Cowboys want lawyer to pay $200,000 in Super Bowl lawsuit expenses


When last we heard from lawyer Michael Avenatti, he suggested that the Cowboys use their $25,025 reimbursement for expenses incurred in connection with the Super Bowl ticket lawsuit to hire a new General Manager.  If the Cowboys have their way, they’ll have a lot more money for a G.M. to replace the team’s owner, Jerry Jones.

Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal reports that the Cowboys want Avenatti to pay the full $196,584.44 requested for legal fees and others costs associated with efforts to comply with Avenatti’s requests for documents in the possession, custody, and/or control of the Cowboys.  The request comes via a motion to reconsider the decision to give the Cowboys one third of their initial estimate that the process will cost $75,075.

“Mr. Avenatti should not now be allowed to hide behind his clients in an attempt to avoid paying the expense borne of his unreasonable recalcitrance,” the Cowboys said in court documents.  The says that Avenatti submitted “overly broad” requests for information.

Parties to civil litigation typically fight over the extent of information that will be shared as the two sides gather all potential evidence and prepare the case for further proceedings.  And courts typically hate to be caught in the middle over fights regarding how much one side or the other will pay for it.

The lawsuit arises from the failure of Cowboys Stadium (now AT&T Stadium) to finish temporary seating for Super Bowl XLV, preventing hundreds of fans with tickets to the game from actually attending the game.