperate fully with the investigation conflicts with the idea that he’s planning a lawsuit and not return to the NFL.”

    No actually it doesn’t. If he wins the grievance against the Dolphins, makes his chances in court all the more better. Of course with Incognito’s lawyer about to drop a bomb on Martin, his days in the NFL are well and truly done.

  27. I really want to hear what Martin has to say. I was really hoping to believe him but every party involved has already spoken out (Incognito included) and it’s not looking good for him. He needs to restore his credibility. Let’s hear your side.

  28. Yeah, I don’t really want to be reading these uh locker room texts. I think Incognito is a jerk and a loser and the Dolphins are major lacking in leadership, but you really let your attorney release those texts about your sister? This was one dysfunctional football team, in all ways.

  29. Where’s the evidence?

    That’s nothing more than he said she said bullsh!t.

    Oh and by the way, Martin welshed on the Vegas trip. They didn’t extort 15k from him. They got his cut he committed to.


  30. Did Cornwell mention that his client lost the left tackle job to Bryant McKinnie just a couple of days before he decided he wanted to leave? Because his client was playing poorly at left tackle?

    The left tackle position that almost always comes with a much larger long-term contract than the right tackle position he was moved to? Did Cornwell mention that his client was likely to lose tens of millions of dollars because he lost that left tackle job?

    Didn’t think so.

  31. In three-part harmony, Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin & Richie Icognito sing the Springsteen ditty: “I’m Goin’ Down Down Down Down Down I’m Goin’ Down Down Down…”

  32. In no way, shape, or form should this situation should of went this far. What Incognito said to Martin was obviously wrong and should have never happened, but Martin..dude..stick up for yourself. If you have people busting on you and you felt like it went too far, than you should have done something about it right then and there and maybe you would have had some respect in that locker room.

    Now you hire this lawyer who is now just making it worse for yourself. Good luck finding a job because no one in the NFL is gonna want a little girl like you in their locker room, especially since your not even that good of a football player.

  33. See now, quotes like the ones this lawyer listed are things I would EXPECT to hear in a locker room. Friends say these things to each other all the time. It’s awful, yes, but it happens.

  34. of course the bullies always say that it was nothing, just fooling around, all in fun and then blame the victim with, “why you getting so upset?”

    typical. typical. typical. Paying for veterans vacation of thousands of dollars and being physically assaulted is a lot more than rookie hazing. This has gone from bullying to abuse.

  35. Absolutely disgusting. Disgusting behavior. This has no place in any social setting or workplace. The only people who are defending it are the Dolphins locker room and organization. Former players and current players for other teams all agree this is not normal locker room behavior, certainly nothing found on a team with real leadership.

  36. That is the most disgusting thing I have ever read and anyone that defends any teammate who wrote that should be in jail for pure stupidity. I’m so tired of the ‘grown ass man’ BS comments. No one, no matter your age, race or sex should put up with anything even close to that. Good lord.

  37. im tired of martin and his agent , i couldn’t count the times things like this was said to me or that i said , while i was in the military. Man up dude.

  38. There are lines that are drawn when you “tease” a guy, but in no sense of the word can you EVER say something like that about a man’s sister!

    I know you Dolphins fans are loyal, but if the remarks about the guy’s sister is true, then you KNOW that’s out of line!

    Hell, I spent time in the Marine Corps and in no way in hell would one of my Jarhead brothers cross THAT line!

  39. Dolphins could decide to release Martin, exposing him to waivers and, if not claimed, free agency.


    Sad. This guy will be blacklisted from the NFL for doing the right thing. These men are supposed to be a role model for kids. This is a poor example.

  40. The NFL is so soft now there should be an asterisk next to the last few years. Like this


    *The pansy era

  41. Milehighmagic58 says: Nov 7, 2013 9:40 PM

    If you haven’t heard something close to “We are going to run train on your sister. . . . She loves me. I am going to f–k her without a condom and c** in her c***.” at some point during your football career, then you probably weren’t playing real football. This isn’t an office job folks. Football teams are a brotherhood.

    It’s a brotherhood like a group of sociopathic Hell’s Angels are a brotherhood. Way to go justifying this kind of behavior and saying it’s acceptable!

    Do you ever wonder why this website tracks days without an (NFL) arrest and it rarely goes into double digits? But what the heck, NFL players are disposable, right?

  42. “We are going to run train on your sister. . . . She loves me. I am going to f–k her without a condom and c** in her c***.”

    Come on- the guy was joking! Of course he would wear a condom.

  43. .

    ”These facts are not in dispute ”

    A competent lawyer would not say this publicly unless he had the goods. This is rapidly devolving into a federal civil rights case.


  44. Kind of amazing to see so many people shocked by the “run train on sister” statement. If that’s the worst of it, it doesn’t help Jonathan Martin’s soft label at all.

  45. I don’t know how the Stanford crowd hangs but my buddies, co-workers & I are always dropping this kind of nonsense on each other….obviously none of it is serious.

  46. Again, although this crosses the line of good taste and normal/outside the locker room society, did Martin really think this was something to be worried about actually happening?

    It’s immature and cruel…but for the lawyer to selectively (without naming names, to boot) throw this out there, it is meant to be more sensationalistic in order to grab the media headlines and sway things back in his client’s favour in the poll of public opinion.

    Now that players are coming out and saying that similar situations have occured before and occur likley daily (not saying its right or wrong), the lawyer has got to fire back with more salacious details to get everyone back on his clients’s side, even though the words have barely anything of any legal substance.

  47. I’d wager well over 1/2 the tough guys commenting on this never actually played football at all, at any level above rec football.

    Consistently bullying or belittling a teammate destroys comraderie, anybody that’s been in a lockerroom or played a team sport knows that.

  48. While Joe philbin appears to be a nice guy he has no control over that locker room, it is like a free for all. I spent nine years in the military and believe me it is worse than the fins locker room but once your brothers see you have some heart and will stand up for yourself it is out for drinks with your squad and you know u have been accepted.

  49. Certainly explains why all his teammates rushed to defend Incognito. They were complicit in the bullying/shakedown of Martin. Who can blame the guy for not turning to the team for help?!

  50. why is this so difficult to understand. Martin is an employee. Every employee has the right to work in a safe environment, NFL players should be no different. Its a shame some of you Neanderthal meat heads cant seem to understand that, and dont think for one minute that you would let your “brothers” say that crap about your sister. we all know you are lying.
    Of course, I wouldnt expect some of you to know because well, you would need a job to understand

  51. Why do i get the feeling that Miami Dolphins players and Incognito Sr. are commenting on this?

  52. My boss and I CONSTANTLY make “…your mom” jokes. When in a teammate situation that’s part of the bonding process. Men are crass, and sometimes enjoy that crassness.

    More and more if just feels like Martin is either the most sensitive dude to ever cinch up a chinstrap…or he’s playing the Dolphins.

  53. In all of the endless coverage of this there isn’t a word positive about Martin from anyone in the sport – Not from the Dolphins, not from anyone he played with at Stanford, not from his prep school coach – no one – seems odd, that’s all.

  54. As I worry about how I can pay for a new muffler on my car, I’ll shed a tear for the millionaires acting like children and bullying each other. This entire story makes me wonder why I waste time being a fan of professional sports.

  55. Wow. Threatening to gang rape his sister–the only way this week can get any worse for the Dolphins is if an indictment for Pouncey drops from the grand jury investigating him for running guns with Aaron Hernandez.

  56. Guy quits on his team the week after he is replaced as LT. What he calls bullying seems pretty petty to me. Maybe they just wanted him to block a guy once in a while. This isn’t helping the idea that the team thought him soft. You’re an NFL lineman. Grow a pair.

  57. This is a nasty game of gladiators that we pay to watch. WE are ruining this GAME, not them. Money is the root of this whole ordeal because the Stanford boy lost his job that was going to pay him lots of money. Now he has what he thinks to be significant evidence that will win him lots of money. There is an Incognito in every locker room and there needs to be because it’s a war every Sunday and that is no place for powder puffs from California ruining everyone else’s chance at lots of money.

  58. They need to be thankful that he didn’t bring a gun to work, and instead chose to walk away.

  59. Come to Oakland, Jonathan. I’m one fan who’d love to have you. You did a great job at Stanford and the bay is your home. The Oakland Raiders’ locker room has changed drastically since Reggie McKenzie took over the team. There have been no notable problems with the Raiders in recent memory. There have been ugly incidents in the past, but that was a different day under different management. Dennis Allen has control of this football team and the staff has already publicly denounced the culture that takes place in Miami. Our o-line is banged up and we could use you, Jonathan. Come home. When we play the Dolphins again, Richie Incognito and whoever else has a problem with you over there will have to get through 52 of your brothers in silver and black.

  60. I’m so sick of hearing from Incognito’s moron defenders that the NFL is a brotherhood and Martin violated it.

    In what universe are these acts things that members of a “brotherhood” do to each other? If my actual brother said these things to me, he wouldn’t be my brother anymore. Martin didn’t violate the “brotherhood”, his moron teammates did.

  61. Thing is Martin is probably not going to find another job playing football. He’s not that good, and now, right or wrong, he’s carrying baggage.

  62. Jeff Fisher, like him or not, may have had the best comment on this. He said he encourages his teams to include rookies instead of excluding them. By excluding (hazing) them you are holding the team back. The sooner that they are made part of the team is in the best interest of winning football games, and that is why everyone is in there to begin with.

  63. At my job, if I get in a fight with a co-worker, at work, we all get fired.
    If NFL players get in a fight at work, it’s a locker room fight, nobody gets fired. All jobs aren’t the same.
    Stop telling me, everybody has a right to work. Is that our right, to work? That’s all? We don’t have a right to fight back? To stand up? Tribute to Service members month, people who FIGHT for our country. We are truly brainwashed as society if this is all about work and a person not able to work their job without harassment.

    Don’t get me started on working a corporate job, unless you want to get nothing done.

    Honestly, Martin didn’t want any piece of Incognito.
    If he thought he could have taken him, he would have.
    He knows he would have been left in a pool of blood.

    The more quotes I hear from this story, the more I realize how childish they are, because they never had to grow up. Sounds like high school, sounds fun until one person ruins it for everybody.

  64. “Jonathan Martin’s toughness is not at issue,” Cornwell said.

    Oh yes it is, Mr Lawyer.

  65. This whole thing is a joke. I would think you would have thicker skin than that being a grown man.

  66. Unfortunately for Martin, it will be very difficult for him to play, not only with the Dolphins, but any team in the league. The problem will be the mentality of the majority of the players in the NFL. They will forever look at Martin as a “Rat” and accepting him into the locker room will probably never happen. Thus, the potential law suit may be the only avenue to recoup the value of his NFL career lost as a result of impossible work environment.

  67. I am surprised this attorney is speaking at all. that’s completely out of line before it’s been investigated. What’s he trying to do??
    Jonathon Martin is a wimp, he went back to his parents, so lets wait and see the truth. He’s not in the clear yet. There is something strange coming out of “this one”.

  68. If what Incognito said in the Voice Mail were said on the field, in the heat of the moment & a ref heard it would be a 15 yard un-sportsman like penalty.
    How did we get here?

  69. I don’t know what it worse the culture of intimidation and inappropriate treatment of teammates in NFL locker rooms that has existed for decades or the fact that someone many fans seem content with this behavior because they think it leads to camaraderie and winning football.

  70. If he has evidence of any of these claims, he’d better produce it, and soon. Because the tide has turned and the story isn’t adding up any more. This latest round of accusations looks like a desperate attempt to claim everybody and his dog was against him to explain why nobody is backing his story.

  71. Dolphins should waive/release Martin. Chiefs should pick him up. Dolphins can concentrate on cleaning up their mess, and Martin can play for a team where the coach won’t tolerate an Incognito.

  72. Just like where there’s smoke, there’s fire, where lawyers write statements like:

    ‘an unnamed teammate said this to Martin: “We are going to run train on your sister. . . . She loves me. I am going to f–k her without a condom and c** in her c***.”,’

    they usually are quoting directly from some evidence, perhaps a voice mail? E.g., the facts may very well not be in dispute.

  73. 1.) Martin violated the locker room code of silence,
    2.) Martin walked out on his team mid season when things were tough, and playoff hopes questionable,
    3.)Martin distanced himself from other linemen by declining to attend OTA’s as a part of the group,
    4.)Martin declined to attend traditional, linemen exclusive trip, for which he had his share of the cost fronted to him, and subsequently claims he’s footing the entire cost of the trip, which is always paid for by drafted rookies… Nothing setting precedents with that… lol

    Martin’s a loser… and blew his career and Incognito just got caught up by an opportunist with a Stanford education and two Harvard attorneys for parents….

  74. The article says Martin needs vindicating. That statement is ridiculous. There is clear, overwhelming evidence that he was bullied by Richie Incognito. What could he possibly need vindicating of? James

  75. Martin’s parents are both lawyers who more than likely weren’t around for his early childhood development. This guy lacks the mental and physical toughness that somebody needs to play in such a violent sport. Instead of facing his parents as a quitter, he makes allegations against a once proud organization. Unfortunately, this spineless jellyfish, lacks the vison to see what his accusations are going to do, to his family as well. He was a waste of a draft pick, and Ireland should be fired on that alone!!

  76. mavajo says:Nov 7, 2013 9:24 PM
    If he doesn’t plan to litigate, then why does he need a lawyer?This was the plan from the get-go. Soft kid that doesn’t have a passion for football and got his feelings hurt when he was benched. Now he’s looking to get a pay day as he exits the game he doesn’t want to play.


    Pft gives some of the most presumptuous people in the world a chance to say anything they want.

    1. This guy was a player at an esteemed college and was part of one of the best offenses. Im bet he has passion.

    2. We dont know that his feelings got hurt. Maybe he just didnt want to put up with the crap anymore and exhausted his options.

    3. You say he doesnt want to play. Wow. You know he doesnt have passion nor wants to play. Maybe the nfl should be asking you questions since you seem to know everything.

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